Holiday suprise 3

Having 'calmed down', we walked naked down the beach towards the hotel, Tomas slowly stretching a lead. Ania and I followed,pulling on costumes when we neared the hotel.
Their room wasn't near mine so Ania guided me through the gardens. Knowing she was wearing nothing under her short skirt, I slipped my hand under the folds of material as soon as we were out of sight. She groaned as I rubbed her wet pussy but my knees buckled as she took them in her mouth to taste herself.
They buckled even more when we entered the room to see Tomas sitting on their bed, slowly stroking his cock.
Suddenly nervous and embarressed I considered running but how many times is this sort of opportnity going to happen? Fuck it.
I excused myself to the bathroom and when I came out Ania offered me a drink of schnapps.
'This isn't something that happens to us very often', she said 'and we want it to be memorable. I want to be fucked hard and all afternoon. Is that ok?' With that she held out two small blue pills, 'One for Tomas and one for you maybe'.
Er....what the hell.
Washing the viagra down with a mouthful of the hot, cherry liquer, I dropped my trunks and pulled Anias top over her head. Her heavy tits bounced as they were released and I felt a hand cupping my balls. Very gently Tomas squeezed and teased them as I kissed his wife.
We fell in a heap onto the bed, Tomas and I on each side of Ania who quickly took a cock in each hand.

to coninue....again
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