My 3rd Gangbang

So i was turning 28 years old, my friend sally decided we should go up to new york. I was happy at the idea, When the day came we left on the plane. I did not think much of it besides going to a club and site seeing. I mean NEW YORK!! I always wanted to live there!! lol.. When we got there sally and i explored the city, WOW wonderful memory's... The next day (saturday) we went to celebrate my birthday by going to the clubs, we club bounced for a while, after sally had met this dude. He was a black male, my friend sally is mixed (white daddy and black mommy) So around 2am I'm pretty bent (d***k), We meet the friend of the other dude with sally, Let's call him taye and his friend demarcus, we hit the floor again, for another 45 minutes and we decide to go back to there place. To drink some more, when we get there around 3, sally and taye go upstairs, i stay downstairs with demarcus and a few of his friend that live there. We start talking about football and stuff, we keep drinking.

By this time i lost track of time, i go upstairs to tell sally we should go, demarcus at this point does not want to let me leave, i wonder why lol. Guys i swear. I head up anways he follows, i open the door of the room she should be in, when we open the door, i see sally blowing some old black dude, and bent over doggy style being fucked by taye, Now till this point i have never seen sally in that situation, i herd it as we been roommates and best friends for ever, but never eye witness her in a sexual act. I think it could have been taye dad, not sure, he seemed in his late 40's. I remember my thought at the time, seeing tayes dick turned me on, it was so huge, sally is a big girl, shes not fay, shes just thick, the good type and very tall. Wow she had the fattest booty i have ever seen, i already knew that but i never seen it.

I closed the door when taye turned around, me and demarcus headed downstairs, i was ready to pass out, i just wanted to sl**p. That actually woke me up, he took me down to the basement this time. Where it was just me and him, we talked for about 1 minute about how crazy it was what we just saw. I told him it turned me on, he said i turned him on. I proceed to run his pants after his failed attempt to kiss me. I don't kiss, unless i have feelings for a man.

I felt him hard already and unzipped his pants and proceeded to sock his dick. It was about 7 inches, not what i am used to :( I sucked his dick for a while. I could here some of his friends trying to peek. I was to tired to even care. I stopped and layed on the couch and said i had to sl**p, to have sally wake me up. I was just so d***k and tired and sl**py. I told him to take my breast out and masturbate if he wanted to. I was wearing a short dress. After he was done, i just turned over on my stomach, to cover my breast that way, and i went to sl**p.

I was woken up to taye and demarcus sitting me up, i remember seeing taye but naked on the couch, while demarcus stood me up, and took my dress off. I had no panties on. So that was all he had to take off. I remember hearing a voice say, "i love me a good white submissive ho" as i stood there. I turned around when i felt a few hands touch my ass, while taye grabbed my breast. When i looked i saw about 5 black men from the age of 19 to 26, not including taye and demarcus. I remember feeling the cold sensation of lube being put on my pussy, i remember taye pulling me towards him, then sitting on his cock, after that, i went blank for a while. Then what i recall from there, was being on my stomach and having one of the males from the room, try to stick his dick in my ass. The pain woke me up, as i turned around and saw who he was. They where all naked, i was to tired to care and at this point, i was loving the experience and wanted to stay up. Still being on my stomach the male, put his black cock inside, in my twat, i was very wet at this point. I just remember the pleasure it felt so good. He was very big i could feel a bit of discomfort, so i am guessing 11 inches or more. One after another took turns on me, i could hear derogatory comments and high fives being giving out. My ass being spanked as they hit it pro bone and doggy style, while some of them stuck there dick inside of my mouth for a good sucking. A few of them would stick there finger up my ass and fingered it.

At around 7 30 am demarcus and the older black male, that was receiving head from sally, Woke me up stood me up, i was still naked after just completely passing out d***k. They handed me my clothes and walked me upstairs in a rush and pushed me out, yelled you just got a train ranned on your ass by 10 nigg@s.
Thanks for that white fat pussy and slammed the door. I was in shock and covered of smelly sperm.

The aftermath : Sally had left earlier before all that, they had told her i had left. When i got to the hotel my pussy was so sore, i was limping. I took 3 showers that day, as i thought about it, i realized that weirdly that was such a humiliating turn on. We headed back to Virginia that day. Back to my regular life, 3 days later i had a yeast infection in my vagina it hurt to pee, on the 3 week, i took a pregnancy test, since i know at least taye and demarcus where not strapped up with condoms. I knew a few creampied me, I was not pregnant, I enjoyed it a great deal, and realized a new side to me that day. From there on i decided to explore every sexual fantasy i could. 3 Months ago i ran into demarcus and we exchanged numbers, he was very sketchy, i told him no hard feelings. We have talked since that day, and asked him about that night, he claims he forgot most of it (yeah right) but he answered my questions. 10 guys? really i counted 7 total in the room. His answer was they called a few neighbors from there hood. I admitted to him it was a very sexual experienced and i loved it. I went to boston today and leave tomorrow btw, so I'm writing from boston, just saw collie budz with sally. Yes i hooked up with a dude, (black) no cazy expeicne just straight sex, nothing to tell. Untill next time. This happened in 2008

Desire Ryan aka Virtual Ho
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Yo this story is wild. 10 dudes!?! Neighbors?!? Anyway, thanks 4 sharing. You write really well.