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[Story] Nothing On Television Tonight

It was around five thirty when Mom got home from work. She said hi to me as she walked through the living room in route to her bedroom. She went to change out of her work clothes to get more comfortable. Usually she wore a long nightie and panties with no bra. This always teased me as I could see her nipples poking the fabric. Sometimes her pubic hair would peek out the side of her panties if she sat just right. She came back out to the living room as I expected wearing her usual stuff. Sure enough there was just enough of a chill in the Autumn air to make her nipples rock hard. She wa... Continue»
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f****y of five attends a wild festival!

My wife Mandy, my two daughters, Nikki and Gina, my son Jack and myself

wandered around the festival seeing the sites. It was a pretty wild place, women

flashing their tits for beads, some even their ass or pussy, guys showing their

dicks. I had suggested to my wife that maybe the k**s were too young for all of

this but Mandy insisted that they were fine. After a while we separated, Jack and I

going one way, Mandy and the girls another. Jack and I found a beer stand and

even though he was not old enough to drink legally I... Continue»
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