Christmas Holly

It was early Christmas morning; actually it was 1:30am, when Holly awoke and heard and rustle, she couldn`t place where it was coming from. Suddenly she spotted a figure emerge from around the bedroom door. She knew it wasn’t Luke as he had his firm cock nestled along the crack of her bum cheeks; Holly could tell Luke was dreaming of one of the video`s they had watched on xhamster last night.

Suddenly the figure approached the edge of the bed and you Holly saw that it was Flasher974 Santa; he was dressed in a full Father Christmas outfit with hat, beard, coat and red trousers and black shiny boots.

As Santa Flasher approached Holly, she wondered if she`d been a good or bad girl; she could feel her pussy getting wet at the thought of giving Flasher Santa a blow-job, and she could see in the moonlit room that Santa definitely had a bulge in his trousers. As he reached Holly he unzipped his fly and pulled out his 11 inches of Christmas Meat. The only big bird Santa was getting this year was Holly!

Holly reached her arms out from beneath the warm bedding to take hold of Santa`s gift; it was indeed warm and hard, begging to be sucked by Holly. She leaned forward and took hold of his throbbing shaft and began to lick his bell-end gently and tease him. She licked his shaft and bell-end and gently blew cool air upon it which aroused Santa even more and his hard cock twitched occasionally arousing holly too.

Holly unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the bedroom floor as he kicked off his boots and slid beside Holly into her bed.

Flasher Santa slid his way down to Holly`s clean shaven pussy and could immediately smell her juices flowing from her cunt, they were both in heaven. Santa parted Holly`s legs and caressed Her pussy; smothering his cold fingers in the warm vagina with Holly`s golden juices making them once again warm. He reached his hand up towards Holly, who licked each sticky finger clean, then allowed Santa to replenish his fingers with her own perfect nectar of the gods.

Luke then awoke to find that with Flasher Santa`s other hand he was being masturbated under the bed sheets and he was really enjoying it. For some reason Luke felt his cock was slightly larger than normal; not that it wasn`t big enough already! Luke even felt slightly more aroused than normal too. He turned to see Holly licking the fingers of whoever was beneath the bed sheets and has he pulled the covers off he saw to his amazement, Flasher Santa, licking his wife’s pussy.

Luke turned to Holly and kissed her on the cheek and wished her a Merry Christmas.

“Fuck that!” Said Holly, “Just Fuck me!!!”

Flasher Santa then moved up Holly`s sexy body and laid himself upon her and laid his hard throbbing cock against her vaginal entry.

“Go on Big Boy, I`ve been a good girl!” Holly said.

With that Flasher Santa eased his hard and thick 11 inches of meat into your warm awaiting oven for a real good roasting.

He eased his cock in gently at first, and then proceeded to fuck you harder and harder as he could tell you wanted. Holly gasped in pure ecstasy as she felt the hard throbbing cock penetrate her zones that had never been reached before. Santa then released his cock from Holly`s pussy and allowed her to suck his hard erect cock; tasting her own juices from this large manhood, Holly was enjoying every minute of it.

Again Flasher Santa re-entered Holly and continued fucking her hard, actually it felt even harder than before, there was definitely something magical about Flasher Santa; how long could it last?

Again after ten minutes or so Santa removed his dick for Holly to savour, and that she did. As Holly was tasting her own pure feminine juices and had Santa`s cock deep in her throat, gagging her and tasting some of Santa`s pre-cum, Luke had taken his chance to place his hard cock inside Holly.

Holly gasped as she felt the warm hard Penis penetrate her vagina, she was convinced she had never felt Luke`s cock so big as it slid inside her wet juicy pussy. Holly could feel her breasts bouncing up and down her body as Luke was fucking her hard, harder than ever before.

“Oooh, Oooh, Oooh that`s it Luke Fuck Me Hard, Yeah Baby!!!”

Holly screamed as Luke pushed his cock harder and deeper into the wonderful cunt he was looking at before him.

It was about ten minutes before you felt Luke`s cock stiffen up and you could feel his warm semen leave his cock and enter your cunt, he thrust his cock a few more times and then pulled it out and moved around so you could lick and suck his cock clean.

The next ten minutes were spent by Holly sucking on the two large cocks and testicles she now had in her hands, if only her friends could see her now, she thought! Holly thought of the girl friend she got off with the other day, if only she`d have pulled her friends skirt up and knickers down, Oooh, if only, Mmmmm!!!

Luke lay back on the bed and stroked his erecting cock and Holly was desperate to be fucked again on this very special Christmas night. So she climbed upon Luke and sat upon the hard cock beneather her and let his hard cock penetrate her cunt once again. Only this time Flasher Santa moved behind Holly and took hold of her bum cheeks and spread them apart, he then rested his hard cock against Holly`s arsehole and pushed his cock up.

“Holy Fuck!!!” Holly screamed, as Santa pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Holly`s arse.

To say it hurt was an understatement, but it hurt with a strange pleasure, a bit having a baby (so they say!).

After a few thrusts and half way up Holly`s arse, Flasher Santa removed his cock and again let Holly suck on it. She could now finally taste what her arsehole tasted like.

(Would Holly`s girlfriend like to have her arse licked? Holly would really like the opportunity to find out.)

It wasn`t long before Santa had re-inserted his cock back into Holly`s arsehole while Luke was busy fucking her cunt. Holly was having her dream fulfilled, both holes being fucked at the same time; this was the best Christmas present ever!!!

Soon Flasher Santa and Luke swapped over and it was Luke`s turn to fuck his wife up the arse, while Santa again fucked her cunt until she was very sore and they all collapsed on the bed totally worn out from all the constant sex. Holly took advantage and continued to suck both Luke and Flasher Santa’s cocks until they came once again.

Flasher Santa then got re-dressed and got ready to leave, he left them a bottle of drink of the bedside cabinet and told them to drink it within the hour and bid them a Merry Christmas and disappeared back out of the bedroom doorway.

Luke and Holly drank the drink as asked and then fell promptly back to sl**p again, when they awoke they could still clearly remember what happened earlier on, but were no longer sore, but were eager to make love to each other again!!!!

A Very Merry Christmas was had by All !!!!!!

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3 years ago
shame you didnt visit me flasher974 santa!!! would of loved that present!!
3 years ago
Thank you hunny I love it :) x