New Years Eve (Part 1)

It was the morning of New Year’s Eve, the first year my s****r and I had been allowed to stay up late. Mum and Dad had arranged a Fancy Dressed themed event this year and when my s****r Sara and I asked what we should wear our parents immediately said we should wear our school uniforms.

Mum informed us that they had all been washed and ironed and placed in the airing cupboard, but we were not to get dressed in them until she said so.

It approached eleven am when Mother told us to have a shower, Sara and I looked at each other, neither wanting to be the first in the bathroom. As we were squabbling to be the last in the bathroom Mum said, “There will be on arguments, you`ll shower together”

“Are you k**ding? My s****r said, “he`s a bl**dy pervert, have you seen all those porno magazines he keeps under his bed?”

I could feel myself go red instantly.

“Of course we`ve seen them” Mum replied, “and we know he`s been watching me in the shower while masturbating!”

“Well what are you waiting for?” Mum said.

Sara and I entered the bathroom and stripped naked, continually looking at each other’s emerging naked bodies. We were both just past the puberty stage and Sara had cute small pert breasts with delicate pink nipples, her body was slightly plump, but I had already noticed over the last few weeks that it was disappearing rapidly. Sara kept her pale pink panties on for as long as she possibly could hoping I`d vanish into space or something.

In fact I had stripped quickly and was caressing my erect penis, a fact that she could not take her eyes off of it, something I took immense pride in.

“Come on Sara” I said, “Knickers off or I`ll tell Mum!”

“Wanker!” Sara replied.

“I know I am and you like it don’t you?” I said.

Just then the bathroom door opened and Mum and Dad was standing there, Dad just wearing his boxer shorts and Mum in her everyday white bra and knickers set.

“I thought I told you to shower!” Mum said.

This prompted Sara to quickly remove her knickers, a sight both my Father and I admired immensely.

Mum then nodded for me to get in the shower first, as she unclipped her bra and threw it on the bathroom floor. Mum had wonderful large buxom breasts although they were starting to slightly sag a little now. Her slightly obese figure made her all the more attractive to me, I know most youngsters are into fit pop stars etc, but a good meaty woman just did it for me big time.

As she stepped into the shower and nestled against me I felt the hot water dribble down my back as I felt her soft warm hands touch my shoulders, she turned me towards her and I looked lovingly into her dark brown comforting eyes. She took the shampoo and worked it into her palms and then placed them on my head and started to wash my hair; she pulled my head towards her, placing my face within the ample cleavage of large chest, I was entering heaven.

I placed my hands around the back of her and stroked my hands up and down her wet naked back. I could feel my hard penis resting against her crotch and I could tell by her murmurs that she liked it there.

I felt her release the grip on my head and I eased it slowly away from her, my eyes readjusting to the light again and quickly taking in those large comforting breasts. I lowered my hands to take a firm grip of her buttocks and again let my cock throb beneath her and I heard her sigh again.

Suddenly Mum dropped the shower gel and as I crouched down to retrieve it for her I felt her hands clasp my head and guide it towards her crotch. I could smell her feminine juices emitting from her vagina as my face came closer and closer to it.

“Taste me boy, taste me” Mum said as I was temptingly close, “taste what mummy has to offer!”

I stuck my tongue out and touched it against her plump vaginal entry, her pubes touching my lips, her flaps perfectly aligned and ready for my tongue. It was pure ecstasy as I tasted her sweet juices, I could not describe the taste of her pure nectar as it was like nothing I had ever tasted before, but was hoping I`d get the chance to taste again; if not with Mum, with Sara. Who was now sucking hard on Dad`s cock, I could only see his testicles bouncing against Sara`s mouth, so I assumed the rest of it was in her mouth.

I had a second helping of Mum`s feminine juices and spent a few minutes licking around her cunt and pubic region hoping I had not missed anything.

Mum then called me up and it was her turn to crouch down and suck on my cock, it had in fairness turned semi-erect as I had been concentrating on lick her feminine areas, but it didn’t take long for her to get me fully erect again, in fact it only took seconds.

Unfortunately for her it only took around a minute for me to start to cum, quickly I could feel my pre-cum as she sucked on my six and a half inches of meat. I warned her I was going to cum and she said it was okay.

“You cum when your ready baby!” Mum assured me.

Within a few seconds I felt the surge of my semen running through my penis.

“I can feel it baby” She said, “Cum to Mummy!”

I shot my semen, a thick shot of it and it went into the mouth of Mum, she played with it for a few seconds before finally swallowing it. She then continued to suck and lick the excess semen from my shrinking cock, pubic region and testicles.

“Well I guess you’re done now baby!” Mum said, “I guess I`ll have to wash you properly now, eh?”

Mum then showered me and I showered her too until we were just clean. We then left the shower and exited the bathroom.

Sara and Father followed us into the hot shower and we could hear everything they were doing to each other.

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sweet start
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Great start
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very hot!!!!!!!!!!
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Hot so far.