My captured mom...Part two.

Part two.

The third video was posted on the blog two days later..

Like usual it started with a still pic of my barenaked mother in handcuffs, fearfully looking in the camera, but always with a cramped “smile” on her face, like she was proud to be shown naked and totally disgraced to the whole world.....
I on the other hand knew her better than anybody, and I could see that she was much closer to crying than to laughing...
This was on the screen for a few minutes, probably to give the thousands of people that were watching and following my mother’s degradation the chance to get comfortable...
I know I did...As much as I love her, the sick things she was subjected to still gave me the biggest sexual rush I had ever experienced.
So I watched, and played with myself while my poor innocent mother suffered...

The pic faded, and the actual video started.
I was literally glued to the screen, my cock already throbbing in my hand...
Strangely enough, this video started in the back of a slowly driving minivan, not in the usual warehouse setting.
There were six people sitting in the cramped and dirty innerspace of the van, the driver, four other uniformed men, and my naked mother, still handcuffed, but this time they had also pulled a cloth bag over her head.
There was no mistake possible, this WAS my mother, by now I-and with me thousands of other unknown people-know and recognize her naked, abused body like the backs of our hands...

After a short drive the van stopped, and the sliding side door was opened.
The men stepped outside into the glaring sunlight, roughly pulling my naked mother with them.
The person operating the camera exited the verhicle too, and took a sweeping shot of the destination they had brought my mother to.
The shot showed a broad, dusty street, I estimated it about two hundred yards long.
At the end of the street someone had put up a makeshift “finish” line, and there were several men standing there, wearing the same rag-tag uniforms like the brutes that brought my mother here...

Than I saw something that made my heart skip a few beats...
The full lenght of the street, on both sides, was lined with rows of people.
They were standing there, in complete silence.
They were all women, wearing traditional Middle-Eastern garments.
And they were all carrying long, supple whipping canes.

My mouth went dry looking at this menacing sight, the women’s silence adding to the uncanny atmosphere, but at the same time my hard cock was leaking pre-cum...

The camera went back to my mother.She was standing in the middle of the sun-baked road, not a stitch on her, her hands tightly handcuffed before her round belly, and with the bag still over her head.
I could see her legs trembling, and her big, saggy udder-like breasts were heaving up and down, probably from fear and the lack of oxygen under the heavy cloth bag.

Suddenly one of the men stepped towards her, and pulled the bag from her head, startling her and making her blink in the harsh sunlight.
For the second time today, my heart stood still.
Usually my mother’s fiery red hair is cut in a neat, “Louise Brooks” style bob, very “ladylike” as you will...
Well, not anymore.
Someone had put a mass of hairgel in mom’s hair, and had made it stand up in untidy spikes.
But that was not all.
Someone had put on makeup on her too.
Lots of makeup.
Her eyelids were plastered with a thick blue layer, and drawn round her eyes was a fat black line.
They had put a ton of rouge on her cheeks, and on her lips were thick, untidy smears of firetruck-red lipstick.
All in all she looked like a naked, deranged clown-or rather like a simpleminded version of what a cheap western whore would look like.

The women lining the street had gotten sight of my mother’s naked form now, and a chorus of shrill laughs and catcalls could be heard coming from the pointing and fistwaving mass of people.

One of the militia men walked up to my mother, grabbed her hancuffed hands and roughly pulled her towards him, making her squeal.
“You listen”, he said in almost unintellgible English, “You run from here to end of street.While you run, our s****rs may chastise the British whore, but when you cross line, they may not touch you anymore.When someone shoot gun, you start running.Understand, fat spy cow?”.

My mother, in all her naked vulnerability, could do nothing but silently nod yes...

Immediately after the hoodlum’s little speach, two of the men grabbed mother’s arms and pointed her in the right direction.
One of them pulled out his handgun, aimed for the sky and triggered a shot.

Without hesitating, mother started running.
She was surprisingly fast for a middle-aged, overweight woman, but I think running for your life does that for you.

While she was running, her big saggy tits and prominent belly were going everywhere, her fat tits swinging from left to right and becoming “airborne” with every running step, only to land with a fleshy “smack” on her overweight belly every time they came down.It was a sight I found strangely erotic...

Her speed seemingly surprised the first group of waiting women too, so she was a good end up the street before they caught up with her and the first lashes started raining down on her naked, unprotected body.
There must have been a few cameras posted along the whole length of the street, because every detail of mom’s suffering was clearly visible.

All the women started yelling and running after her now, and soon the “swishing” sound of the supple canes, the sound of wood hitting unprotected naked flesh, and mother’s cries of pain could clearly be heard...

You could immediately see thick, red welts appearing on mother’s naked back, ass belly and tits, from all the direct hits she received there, but she was smart enough to try to block at least some of the lashes with her handcuffed arms and hands.

She kept on running, bl**died, bruised, crying, screaming in pain and anger.
With her spiked hair, her garish makeup, and her bl**died body she looked like some deranged warrior woman now...
I slowly kept stroking my cock, my eyes never leaving the screen.
She managed to fight most of them off until than, the adrenaline running through her bl**d probably giving her strenght.
The end of the road was in sight, but than it happened.

One of the Libyan women tripped her, and she fell heavily to the ground, and was immediately set upon by a group of maybe ten madly screaming robed banshees...

They grabbed her arms and legs,rolled her on her back, and spreadeagled her, pummeling and whipping her now totally unprotected face, and especially aiming for the soft flesh of her naked breasts, belly and genitals.

My mother’s big, saggy breasts were a favorite target, and before long they were crisscrossed with thick red welts, and my mom’s usually so beautiful pink nipples and aureolas were already bruised an unhealthy blue.

I could see several of the women grinningly poking the tips of their whipping canes at mom’s naked and exposed vagina, trying to f***e an entry into my mother’s most intimite bodypart...

Two of them took firmly took hold of mother’s unprotected labia, digging in the tender, purple flesh with sharp nails, and began stretching the meaty flaps seemingly impossibly wide, this way making it easily possible for a third, madly laughing hag to poke her cane deep in mom’s exposed and spread vagina a few times, making my poor mother scream with pain.

They turned her over on her naked belly, and made her sit on her hands and knees.The same woman that had poked her wooden cane in mother’s vagina had another target on sight now...

A few of the women grinningly took hold of mother’s, big, naked buttocks, and spread them wideopen, so her tightly puckered anus was clearly visible for everyone.

The woman wielding the cane put the top of her wooden torture tool against mom’s bumhole, and f***efully pushed it deep inside my poor mother’s body, sodomizing her...Mom bellowed like a cow giving birth and screamed in pain and humiliation...

The feeling of the thin wooden stick being roughly stuck up that oh so private and tender place must have been horrible...

I shot my load, thick strings of my semen splattering on the floor.

At the same time my poor abused mother’s pain must have given way to deadly rage...
I could see her starting to curse and roar, and-bucking like a wild horse-she managed to wrestle herself free from the startled women that were holding her...

Than she did something I-and I guess the rest of the viewers-will never forget.

She managed to pull herself upright, the cane still stuck up her anus, and than she reached between her legs with her handcuffed hands, took hold of the end of the stick, pulled it out of her abused bumhole-loudly howling I must add-and immediately starting hacking around herself with the smeared wooden weapon, s**ttering the startled women like pigeons...

She must have really scared the hell out of them, because they let their naked prey staggeringly cross the last few yards to the “finish” untouched...She made it.

Mother could be seen crossing the line, and than her naked, bl**died and abused body collapsed...Two of the waiting “soldiers” took hold of her legs and proceeded to roughly drag her naked form away, out of sight.
The video stopped.

I orgasmed again, and hoped for more.

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11 months ago
Ever done any videos before?
1 year ago
ma la fine della storia quanto la racconterai?
2 years ago
most excellent - is this the conclusion?
2 years ago
outstanding story
2 years ago
love it x
2 years ago
I liked it
2 years ago
i agree with 10and0n & tom penry
2 years ago
I am not disturbed. Any psychologist will tell you reality is more extreme than fiction.
2 years ago
Sorry .. but this is disturbing!