My only bi experience

This was about 2005. I'd finished work late one evening and went over to my girlfriends on the way home, to find her very d***k with a fairly d***k mutual gay friend.
As I was driving I found it hard to relax and suggested my house.
A cheer was raised and we headed for my kitchen where we hit the wine. I quickly caught up but my good lady passed out so that Eamon and I had to carry her to bed. We stripped her off and rolled into bed before going back downstairs and discussed Jills body. A tiny bit overweight, feminine and gorgeous says I. Eamon agreed but was very clear that it lacked a 'fun gun', as he called it. We laughed and joked for a while then he tried to kiss me.'Whoa there mate, not my thing. Sorry', but hugged him long and tight feeling sorry for a horny friend and wanting to get some kind of satisfaction.
Definatly time for bed and took him upstairs.
He lightheartedly tried to pull me into the spare room and I pulled away laughing to slip into bed beside Jill and my hardon.
My fingers quickly found their way into her pussy but got no response so I slipped another into her arse and thought about fucking her awake but butterflies in my stomach got the better of me. She was definatly out cold.
I got up and quietly went into the spare bedroom where I could see Eamon laid in the bed in a low ghostly light.
Taking a deep breath I pushed down the quilt and felt his soft cock. Wow, Id done it. Don't stop now. He came round, d***k and bewildered. I begged him to keep quiet and took his hardening cock into my mouth where it got harder and harder but, unfortunatly not much bigger.
Now I had something of a dialema. At some point he was going to cum. What was I going to do with it?
At this point Eamon pulled me up and tried to kiss me again but I refused and go up to visit the bathroom. I was on autopilot as I dabbed a little Vaseline onto and into my butthole.
As I returned to the bed Eamon was still looking bewildered but stroking his cock. It was incredibly hard but still kinda small, maybe a good thing as I straddled him and sank his cock as far as it would go into my arse. That surprised him and I had to cover his mouth with hy hand in fear of waking Jill, my other hand wanking myself off over his stomach.
After a few short minutes he started bucking eratically under me as he obviously came in me, followed closely by me on him.
I sat back onto him hard for a few seconds thinking 'Fucking hell! Fucking hell!' then lent forward, kissed him hard on the mouth and whispered 'Not a work, please'. He said 'Never, thankyou' and I lifted off him and joined Jill back in bed.
He left early the next morning before we got up. He rang me the next week explaining that he was mine if I wanted him but if I didn't he'd keep away.
I enjoyed it but not as much as I enjoyed Jill.
Not seen him since, shame really.
73% (4/2)
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2 years ago
ring him up, you know you want to feel the inside of his ass in return
3 years ago
great story i'd love to know more
3 years ago
I think I would have wanted more. You could have had your gf and some cock on the side for when you were feeling a little kinky.
3 years ago
loving it, u lucky guy...