New Years Eve (Part 2)

As Mum and I entered the kitchen to start preparing the food for the evening I enquired as to whom Mum and Dad had invited. I was surprised at the list of people, some I had never heard of and the places they had found them surprised me.

Mum said we have invited Nan and Grandad, Aunt Hilary and Uncle Philip with Cousin Nancy. Mick and Gill from next door as well as a couple called Holly and Luke that we chat with on a website called xhamster; it`s a porn website!
Mum told me to go and get my laptop and she`d show me as we prepared the food.

I returned with the laptop and typed in the web address and found xhamster and Mum logged me onto their account. I was surprised at the friends they had online and the video clips they had saved on their profile; there was so much i****t. I found myself guiltily admitting that I had looked at porn sites and I too looked at i****t porn too.

Mum admitted she had caught me wanking over her when she was in the shower and she had deliberately left her cleavage open on occasions when we were alone, as well as wearing no knickers around the house. I admitted I had noticed and she smiled knowingly.

Suddenly a Skype message icon came up on Mum`s email page and she answered it and told me it was some couple wanting to webcam with her.

“Should we do it?” Mum asked.

“Why not!” I replied.

“Okay, cover your cock up for a while” she said.

When the cameras came on I saw that it was Grandad, sitting naked in front of his computer. I didn`t even know he had a computer.

Once we saw each other and we realised we were both naked we laughed at the predicament we were in. Grandad asked what time they should arrive and Mum told him whenever they are ready.

Grandad laughed again, “It seems we are ready now, eh?”

Just then Nan came into view of the webcam and she was just wearing a towel as she had just come out of the bathroom from having a bath. I had never thought of my Grandparents in a sexual way before, but having now seen them and them seeing me partly naked, it did turn me on I must admit.

Nan & Grandad lived only a few houses down the road from us and I knew it wouldn`t be long before they arrived. I asked Mum if she wanted me to get dressed, she told me she thought it might be nice if Sara and I answered the door naked to them,

“that`s if she`s finished blowing your Father that is!” Mum said, giggling.

I went back upstairs and saw through the bedroom door Sara spread-eagled on my parent’s bed with Father having his cock well and truly sucked by Sara. I decided to leave them and return downstairs, seeing our grandparents naked would be a thrill for her I was sure.

I returned and continued helping Mum prepare the food as the doorbell rang. I felt a shiver run through me as I felt the excitement of opening the door to my Nan and Grandad totally naked.

I opened the door and Grandad was standing there wearing a long grey overcoat, I invited them in and Grandad stopped at the coat rack and undone his coat, underneath he was wearing a black shirt with a white dog collar, he was also wearing black stockings and suspenders with a matching g-string and classic black brogues. I had to laugh at the way he was dressed, I had obviously never seen him like this before, but hoped I would again.

Nan was also wearing a long coat that reached her ankles, hers was red with a fake fur neck, and she removed the coat and hung it upon the hook. Nan was wearing a very sexy black and red lingerie set, black and red see through bra and matching frilly panties, also with black stockings and suspenders to match Grandad; they fitted the Vicar and Tart perfectly.

I also never realised how sexy Nan was. A fact that when I said to Mum, she said,

“Why do you think your father married me?”

“Because you’re a fuckin` horny babe?” I said.

“I wasn`t always this fuckin` horny, as you call it you naughty boy!” Mum replied, “I`m going to have to punish you for your bad language, boy!”

“I`m looking forward to it, you fuckin` whore!”

With that she slapped me on the buttocks and told me to look after my Nan and Grandad.

As I walked into the living room I saw Grandad sitting in the chair I normally sit in and Nan lying on the sofa on her side with one leg bent allowing me a full view of her neatly trimmed pussy. Grandad was gently stroking his cock and he nodded for me to join Nan on the sofa and asked where Sara was.
I informed him that she was upstairs satisfying Dad, Grandad said he`d go up and check on them, but I said I`d love for them both to go up and I`d see Sara`s reaction to seeing her Grandparents half-naked. Nan and Grandad laughed and agreed.

We all stood behind the door just out of sight, although to be honest the last thing Dad and Sara were thinking of is who`s behind the door. Even before we got to the door we could hear sexual noises coming from my parent’s room.

“Do you remember the first time we caught you snooping on us?” Grandad said to Mum.

“Do I?” She replied, “You were like fuckin` rampant rabbits!”

As I looked through the gap I had I saw Dad was now licking Sara`s bright pink nubile pussy and teasing her with his tongue. Grandad was now clearly turned on and was stroking his erection, which I noticed must have been a good ten inches, it was fuckin` huge; no wonder Nan always looked happy when I arrived around there!

Mum tapped Grandad on his bum and nodded for him to enter her bedroom, she whispered

“You know where the toys are…big boy!”

“You haven`t cleaned them have you?” he said.

“Only with my cunt… you dirty old bugger!” Mum replied.

As Grandad entered the bedroom I saw the fear and shock on Sara`s face as her eyes came into contact with Grandad`s.

“Holy Shit!!!” she cried as she saw him approach her, but then it must have registered the way he was dressed as she suddenly started to laugh at him.

“Grandad`s going to fuck your brains out tonight baby!” he said.

“What with that huge fuckin` cock of yours?” Sara said.

Everyone looked shocked that she had even seen his cock, let alone comment on it. Suddenly she turned from a shy girl into becoming a brave sex whore.

“When I stayed over last year I saw Mummy sucking it!” Sara said.

Mum, Nan and I left Grandad, Dad and Sara to enjoy themselves in the bedroom.

Mum said she still had the food to prepare but I could take Nan into my bedroom and get more acquainted.

As we entered my bedroom Nan said she needed to take her shoes off, “these fuckin` high heels are killing me, and so are these bl**dy panties, but as you Father bought them for me I thought I`d better wear them, it`s not like he`s never seen my cunt before!”

Suddenly I got even more aroused, number one because I could now for the first time see my Nan`s cunt in all its glory; she still had black pubic hair, but I now knew that Dad had at least seen her cunt too! I had often fantasised about a full f****y orgy and I now knew that was not far off the cards.

I stood there still naked with my Hard Erect Cock pointing directly at Nan, my bell-end emerging from my foreskin as she unclipped and slid her stocking down her legs; for a woman in her seventies, she had a very sexy figure with great looking legs. As she unclipped her bra and threw it on the floor, I could see her beautiful firm cc cup breasts with wonderful erect pink nipples; I felt my cock throb again making me even more eager to fuck Nan there and then.

Once she was naked she stood there for a few seconds letting me take in the full nakedness of her body. Then she approached me and laid me back upon the bed and leant up against me, kissing me firmly on the lips.

“Would you like some foreplay?” Nan asked, “or just go for the sex?”

Before I had chance to answer I felt her hand take hold of my cock and place my shaft against her cunt.

“Go on baby, fuck Nanny with you hard willy!” She said.

There was no way I was going to wait for a second chance so I gently eased my erect penis into her wet pussy. Words cannot describe how I felt, here I was fucking my first female and it was my Nan, fuckin` awesome!!!

As I was penetrating her and getting into a sort of rhythm, Nan`s breasts were swinging temptingly close to my mouth.

“You wanna lick my titties?” Nan asked, “go ahead!”

I took hold of her soft plump slightly sagging breasts and felt them in my hands, I could have played with them all day and all night, but those hard nipples of hers were far too tempting to resist sucking on.

I stuck my tongue out and caught the occasional lick as they swung by my mouth and her body shook in accompaniment to my cock entering her cunt.
Suddenly Mum was standing next to me at my bedside, still fully naked, but with her sexy lingerie in her hand, she was running her hand up and down Nan`s bare back with the other hand.

“Time to get ready I`m afraid” Mum said “the other guess will be here shortly!”

Nan pulled herself off of my cock and climbed off the bed and kissed Mum and touched her breasts, tweaking her nipples,

“There will be plenty of time for that later Mummy!” she said, “I`ll go and tell Daddy and Sara to get ready too!”

It was fun as Nan and I helped each other to get dressed, helping her out with clipping her stocking back on and stroking her fine legs again was almost too much to take.

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Hot family.