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It makes me laugh seeing on the news at the moment about how nurses are treated badly etcetera, it made me think of how badly I was treated by a nurse that visited my home a few years ago, this is a true story.

I had had an operation and left hospital, but needed to be treated for open wounds by a home visit nurse for a few weeks until they healed sufficiently.

The first day of my nurses arrival was the Monday morning and my Parents were there to meet her, it was 10:30am and she rang the doorbell and Mum let her in the house and they explained my medical situation to her and left her to dress my wounds, which she done amicably. It was explained to the nurse that my parents had to work, so in future they would leave the back door unlocked and she could make her own way into the house and treat me.

My nurse, (we`ll call her Gladys) I should explain was of Indian or Pakistani ethnicity, around thirty five years of age and had a rather obese body shape.
I am not a racist or anything; I am also quite obese too, so I had no worries about my nurse treating me.

Tuesday morning, I heard the back door click open at around 10:30am and the nurse announce herself, I replied.

As my open wounds were on my backside I needed to remove my jogging bottoms; I was not wearing underpants due to soreness. As I pulled my joggers down, I noticed Gladys glance across at my penis and as it happened it did slightly turn me on, me being naked in front of a woman and all that!

I laid down on the sofa and Gladys made general chit chat about the operation etc, when she poured some cold solution onto my backside, it ran down the crack of my backside and onto my penis. Wow, this turned me on immediately, I could feel my penis harden up instantly, and as Gladys parted my legs, she too noticed my predicament.

“I was going to ask you to stand up, but I think I`ll give you a few seconds, eh?” Gladys said.

Wondering what her reaction would be, I said, “I don’t mind, you have a job to do after all!”

With that I stood up with my Cock pointing towards her, she was kneeling on the floor and my cock was inches from her face, she looked at it with a grin on her face.

“Do you know how many guys get their cocks out in front of me?” Gladys asked.

“Not really, loads I guess!” I replied.

“No, not nearly enough” she laughed.

She pulled out a cleansing spray and sprayed the cool gel over my cock and placed a pair of rubber gloves on her hands.

“I suppose we better make sure you`re clean all over, eh?” She asked me.

“Well you’re the nurse” I said, “You know best!”

And with that she caressed my hard cock, stroking it thoroughly with the gel up and down my shaft, pulling my foreskin back and forth and best of all blowing cool air on the tip of my cock. This turned me on even more.
After a few minutes she got some wet-wipes out and cleansed my cock of the gel, then placed her lips to the tip of my cock.

“Well big-boy, are you ready for Nurse Gladys to suck you off?”

Before I could reply she had my cock in her mouth and was sucking hard on it. Due to the fact of the situation and the fact that Nurse Gladys was an expert at sucking cock, I cum within a couple of minutes, the semen shooting from my throbbing cock and over her soft brown hands.

It wasn’t long before my cock had been sucked clean and she had dressed my wounds. I sat back down on the sofa naked and stroking my half erect cock.
As Gladys leaned over to put some of her kit away, I ran my hands up her legs and up underneath her dark blue dress, as my fingers touched her knickers, she juddered.

“Maybe tomorrow, baby” she said to me.

“Oh like that is it? I said sarcastically, “It`s okay sucking my cock, but I can’t touch you!”

“No, it’s not that” she replied, “It`s just I have other clients to attend, we`ll do more tomorrow, I promise!”

With that she got her things and left. I must admit I had a variety of thought regarding Nurse Gladys that night, some erotic some not so.

Wednesday morning 10:30am and I heard Nurse Gladys enter through the back door; I sat naked on the sofa awaiting her arrival.

“Well my baby, are you ready for me to attend to you needs?”

“Oh yes, I`ve been thinking of you all night and morning too!” I said.

With that she undone her coat and slipped it off, she then turned her back to me and asked if I`d unzip the back of her dress. As the dress touched the carpet, I could see was just wearing a Black Bra and Knickers set.

“Would you be a darling and unclips my bra?” she asked me.

Again I complied.

She took a few steps forward and turned around and opened her arms, she stood there almost naked, just her knickers on covering her last bit of privacy.

“Well baby, do you like Nursey?” she asked me.

“Oh, fuckin` hell yeah!!!” I replied.

Gladys looked at my cock, which was still un-erect,

“What`s the matter boy, am I not horny enough for you?” she asked, “do you want my panties off too?”

To be honest I was slightly in shock, I never expected her to strip naked for me, but I tried to act cool.

“Well I`m naked aren’t I?” I asked

With that she pulled her knickers off and stood totally naked before me.
Instantly my cock stiffened and the smile appeared on Gladys` face.

“How about we go upstairs and fuck?” I asked.

“Your quite the gentleman aren’t you?” she said.

“Yes or No?” I asked.

“Oh fuckin hell, yes!” she answered.

She grabbed a packet of condoms from her bag and we went upstairs and got on my bed. She selected the right sized condom and rolled it onto my cock and caressed me as she was doing it.

I lay on the bed face up and she turned towards me and sat on the tip of my hard cock, slowly she lowered herself down inserting my whole cock into her cunt. She leaned forward so I could grab hold of her large buxom double-d cup breasts; they were quite saggy but they were awesome.

Slowly we got into a rhythm of sex and with her experience we lasted a good five minutes before I shot my load into the condom inside her pussy. As my cock shrunk and fell out of her cunt, Gladys leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and thanked me for the sex.

We returned downstairs where Gladys dressed my wounds and said she had a special surprise for me tomorrow.

“Just make sure you’re naked when I arrive!” She told me.

Thursday morning 10:30am and again I hear the back door open and Nurse Gladys announce her arrival; again I am sat naked upon the sofa.
I am stroking my semi-erect cock as Gladys pops her head around the corner.

“Are you ready for your surprise?” she asked.

“Definitely!” I replied.

As Gladys entered the room she started to unbutton her coat, I was hoping she`d be naked underneath, but no she was I her Nurses uniform.

“My new co-worker, Mandy” Gladys announced.

Standing just around the corner was a young black girl around twenty years of age, slim body and nice figure.

Gladys explained the medical situation to Mandy, who looked embarrassed at me wondering why I was already naked. Then Gladys said to Mandy.

“Oh by the way, we have sex too!”

As I sat on the sofa Gladys glanced at Mandy and said would you do something important for me.

“Of course, what do you want me to do?” Said Mandy.

“Strip naked!” Gladys said.

“I don’t think so!” Mandy replied.

And with that Gladys wrestled with Mandy on the carpet in a Nurses Wrestling match, gradually removing each other’s clothing, until Gladys was just wearing her knickers and Mandy was almost fully dressed. Gladys had Mandy in an arm-lock as Gladys was on her back on the carpet, with Mandy on top of her face up.

I got off of the sofa and knelt by the two women pussies and placed my hands up Mandy`s dress and pulled her knickers down, then inserted my head up her dress and licked her wet vagina.

Suddenly the wrestling started again and within minutes we were all naked and Gladys gave Mandy a fresh condom and ordered us to go to the bedroom and fuck.

Mandy and I had great sex in the bedroom, but I don’t think I lasted as long as with Gladys, but Mandy was great as she was far sexier than Gladys.

What we didn`t realise was, was that Gladys had filmed us having sex on her mobile phone and bribed us into doing what she wanted in future visits.

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1 year ago
Lovely nurse..!!!!!!!
2 years ago
Hot nurses.
What else could she have you do to her?
2 years ago
very good but she is naughty
3 years ago
Good story