New Years Eve (Part 3)

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Mum called out and asked who was ready, I replied, “Almost, no shoes though!”

“That`ll be good enough, answer the door please!” Mum replied.

I rushed down and opened the door to a middle aged couple I had never seen before.

“Good evening, we`re Holly and Luke!” Holly announced.

“Come on in” I said and ushered them into the front room.

“May I take your coats?” I asked.

Luke and Holly were dressed in casual clothing and Holly said that she liked my school uniform.

“Thanks” I replied, “Sara, my s****rs wearing hers too!”

I asked if Holly and Luke would like and drinks and they asked for red wine, which I went to fetch from the kitchen.

As I returned Mum and Dad were in the front room chatting to Holly and Luke. As I returned Mum said that Holly liked me in my school uniform and that she`d love to play with my willy.

Well as I was standing there holding two glasses of wine, Mum suggested that Holly take advantage of my predicament.

Holly unzipped the fly of my black school trousers and felt inside my underpants and pulled my unerect penis out.

“Well, were going to have to work on this aren’t we?” Holly said in a sarcastic tone.

She leant forward and opened her mouth and placed it over my cock. It wasn`t long before my cock started to grow more erect in her mouth.
Luke reached across and undone my belt and trousers clips and pulled my trousers down to around my ankles and kissed me gently on the legs, he let his hand travel around to my backside and he stroked it and occasionally pinched me. As he caressed my buttock and slid his hand up my arse, his attention was caught by Sara.

“Would you like to play with me?” Sara asked innocently, lifting the hem of her school skirt slightly.

“Would you like to play with this?” Luke asked stroking the crotch of his trousers.

“Oh, but that would make me a naughty girl, wouldn`t it?” Sara replied.

“Just a little bit, but I`m sure you`ll be punished later!” Luke said, as Sara knelt between Luke parted thighs.

Holly had slid off the sofa and was kneeling in front of me with my six inch cock ever erecting in her warm and wet mouth, her tongue was caressing my cock in various ways; she was moving it gently around my bell-end and then sliding her tongue up and down the base of my shaft the next. What really turned me on was when she sucked my cock and left saliva on it and gently blew cool air over my already hard cock; this was so stimulating I could have shot my load there and then.

As Holly was pleasing herself on my cock, she firmly placed her hands upon my school shirt and rubbed it up and down my torso, every now and again she`d grab my tie and pull on it, making me lean over towards her and I would kiss her sweet scented hair on her head as my hands were continually pushing her head towards my penis.

Suddenly Holly started to caress my cock more firmly, harder and quicker, I warned her that I was liable to cum quickly as I had not much experience of holding my semen.

“Don`t worry Baby” Holly said, “I want your cum in my mouth and down my throat!”

And with that I relaxed slightly and let her continue to have her pleasure with my throbbing cock. She placed her mouth back over my cock and sucked really hard moving her mouth up and down my shaft, getting quicker all the time, then I could feel it coming in my groin, but I could tell she felt it too as she went mad for the last few seconds and my semen shot through my shaft and out of my throbbing bell-end into Holly`s mouth.

She opened her mouth wide and lowered her head so my semen shot f***efully into her mouth and the cum had covered her tongue and mouth and was seeping onto her lips; her semen covered tongue made its way to her pout lips and she licked my semen around her mouth.

“Kiss me you naughty little school boy!” Holly said to me.

To be honest I didn`t really want to kiss her, I had never tasted cum before and did not really want to taste it then. I turned to look around the room and saw Dad looking at me, now fully naked and masturbating watching me and Holly, as well as Luke and Sara.

“You’re her Bitch now, fuckin take it like a man!” Dad said “or you`ll be my Bitch and then you`ll be sorry!”

I turned and leant over and kissed Holly on the lips, at first I felt a little sick feeling the slimy cum on my lips, but Holly f***ed me closers and as I gagged a bit she inserted her cum filled tongue deep into my mouth and to the back of my throat. Soon the sick feeling evaporated and never took much notice of it. After a few minutes I think I must have swallowed more of my cum than Holly did and once our mouths were clean…

“Would you help me fulfil a fantasy baby?” Holly asked.

“Okay” I replied a little hesitantly

“I want Luke to fuck my cunt and I want you to fuck my arsehole” Holly said, “is that okay?”

“Y..Y..Yes… Okay” I replied.

Sara got off of Luke`s hard cock as he slid his way back onto the sofa and Holly mounted him, laying towards him with her wonderful breasts dangling inches from his face. I made my way to the back of Holly and was assisted by Sara. By now everyone wanted to watch this sexual extravaganza.
Sara caressed my already hard cock, commenting on how firm it was and she couldn`t wait to get her mouth around it, again.

As I rested my cock against Holly`s perfect plump buttocks, Sara spat some saliva along the crack of Holly`s bum line and then spat some more over the bell-end of my penis.

All of a sudden I felt Luke starting to penetrate Holly with his wonderful hard dick and then I realised I had better start inserting my cock into Holly`s arse. I eased my bell-end onto her buttock crack and slid it through the saliva provided by Sara and felt the tightness of Holly`s inner sanctum, her orifice was very tight and at first uncomfortable for me.

I heard Holly`s moans as I penetrated my penis deeper into her arsehole. I asked if she wanted me to ease off.

“Are you fuckin nuts?” she replied “this is going to be the fuck of my life!”

So I pushed harder into her and fuck did she scream this time, but I ignored her cries and pushed harder and deeper still and felt my cock grow even more inside her, it must have been the adrenaline of fucking a woman so hard that made my cock enlarge to around six and half inches to seven. Luke and I gained speed and gradually fucked Holly in a perfect fast but steady rhythm. For a few seconds I had my eyes closed as I fucked Holly, but when I opened them I noticed that my Grandad had climbed on the sofa and had his cock I Holly`s mouth and Dad had his cock in her hand as she masturbated him.

“I don’t believe it, four cocks at once, I`ve never had four cocks at once!” Nan said.

“I`m hoping we`ll have all had four cocks at once by the end of tonight!” replied Mum.

It must have been around five to ten minutes before I finally shot my load up Holly`s arse.

“Oh fuck baby, I can feel your cum in my arsehole now!” said Holly.

I held on for a few seconds letting the semen seep out of my throbbing, but un-erecting cock. As I stepped back and pulled my cock out, Dad quickly took my place and stuck his cock up her arse with assistance from Sara.

Both Mum and Nan pulled me over to the other sofa and started to attend to my semen soaked penis.

With the various changing around and my occasional joining in Holly was fucked in her cunt, arsehole and throat for about an hour; which was great while it lasted, but once the guys had finished with her she realised how sore she had become.

“Fuck, I`m going to be really sore in the morning!” Holly said.

“Don`t worry darling” Nan said, “We`ll take care of your pussy!”

For a little while Sara licked Holly`s pussy gently, getting some normality back into her sensitive organ. But soon enough Holly fell asl**p exhausted, although she was still used while she was asl**p.

As Holly was asl**p Luke took the opportunity and started chatting to me about other sexual activities they`d both talked about. One being that Luke would like to fuck me up the arsehole, like I had done to Holly.

This I was definitely not so keen on and I said I`d rather not, but then I heard Dad again saying about being Holly & Luke’s Bitch.

Again I refused, then Dad and Mum pushed me and held me onto the sofa face down and spread my legs apart. I suddenly felt Luke`s hard cock penetrate my arsehole. The pain was immense and I could understand why Holly screamed so much when I inserted my cock up her arse. But I couldn`t understand how she enjoyed it so much.

But after a few minutes it didn`t seem so bad, I think the Vaseline helped that Mum caressed onto Luke`s hard cock.

By the end of the ten minutes I realised that I wouldn`t mind being arse fucked again; maybe by Dad?

It wasn’t too long before we were all shattered and tired and collapsed still naked on the floor and sofa`s in the living room.

How would we feel when we awoke the following morning???

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3 years ago
Hot series of storys, mmmm what else happens mmmm soon please
3 years ago
Nice series. Sounds like it could go in many directions from here.
3 years ago
Happy new years. Damn what a family.