My 1st Experience with Mother

I stood looking through the crack of door caressing my Cock when my Parents spotted me; I was about 16 at the time.

My Dad saw my reflection in a mirror in their room, they invited me in and told me to strip naked in front of them, I complied and they invited me onto their bed.

At first I was really nervous about it, not knowing what their reaction would be, but it wasn`t too bad..

At first I just tentatively explored their bodies with my hands and learnt about general foreplay, my Father let me treat my Mother like a potential GF. I kissed her gently on the lips and down her neck line towards her large ample cleavage with instructions from Mum on how she liked it.

We are a rather plump f****y and she has breasts to match, I lay on the bed taking in the full unadulterated nakedness of my Mother who was allowing me for the first time full access to her body. I licked her ample breasts with my tongue and caressed and kneaded her soft double c-cup breasts with my cold nervous hands.

My Father was watching me attend to my Mother, lying on his side beside us casually caressing his hard-cock.

Once I had spent some time on my Mothers buxom breasts 36CC`s, I returned to her cleavage line and started to kiss down her body, I stroked my hands along the side of her plump body taking in the soft skin on her wonderfully sexual body; a feeling I am sure only comes from a Mother and Son relationship, and still kissing her chest and stomach making my way down towards her black and grey pubic hair...

I looked up to my Mother for reassurance, I received a nod, and then I turned to my Father and received a nod from him too.... and I then kissed my Mothers black and grey pubic hair...

My Cock was rock hard now!

I softly ran my tongue into the top of her pubic mound and let my tongue caress her sparsely pubic skin..

"Lower, lower" she then begged of me.

I wasn`t going to wait in case she changed her mind...I placed my hands on the inside of her plump thighs and spread her legs slightly wider so I could get my face closer to her vagina....

I was now confused as to what I should do next to my Mother, I had seen what happens on porno vids before, as I had seen a few of my Father`s, but I was not sure if I should do those things in reality....

My Father leaned over and gave me advice...

I pulled her pussy flaps open to get a better look at my Mother cunt...I thought it looked beautiful, and had a strange aroma to it.

As I licked her vagina I wasn`t sure I`d like the taste. But it was strangely alluring. It was a pungent smell, I assume she had not washed it recently, but once I licked it, the taste was divine, I licked her pussy for about ten minutes, and then my Mother asked me something....Would I be prepared to do something for her?

Would I suck my Fathers Cock?

I felt a bit uncomfortable at first when my Mom asked me, but I agreed.

He laid back on the bed with his semi-hard cock on display, I leaned over and took hold of it in my hand and started to stroke and caress it...It only took seconds for him to get rock-hard...

His large bulbous purple bell-end emerging from his foreskin was just like mine, only a little larger.

We are roughly the same size now, 5.5-6 inches.

I took hold of his erect cock and continued caressing it, gradually getting into a rhythm and enjoying myself with this cock in my hand....he lasted around four to five minutes before he shot his load and it shot into my face....

My Mother quickly moved towards me and licked my face of my Fathers semen.
I tasted his semen, but I do not really like the taste of it.

We used to have these Foreplay sessions regularly until I was 18. I used to (and still do for that matter) watch them have sex whenever they had it.

71% (30/12)
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2 years ago
sick [3]
2 years ago
i had a similar experience but only with my mother
2 years ago
3 years ago
very horny; got me hard!
3 years ago
I liked it.
3 years ago
I liked it.
3 years ago
3 years ago
sick no plot inane worthless moronic pathetic