The Trip to Scotland

“Are we there yet Mummy?” you heard for the umpteenth time on your journey to Scotland.

You had just spotted the sign for the turn off you wanted and with delight you saw it was only fifteen miles.

“Just another ten minutes darling!” you replied.

You look at the clock on the dashboard, it`s almost half past eight and it`s already dusk. But just then you felt a strange sensation with the car, a sort of judder, you glanced at the dials in front of you and suddenly noticed you were on the limit of no petrol.

“Oh shit!” how did I not notice that, you thought to yourself?

You carry on though as you gather you must have enough to get you to the hotel for the night; you can sort the petrol out in the morning.

You pull off onto a quiet country lane and drive another two miles when the car takes a sudden jolt and dies on you.

“Fuck!” you half whisper to yourself.

You take you mobile phone out, but you’re not surprised when you see no reception. You then notice a set of headlights approach from the rear of the car, going in your direction. Nervously you stay in the car for protection, but the car pulls up alongside you; a luxury 4x4.

The driver opens the window and offers you a lift, and you nervously decline, but then he shows you a receipt for the hotel where he is staying and you decide he must be genuine, so you decide to take a chance.

He introduces himself as Martin, “I`m here for the bl**dy yearly company conference!” he says sarcastically, “well more the golf actually!” he winks.

He loads your luggage into the rear of the 4x4 and secures you c***d in the back seat as you take you seat in the passenger seat at the front. Within five minutes you have arrived at the hotel and you are booked in. As Martin books in he offers to carry your luggage up to your room, you accept, he does and offers you a drink in the bar at around ten o`clock.

“We`ll see” you reply, glancing at your c***d; now sl**ping soundly in bed.

Five minutes past ten and you stroll into the bar and see Martin at the far end of the bar, caressing a Single Malt Whisky in his fingers.

“Eliza!” He greets you with a warm smile, I`m so glad you decided to come down”.

Your eyes glance temporarily past Martin and notice something out in the garden.

“What on earth is that?” you ask Martin, not knowing if he`d seen it.

“Oh, the Maze!” he said, “not very tricky, but great for a bit of privacy though!”

“Would you like a tour?” He asked.

“Love one” you reply, suddenly taking in the well lived in body in the cream chino`s and burgundy Italian style jumper.

“What`s you poison?” he asks.

“Dry white wine would be lovely, thank you!” you reply.

He orders a bottle of something you have never heard of and sticks it on his tab.

“Leave it in the centre please!” he asks the barman, “two glasses”.

He places the empty whisky glass on the bar and gently takes your hand and walks you out of the bar into the cool evening Scottish air. You walk together around the grounds discussing what has brought you both to this location, you discover that he has recently divorced his wife and although he would like company, he has not desire for a full-on relationship.

Occasionally as you both walk around he gently touches and strokes your back and the top of your bottom, arousing you. You have not felt like this for years and you wonder if it is right for a woman like you to feel this way about a man you hardly know.

You enter the first part of the maze and he kisses you softly on the cheek and immediately apologises.

“There`s no need for an apology” you respond, “I`m quite flattered”.

The next few passages of the maze you have fun with each other, running around like teenagers, hiding I snippets of the maze and finding each other again, then kissing like naughty lovers.

Finally you reach the centre of the maze; there is a small stone bench in the centre and a Silver bucket with the ice chilled wine and two glasses. You sit down on the bench and relax after being chased around the maze and Martin sits on the grass and pours the wine into the glasses and hands one to you. It tastes divine. He leans back towards you and you part your thighs to snugly accommodate his body and feel the warmth of his masuline torso against yours.

You continue talking for a while, then you feel the wine start to take effect on you, you feel the extra pangs of romance and the feeling of being wanted as a woman again.

He strokes yours legs and gently and slowly caresses his way up to your thighs, again you part them further giving him no resistance at all. He soothes his masculine hands over your legs as your dress rises and bares you beautiful legs. You lean over and kiss his thick dark hair and smell the fresh scent of his shampoo mixed with his wonderful wooded cologne.

He glances naturally at your full cleavage as your natural buxom breasts catch his attention, he looks guiltily up towards you and you smile, “I`m glad you like them, that’s what they`re there for!”

He leans forwards and delicately kisses your cleavage, a feeling of electricity runs through your body as you are charged with passion and sexuality. You lean forward again and start to pull his soft Italian jumper over his torso, and remove his sleeveless vest underneath. His body shows signs of a man that looked after himself in earlier years, but has grown to enjoy the finer things in life, but still is in good shape.

Martin undoes the belt of his chino`s and undoes his trousers and stands up to remove them. He is standing in front of you just wearing his white briefs. He moves towards you and allows you to fondle his crotch for a while, before you tease him and pull the front of his pants forward, peeping in at his pubic hair and glimpsing at his penis. Which is already starting to get aroused by you.
You slide his pants down his perfectly formed legs to the ground and he steps out of them leaving himself totally naked and exposed in the cool breeze. You admire his physique and can`t take your eyes from his semi-erect penis.

You remove your dress and unclip your bra, suddenly aware that you have not brought anything sexy to show off, but then this was not supposed to be a sexual encounter weekend visit. You remove your bra, temptingly covering up your breasts and noticably erect nipples with your cupped hands. Martin’s eagerness is evident as his semi-erect penis becomes increasingly erect; suddenly it has changed from a semi-erect penis to rock hard Cock. You cannot make him wait any longer and remove your hands from your ample breasts and show him your glorious tits.

He steps closer to you and takes them in his hands and feels around them like a playful little boy with a new toy. But you feel the f***efulness in his strong grip and he squeezes them and occasionally pinches your nipples making them erect and sensitive; you sense immediately your pussy becoming lubricated.

As he leans against you his hard Cock rests against your pussy, you feel the pressure through the wet crotch of your now wet knickers; he slides his Cock up and down arousing you even further. You know you can’t take this much longer, you desperately need his Cock inside your vagina.

He caresses his hands slowly down your almost naked body, but you pray he hurries up, but you do not wish to come across as desperate, although now you are!

“Knickers, knickers, take my fucking knickers off!” you beg of him in a whisper, “and stick that fuckin` Cock inside me!” you continue to beg.

Without hesitation he lowers his body and crouches down and starts to lower your knickers down your legs, but he keeps stopping, arousing you even further, but you have passed that point, you no longer care about temptation, your juices are flowing and have soaked your fresh white knickers to soaking point.

You look down and see Martin crouched with his legs set apart and his rock hard Cock standing to full attention with his bell-end clearly on display like a beacon, he looks up and sees the lust in your eyes and again rises up and softly kisses you on the lips. He grabs your buttocks firmly and lifts you up and has three attempts to stick his cock in your pussy, the fourth attempt works and he slides his Cock up into your now well lubricated vagina, passed your pussy flaps and into a world not visited by man for quite some time. His hard full Cock slides up inside your cunt and you feel him slide up and down inside you arousing you even further.

“Oh yes, baby, harder, harder, harder!” you beg.

He complies and you feel his thrusts become harder and deeper into your pussy and you are loving the sensation, but still wanting more.

“More baby, more, harder, harder!” again you beg of him.

A few more minutes and he has tired in this position and lowers you gently to the ground, you turn and lean over the bench and spread you arse cheeks. “All yours honey!” you inform Martin.

Again he approaches you and rests his throbbing hard Cock against your arse and again slides into your vaginal entry and pushes harder and deeper than before.

This time there is no need for begging for more, he is definitely hitting the spot this time and you can feel the stretching of your vagina as he inserts his Cock deeper and deeper, even to the point, you ask him to slow down a bit. Within minutes you are both worn out and collapse on the cool chilled grass and glance lovingly into each other’s eyes and thank each other for pleasing one another.

Another glass or two of wine and you are both ready to commence your sexual activity. But as you move you feel a cold sharpness in the air and Martin asks if you`d like to return to the hotel and retire to his bedroom where it`s warmer, you agree.

As you pick up your clothes to get semi-dressed, he suggests running back to the hotel naked.

“We`ll only have to get undressed again, wont we?” he says.

“Okay!” you agree.

You both then grab your clothes and run back out of the maze and across the carefully manicured green to reach the hotel entrance. You both run naked through reception, greeting the stunned male night receptionist and get in the lift up to Martins room.

As you are about to enter the room another guest opens their door and spots you both standing there in the buff. You open your arms and ask if there`s anything they want. They quickly return to their room.

You enter Martin`s room and he leads you by the hand to his double bed, you climb on to it and return to place your hands and knees on the bed so he can get his Cock back inside you, you feel the excitement and thrill of just running through the grounds of the hotel and now are waiting for your reward.

He strokes his penis again gaining the erection that he had lost on the run to the hotel room, but the sight of your naked body bent over waiting for him arouses him quickly as you see his Cock regain it hardness. He kneels behind you and again places his firm Cock against your soft backside readying himself for re-entry. Again you feel the thrust of his hard erect Cock as it enters your Cunt and you feel his hardness again stretch your inner sanctum.
After a few minutes you beg for him to insert his throbbing Cock into your arse.

You have never been penetrated there before, but you had read so watched much about it on your favourite porn website, that you keep to yourself.

Martin has no hesitation in adjusting his Cock and inserting it into your arsehole. You feel that it is incredibly tight for a Cock of his size, he must be at least nine inches and with a wide girth too. His large purple bulbous bell-end was enormous in itself. At first you cried out in agony as his Cock was just too large to be fully inserted up into your arsehole.

“I`m sorry!” he said as he removed his rock hard Cock from the rim of your arse, “I`ll be a little more gentle!”

You turned and took hold of his hard Cock and stroked it, pulling his foreskin back to take in its full size.

“My my, you are a big boy, aren`t you?” you said to him as you took in his cock.

It must have been at least nine and half inches as you looked at it, but more than its size, he knew how to use it to full effect.

You opened your mouth, wider then you had anticipated, and took his erect manhood into your mouth and sucked on it hard. You could only manage a few sucks before you needed to come back for air, you could feel the tip of his bell-end touching the back of your throat. You licked around his shaft and covered every inch of that rock hard Cock in your mouth.

You teased him by gently touching and stroking the base of his Cock and arousing him, you could feel the throbbing of his cock both in your hand and in your mouth. Seconds later he warned you he was about to cum.

“Yes baby, cum in my mouth!” you told him, “I want to taste your wonderful cum!”

Before he could respond, he shot five full throttle shots of semen deep into the back of your throat and you swallowed with delight, like the finest delicacy from heaven. Some of the semen dribbled down from your mouth onto your bare chest, dribbling down from your cleavage between your buxom breasts, down to your stomach.

You gently rubbed his firm Cock, pulling his foreskin back and forth over his bell-end and oozing the last droplets of semen onto your tongue, tasting every last drop. Martin then lay beside you on the bed and caressed the semen over your ample breasts and covered your body with his semen.

You then lay on your back and spread your legs and ask him to lick you out.
“Go on baby, clean me up!” you instructed him.

Martin firmly grabbed hold of your thighs and moved them slightly wider apart so he could get his face closer to your wet dripping pussy. He laid his tongue softly upon your pussy flaps and moved them with his tongue to slide it further into your pussy, he first slid his tongue into your juicy wet clitoris moving around and arousing you, you could feel it touching some of you most sensitive areas, he then realigned his tongue so it touched your sensitive labia, then without warning he touched a spot that got you so aroused you immediately gushed with your feminine juices, which he lapped up like a cat on his ninth life.

Once he had licked you out you both relaxed on the bed and cuddled each other for around half an hour and chatted to each other about general topics. You then showered and redressed, kissed and said your goodbyes and returned to your room.

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