The First Time I Saw My Mother

Well I just reached puberty when I first saw my Mother in the shower.

I woke up and approached the bathroom to go to the toilet and noticed the bathroom door was open enough to let the steam out of the bathroom from the shower. As I got to the door I could hear the running water. I stood back just enough that she could not see me. I was just wearing my underpants and as I saw her standing there fully naked washing her hair, I got this thrilling sensation run through my body. I guess it was the knowing that I shouldn`t be looking at her in her nakedness, with her being unaware; but I could not help it, something made me watch.

Suddenly I noticed that I had my hand on my Penis and I had an erection and was masturbating over her. She was facing sideways on to me, so I could see her naked profile, as her hands were caressing the shampoo through her greying hair. Obviously I knew she was a large woman; I had lived with her all my life. But seeing her like this; exposed and naked just turned me on in a way I had never felt before.

I then watched as she started to wash the rest of her body with her shower gel, squeezing the gel into the palm of her hand and spreading it over her wet naked body. She initially placed her hands on her chest just above her beautiful buxom breasts and let the flow of water take the shower gel down her body. She gently caressed the gel around her ample breasts, covering them completely; she must have spent a good two minutes making sure they were evenly covered with gel, she then smoothed the shower gel along her arms, leaving her soapy covered breasts exposed to me and my wild running mind.

Once she had finished with her arms she returned to her breasts and gave them another caressing before adding more gel in her hand and placing it upon her stomach area, where she smoothed it onto her mid-torso and making sure it covered her curves and then she caressed her hips and made sure she washed her backside. She then lowered herself and rubbed the shower gel down her large plumpy legs and made her way back up again.

Now she turned around and I could now see the full back of my Mother as she took hold of the hand-shower and started to rinse her body of the shampoo and shower gel.

Within seconds she was rinsed off and was flicking the excess water off of her body, ready for drying.

I must admit, I caught myself I a sort of trance and had to release myself from it, but I knew I had not been seen… yet!

I quickly shuffled back to my bed and lay back underneath the covers. Minutes went by before I was awoken by my Mother. As I turned in my bed, I saw her walking away from me; her bare back with a bath towel covering her front.

I jumped out of bed and made my way to the edge of my parents’ bedroom and glanced through the gap in the door. They had a large bedroom unit with a mirror attached to it. I could see her remove the towel and stand fully naked as she selected her underwear for putting on. I watched her put her bra on, followed by her knickers then decided I better get under the shower myself, before I was caught out….

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