I have a tiny fence in my front yard that comes up to just below my waist and I stand nude behind it and jerk off in public. This one time before I went out I striped down to only a pair of boxers, walked out and looked to see if there was anyone cimming down the street. I saw no one witch was a disapointment but I drpoed my shorts anyway and started to stroke it. I thought I wouild take some public pic to post, so I set up my cam. I live just down the street from a high school witch gives me lots of flashing options. Well anyway im in my front ward stroking and taking pics looking for anyone to come walking down the street,when I see this slightly chubby girl walk around the corner. BOOM I got hard in a flash. I put my back to her like I never saw her started stroking again. I herd her gigle as she walked past. Not more than a few seconds later I blew my load all over.Well if I thought that was a rush as I went to grab my boxers to put them back on I noticed my nabours 21 year old daughter (VERY HOT) standing in the window right across the street from my house. I grabed my boxers and ran in the house. I peeked out the window and she was still looking. Well a week later I thought I would flash her to see if she liked watching me so I opened my blinds and walked around the house nude.I saw her car in the driveway so I asomed she was home.After about 20 minutes there she was in the window. I sat in the chair where she could get a good side profile of me turned on some porn and went to town. It looked like I was watching porn but I was watching her watch me in the mirror beside me. Well I think she like to watch me! Ill do more and tell all about it soon.I have public pics posted
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2 months ago
i love to wank in the garden, but i wait till it`s dark, and i can see in the neighbours window, but they cant see me.
2 years ago
I would love to have been your neighbor.
2 years ago
this is very hot. wish i would have caught you, although i know you want girls to see your hard dick. i can guarantee that your neighbor's hot daughter is going to keep looking for you. she liked it as much as you did!