I had an eventful weekend

I had an eventful weekend...

I went to my mates to watch football and his s****r and her friend was there too. We watched the football and had a few beers and pizza and more beers then watched Joyride with Paul Walker...

The film is about 2 b*****rs that go on a road trip in a car and get a CB radio and have fun with truckers; one of the b*****rs puts on a girls voice and has fun with a trucker, they arrange to meet at a motel, but then give the hotel room number of a guest that was rude to them. The guest gets murdered. And the two b*****rs then get sent on a series of humiliating tasks. One of them is the 2 b*****rs stripping naked and walking into a truck stop diner.

This is where my mates s****r Denise and her friend Tracy thought the film got interesting….

And they started to bribe my mate and I into stripping off and going to the bottom of the garden and back.

My mate fancied Tracy and I thought his s****r is hot too, they told us they`d get naked too if we did it for them. Tracy flashed her blue panties at us from under her short sexy skirt and waved a fresh chilled beer bottle in front of my mate.

Well I was up for it, but my mate wasn’t too sure about it, so he kindly suggested I strip off first, now I was the nervous one.

I pulled off my jumper and undone my belt and unzipped my jeans and undressed down to my “Ghostbusters” boxers and Tracy started rubbing my crotch, she quickly pulled the front of my boxers down so everyone got a look at my shrivelled cock. To say I was embarrassed was an understatement, Tracy and my mates s****r laughed so much and kept on saying how small I was and that they had never seen a cock so small.

Then my Denise said “Well at least he`s man enough to get it out!”

And Tracy agreed and started to grab at my mates clothing, until they had stripped him down to his plain blue boxers. They then made him go into the garden and then locked the door, they then made him pull them off and pass them through the window. By then it was around 11:30 at night and no one was about.

I`m not sure if you are aware, but I am on crutches and therefore cannot walk around and cover myself up.

The girls then pushed me out of the door wearing only my boxer shorts and shoes and as I got outside facing away from the Denise and Tracy they pulled my boxers down and threw them inside the house and quickly relocked the door.

It was quite cold outside and suddenly I felt the cold breeze blow around me and I could feel my nipples erect and also I could feel the cold air blowing on my penis and arousing my bell-end. I half hoped I got an erection; at least it would not be as embarrassing as everyone seeing my tiny shrivelled cock. I could clearly see my mates cock dangling there a good few inches.

The girls shouted through the window to us that if we walked around to the front door they would let us in and they would strip and do what we had done.

Tracy lifting her top up and showing us her voluptuous breasts encased in her sexy bra and jumping up and down.

So I had to walk around the outside of the house with my mate, both stark naked, he was holding his hands over his cock, while I had no choice but to display my fully naked body to anyone that happened to be looking out of their window as I had both hands holding my crutches. I`m sure I saw a few curtains twitch as we walked halfway around the block of houses to reach my mates front door.

“How had we got sucked into this”, I asked.

“Fucked if I know” he said, “Fucking s****r does it all the time!”

“I’ll have to come round more often then!” I said and he laughed.

We were standing outside his front door being laughed at for about ten minutes before the girls let us back in the house; we had even more tasks to complete before then though. We had to masturbate and stick our cocks through the letterbox and let them kiss them for us; Tracy licked and sucked my cock so hard I thought I`d be sucked through the letterbox.

Once they released our cocks from the letterbox, they told us to go back around the back into the garden and they would let us back in. We argued for a while, but knew they would not let us in. Once we got into the garden the girls opened the window and dropped out a bottle of shower gel.

“We want to see you wash each other” Denise shouted.

“Are you fucking serious?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“There’s the hose you small dicked shithead” Denise called out.

My mate grabbed the hose and turned it on and sprayed it at me.

Fuck…if I was cold before I was fucking freezing now!

He quickly sprayed all over me and grabbed the shower gel and squirted it over me. I was surprised how quickly he started to wash me.

“Are you gay mate?” I asked, “Only you were quick off the mark to wash me”.

Suddenly we heard the girls shouting out instructions to us. Wash his chest….wash his hair….wash his cock….wash his arse….up his arsehole….pull his foreskin back…..

Eventually we were both washed and cleaned like we had never been before and we were fucking cold too. But the girls finally relented and let us back in the house.

Even so they made us their servants, fetching them things and kneeling before them and they even tied my mates hands behind his back with his socks and fondled his cock and f***ed him to drink beer and more beer and more beer until after a while he needed to urinate and they f***ed him to urinate into his cats litter tray. I must admit I liked watching it; it wasn’t me after all.

We then spent around 20 minutes having fun with each other. I enjoyed having my now erect cock played with and sucked by Denise; she was really gentle with my penis and did everything I asked her to do for me. Tracy handed out a selection of condoms she had in her bag and Denise selection a sensitive one for us to use, she spat on my cock and licked it to moisten it enough for the condom to slide over and she continued to caress me shaft until I was throbbing.

Although I had had sex before, I kept looking at my mate to see what he was doing, I know he had slept with more women than me and wanted to give his s****r something special. But Denise just grabbed me and kissed me, telling me that whatever I done with her would be special. We had amazing sex twice before 12:30am when we just separated at laid there watching her b*****r and Tracy in intercourse.

By around 12:30am, they had more or less had their fun with us and then Tracy led my mate upstairs by his cock to his bedroom and his s****r and I never saw them again until morning when they both walked into the kitchen fully naked.

Denise and I slept together, but we just fore played and had fun, unfortunately no more sex, although I had condoms on me, but it felt uncomfortable, having sex with his s****r under his roof without him knowing.

It was surreal though, sitting there having breakfast with all four of us in the nude and having my cock fondled from underneath the table by Denise.

We have made another date to do it all again, but the girls promised to get naked quicker next time….I bet they don’t though!

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f.a.b x
1 year ago
Nice story. Loving getting naked in groups.