cheating wife caught on tape

this story is not about me

I came home from work early one day and caught my
pretty wife Laura blowing my best friend George in my
own bed. My naked wife was d****d across him with her
plump tits lolling on his belly and her mouth sucking
so hard on his big cock that her cheeks hollowed out on
the upstrokes. The erotic scene gave me a spontaneous
hard-on despite the shock of discovering my wife's

I quickly stepped back out of sight where I could watch
them unobserved. Almost without thinking, my zipper
came down and my dick found its way into my hand. I
beat my meat while my wife and best friend unknowingly
put on a live sex show for me.

George's cock was so big that Laura could only suck the
head and the ultra-sensitive area just behind it. With
an unobstructed view of the action, I could see all of
George's impressive manhood. His cock was the size of
an ear of corn and his bloated balls were as big as a
baseball. When Laura took his dick out of her mouth and
pumped it with her hand, I was able to estimate its
length. The shaft was about three palm-widths in
length. Add in the head and you've got about ten
inches. By comparison, when she gives me a hand-job,
her hand almost completely covers the shaft. My wife's
lover was at least twice my size!

George pushed Laura's pretty head back down on his
cock, whining that his wife Connie hadn't sucked him
off in years. Laura stopped suddenly and rolled onto
her back. I was very disappointed, and so was George,
judging by his c***dish reaction. "I want a blowjob,"
he insisted. I wanted him to have one, too, and it was
all I could do not to order my wife back onto his dick.

"That's too bad. I need a good fucking!"

My friend was finding out that my wife has a stubborn
streak in her. What happened next was disappointing, to
say the least. George mounted Laura, thrust into her
pussy a half-dozen times, and ejaculated prematurely.
His ass-cheeks snapped together and his legs lifted off
the bed as he planted his seed in her. By keeping his
legs together, George had deprived me of the pleasure
of seeing the penetration. I silently cursed him for
being so inconsiderate.

When George dismounted my wife, he had a look of panic
on his face, and when he glanced at the door, I feared
that I had been discovered. I quickly jumped back out
of sight. When nothing happened, I risked another peek.
Laura had a look of disgust on her face. "Big deal!"
she said. "I haven't had one that quick since high

His disappointing performance was partly her fault. She
had sucked on his cock until he was on the edge. She
might just as well have sucked him clean off and then
asked for a fuck.

"I'll make up for it next time," George said, pulling
on his clothes as though he were a fireman answering an
alarm. "Larry (that's me) could be here anytime," he

"He won't be home for hours," Laura said. "Get back
here and fuck me again. I didn't get to cum." But
George couldn't wait to get out of there. My wife
wasn't the only one disappointed. I had planned to jerk
off when George came, but he had been so quick that I
had missed the chance. As he hurried toward the door, I
dodged into an adjoining room just in time, my hard
cock still out through my fly.

After his departure, I tiptoed back to the bedroom door
and peeked in. Laura had apparently decided to finish
what George had started, and was strumming her pussy as
though her swollen labia were guitar strings. As I
watched her writhe in orgasmic ecstasy, I shot my load
into my hand.


The next few weeks were some of the most exciting of my
life. I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened.
I had always been concerned that I would become jealous
if I saw my pretty wife fucking another man, but that
hadn't been a problem. Laura and I were far from being
newlyweds, and the jealousy I had experienced during
our first few years of marriage had long since
vanished. My goal now was to have a front-row seat next
to the bed as George and Laura frolicked in front of
me. Better yet, I wanted to tell them what to do to
each other. One approach to reaching my goal would have
been to suggest to George that we swap wives. His
flirtatious wife was just as pretty as mine, but I
found her to be genuinely annoying, and had no desire
to be around her.

I'm in the security equipment business, so installing a
secret video camera in our bedroom was c***d's play for
me. I secreted it in a lamp fixture above the bed and
wired it to a VCR in the attic. A motion detector
activated the VCR. Several days passed before I got
anything. Then I caught Laura in a one-hour
masturbation session. She used fancy vibrators and
dildos that I didn't even know she had. At one point,
she had a large dildo in her pussy and a smaller one up
her ass.

When I saw how much she enjoyed having both holes
filled, I decided that someday soon I would team up
with George to give her the real thing. The little slut
came at least three times before she put her toys back
in their secret hiding place. It was quite a
revelation. I had had no idea she was such an expert at

Like me, George is self-employed and can take time off
from work anytime he likes. I have a habit of taking
Friday afternoons off, so they were careful not to
schedule their assignations for that day. I had caught
them fucking on a Wednesday so it came as no surprise
that I got my first tape of them in action on the first
Wednesday after I installed the camera. They went at it
for an hour and George got the blowjob he'd craved. He
also made up for his earlier premature ejaculation by
fucking my wife long and hard and bringing her to
orgasm twice before he emptied his balls in her. I
gained new respect for my next-door neighbor.

Although the video was incredibly exciting, it was
disappointing in some respects. When Laura sucked his
cock, her head blocked my view, and most of the time
when he was fucking her, I couldn't see anything but
his ass bobbing up and down. He fucked her doggy-style
very briefly, giving me a better view. From above, his
cock looked absolutely enormous. In spite of the tape's
shortcomings, I jerked off with it several times.


For the next two months, I got my wife and George on
tape every Wednesday. Then finally I was able to put my
plan into action. Laura and George's pain-in-the-ass
wife Connie are on the same bowling team and go bowling
every Friday night. I invited George to come over on
bowling night to watch a big hockey game with me. At
the end of the first period, I asked him if he would
like to watch a porno tape during the intermission.
"Hell, yes," he said.

When George saw himself on the tape, he turned as white
as a ghost and nearly fainted! I told him to take it
easy and not jump to any conclusions. "You can fuck my
wife as many times as you want.

The panic-stricken man was practically in tears. I told
him that his wife Connie had hit on me many times, and
that I could have had her years ago if I had been
interested. "To be honest, your wife gets on my
nerves," I said.

"So what are you telling me then?" he asked, I suppose
you want me to keep my hands off your wife."

"I don't want you to keep your hands off of Laura. I
want to watch you fuck her, and maybe even join in." I
didn't have to tell him that he had little choice. He
knew that I would show the tapes to his wife if he
didn't play along, and she was just looking for a way
to clean him out in divorce court.


George, Laura and I had our first sex party the very
next Friday. We were all a little nervous that first
time. I made it clear that they would have to follow my
instructions, and they agreed to go along with me.

I started by having them lie side-by-side and
masturbate to orgasm while I videotaped the action.
Laura didn't mind, and even got out her dildo
collection, but George was very reluctant, and tried to
talk me out of it. "It seems like such a waste," he
said. I insisted, though, and he finally got started. I
suppose I just wanted to humiliate him a little.

I tried to put him at ease by masturbating myself, and
once he got started, he seemed to enjoy it. To make it
even more enjoyable for us all, I let him stand above
her and prove his virility by shooting an impressive
load all over her beautiful tanned body, just the way
they do in those professional porno flicks.

Since then, jerking off has become a regular part of
our parties.

As soon as they caught their breath, I had them do a
sixty-nine with Laura on top. That scene is as hot as
any I've seen in professional porno. My adorable wife
looked like a porno princess with her pretty head
bobbing up and down on that huge schlong.

As soon as she had him hard, I handed her a ruler and
told her to measure George's dick. My earlier estimate
turned out to be pretty accurate. His cock measured out
at a very impressive ten and a half inches. "It's a
keeper!" I said, trying to make a joke, although I was
a little jealous.

"Now suck him off and be sure to let me see his dick-
juice," I said.

I videotaped them from every angle and distance and, at
one point I was between George's spread legs with the
lens just a foot from the action. Through the
viewfinder, I watched little rivulets of my wife's
saliva trickling down his shaft to his balls. I reached
out with my free hand and pushed her head up and down
on his cock. They came together -- in a picture-perfect
ending with Laura swallowing some of his cum, but
letting most of it run down her chin, spill from the
corners of her mouth, and, best of all, he squirted on
shot into her eye.

I scrambled to my knees, jerking my cock furiously,
and, with nearly perfect timing, fired a wet volley
into Laura's face and all over George's cock and balls.
I somehow managed to get the proof of my virility on
tape as we saw later!

George had cum twice and was anxious to leave. I
reminded him that I expected him to give my wife a good
fucking. He pointed at his limp cock and asked me how I
expected him to accomplish that. "I came twice and that
is about my limit," he said. "You shouldn't have made
me jerk off." I told him to roll over on his belly,
then I told Laura get on top of him and tongue his
asshole. Laura's rim-jobs give me a hard-on every time,
and it worked for my friend just as it always does for

For the final act, I had Laura mount George and ride
him hard. She guided his big pussy-pleaser into her
honey-pot while I marveled at how it stretched to
accommodate him. I taped them for a while then popped
the camera on its tripod at the foot of the bed with
Laura's pussy in the center of the picture. I lubed my
cock and crawled onto the bed and into view of the
camera lens.

When Laura realized what I had in mind, she protested.
"I don't think I can manage you both," she said. I told
her I would stop immediately if she didn't like it,
(Not actually intending to, of course) then pressed my
swollen cock-head against her asshole. She gasped,
moaned, and chewed on her pretty lip as my cock went
through her ass-hole, but she didn't stop me. I have
never felt anything so pleasurable in my life.

George loved it right from the start, and Laura soon
got into it herself. My balls were rubbing against
George's balls. I was fucking two people at the same
time! "Damn, why didn't we think of this years ago?"
George asked rhetorically.

I didn't even last a minute, and George and Laura
groaned their disappointment when they realized I was
shooting my load. At least I had the presence of mind
to remember we were making a porno tape, and, just like
a pro, I pulled out and hosed George's cock and balls.
I immediately slid my numbed cock back in and somehow
managed to keep fucking her butt, something I've never
done before. The longer we stayed at it, the better it

Laura came three times before we finished, and they
were all strong orgasms. After thirty minutes, I pulled
out and shot another load against George's balls. It
was surprisingly sloppy, considering it was my third.

Shortly afterward, as I lay heavily on top of them,
George pulled his cock out. My balls made a pillow for
his cock-head as his warm dick-juice spurted into the
crack of my ass and against my asshole. Every juicy
detail was captured on tape.


This happened seven months ago. Every Friday afternoon
since George, Laura and I have partied, each time with
fewer inhibitions. A month ago, Connie, George's wife,
somehow found out what we were up to and insisted on
being included.

It turns out that her tight little pussy just won't
accommodate her husband's big cock, which explains why
they both sl**p around. The first thing I did was fill
her whining mouth with my cock. It's the only way to
shut the bitch up. Even when I'm fucking her, she
yammers so much that I want to tape her mouth shut.

I must admit that she gives outstanding blowjobs, and
I'm glad that she has joined in. In fact, she has
turned out to be a better piece of ass than Laura ever
was, and I even pay her an occasional visit on my
Wednesday afternoons off work.


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2 years ago
Very quick from session to next session, with minimal descriptions of action. The story could be lurid, lusty and sexually perverted with better writting, paragraph composure, etc...
2 years ago
loved it!
4 years ago
I loved it!
4 years ago
4 years ago
cool my dick was hard all the way thru it