I love flashing

I started flashing about 10 years ago and I have done alot. I've flashed in cars, windows,and in public.I have pictures,and videos of both.I'll tell you alittle about when I woulddo the towel drop.First I would set up a cam in my window then watch for girls 2 come around the corner. There was a shopping center on the corner of the block across the street from my house.There was a high shcool two blocks from my house and students would go past my house to get two school.There was also a Tim Hortons coffee shop across from the shopping center so its busy in the morning and lunchtime. Well girls would cut across the parking lot so I would see them comming. I would be naked only having a smaller towel around my waist and I would have a news paper on my porch by the stairs. Next I would hit record on the cam then I wouldget alittle aroused so it looked bigger. My nabour had a tree on his front lawn that gave me a fake reason why I could not see them. I,ed wait for them two get two my nabours house then I would walk out of my house two get the paper.As I bent over two get the paper my back would be turned to the girls. Thats when I stood up and tund around tward the street and drop the towel.Some times I would strugle to pick up the towel some times I would just leave it on the proch.I tell you I have had many reactions and many comments made,but the best is watching the vidoe to see there face when they first see it.
I have other stories so if you like this one I'll tell you more.
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1 month ago
this is a great site for flashing content:


add me man, i wanna see your wife's friend getting flashed. last video was great (her birthday, in the car, etc.).
7 months ago
i like flashing
1 year ago
I love to flash too, when I am a longer drive by myself I will get hard and put a condom on to contain the mess and give a show to the women that I pass. Need to find a camera to position so I can see the reaction without staring back
2 years ago
I like wearing jogging short, so girls can see me dick trough my pants/with no underwear .
I do the short shorts too! they love it
so do i!
2 years ago
Ive pretended to be sleeping when the maid comes into the hotel room, and I'm lying there with a semi legs wide open with my eyes shut. Some maids run out in disgust, sone take a few more secs to look at it. It all makes me very horny!! I think about this when I'm wanking over my wife's asshole when she's sleeping!
3 years ago
i know you would prefer to have girls catch you, but i would stand there and stare right at your cock if i saw you doing this! keep doing it!
3 years ago
I enjoy wearing short shorts so when I sit the head or the whole shot of my cock is peeking out for mostly more mature ladies to see
3 years ago
Good story like doing things like that myself would love to see the video of their reaction.
3 years ago
Love to voyeur as well...keep em cumming! :)