Ann's ordeal-Part one.

Ann’s ordeal-Part one.

Police constable Ann V. was sweating under her uniform.The whole day the sun had been shining down on the city mercilessly, like it had been doing the whole week.She felt the sweat slowly trickling between her heaving breasts, and down her massive buttocks.
Her bob of red hair was stuck sweatily under her regulation policewoman’s hat, and she had her big, green eyes half closed to keep the sunlight from blinding her.
She silently cursed herself for not keeping the promise she made to herself and go to the gym at least two times a week, to lose some of the extra padding she was carrying around...Well, she WAS forty-one years old, nobody could expect her to still have a “Barbie doll” figure, could they?At least the thought that most men she met and flirted with while going out at the local pubs or discos didn’t seem to mind the fact that she carried a bit extra meat on her bones was comforting, but at the moment even that thought didn’t brighten her glum mood.

Here she was, middle-aged, overweight, unmarried, and still a PC on foot patrol...She cursed the commissioner for giving her this poisonous assignment, walking the beat in these silent, blistering hot housing projects, just because there had been a few complaints of so-called “youth related gang activity”, whatever that meant...

She was still angrily muttering to herself when she turned the corner to yet another empty street,and that was when something hit her on the back of the head, a thousand lights flashed before her eyes and she hit the pavement hard...

Ann woke up with a shock.She blinked at the light, not knowing what happened to her or where she was.She sluggishly looked around, dazed, confused and panicky-and than it hit her...She seemed to be in some kind of musty smelling basement or garage, a rather big, low ceilinged room without windows,lighted by harsh, blinding neon lamps, but the aspect of her current situation that shocked and worried her the most was that she was securely bound with tough, sturdy rope to four metal rings in the wall, having her standing spreadeagled and barefeet on the filthy, greasy feeling concrete floor, forming a stretched out, completely naked human X.Al of her clothes had been removed, even her underwear and socks, so she was standing there barenaked, bound and totally exposed, only her regulation police woman’s hat was left standing proudly on her head like some kind of sick joke, strands of her sweaty red hair peeping from under it... She was trying to comprehend the situation she was in when she was startled by a young girl’s voice.

”Hey guys,” the voice yelled, brimming with exitement, ”seems miss piggy here is waking up”!
Ann looked in the direction where she heard the girl and saw a thin, blond girl sitting cross-legged on the dusty cellar floor, a cigarette dangling from her lips.Before she had time to speak to the girl or ask any of the million questions that raced through her head, the heavy cellar door slammed open and five more young girls barged in, giggling madly.
They were all wearing colourful hoodies, jeans and athletic shoes, and they were heavily made up.

“Well looky here”, a tall, short haired black girl said grinning, ”piggy’s awake, how kind of her to join us for a little fun and games, but hey, it IS her duty, being a civil servant and al that!
Right girls?”.
Hearing this, the six girls burst into mad laughter.

“Gather round, s****rs”, a curvy, freckeled redheaded girl who looked barely 16 said, ”let’s take in the sight, it’s not everyday you see a naked pig in your cellar!
By the way-nice touch leaving that stupid hat on, Jenna-makes the fat bitch look even more silly, standing there in the buff!”.

”Yeah, Cat-I thought it would add a little someting extra”, the big breasted black girl called Jenna said, smiling wickedly.

”Okay now, let’s see”, Cat, the redhead, said, ”What do we have here?Any comments on our guest’s appearance,girls?”.
“Yech, she’s real sickening pale, she looks like a heap of white, pink dotted blubber!”, the tall, thin blond girl Ann had heard calling out when she woke up said, studying Ann’s exposed,naked body with cold eyes, like she was looking at some kind of disgusting laboratory specimen.She walked up to Ann and-smiling wickedly- blew cigarette smoke in her face.

”Damn, and she’s a fat bitch too-look at those big fat saggy tits she’s got hanging!”a petite asian girl laughed, pointing at Ann’s sweaty, hanging breasts, quickly stepping forward and grabbing, pincing and turning one of Ann’s nipples hard, making her cry out with surprise and pain.”Those fat bags are bloomin’ cow’s udders-and look at those big ole pink nipples she has, the ugly things are like my gran’s teacup saucers-big enough to suckle a calf!”.

”Yeah Sam, you’re right-and look at that fat, flabby beer belly she has hanging-almost covers her cunt, the bitch is not exactly in great shape,”Cat laughed, patting Ann’s soft protruding belly with her flat hand, making the layer of fat on it jiggle.

”Yes, but piggy here seems to think she’s some kind of supermodel!Look, she has shaved her cunt completely bald, the slut”, a thin, waiflike long-haired brunette with glasses said prissily, pointing to Ann’s shaved, exposed vagina, the stretched position Ann’s legs were bound in making her labia part slightly, exposing its moistly gleaming pink inner sides.”Probably was ashamed of her firecrotch, the redheaded cow!
I can’t wait to put some interesting things in that fat, meaty box of hers, I really wanna see how much the old fat bitch’s cunt can take and hold, and I wanna stretch those fat cuntflaps of her till they snap!Talk about sporting huge beefcurtains!”

”Patience, Lana”,Cat-who seemed to be the gang’s leader-said,”You’ll get to use all your special talents on this one, later you can let us see just how far you can stretch our brave policewoman’s bald funbox, its ugly meatflaps AND that fat arsehole of her, I might add.I had a little peek and poke when we ripped her clothes off, and her shithole seems well-used and VERY promising to play with, so we’re going to give it some extra love and attention later-but we’re all out of lube!”.

“Wait!”, Ann yelled out, waves of panic racing through her mind and body, ”Please, please, you have to let me go-you can’t do this to me-I’m police, please untie me,we’ll talk...I won’t tell anyone...I have some money-Please!”.This made the girls laugh even harder...She began to realize that she did not have to expect any mercy from her teen captors...

”Ann,Ann,Ann...”, Cat said grinning, patting Ann’s round belly again with a flat hand, making it jiggle even more than before, prompting the young girls to burst out with even more wild laughter, and to point at her abdomen and shout out more insulting comments on Ann’s exposed fysique,
”Don’t humiliate yourself-that’s our job.Oh yes,we know your name, your adress, your precinct-don’t forget, piggy, we DID find your wallet when we reduced you to your natural, easy access state!You’re nothing more than our toy now, your only use is to be our entertainment, but hey-we left you your hat-that’s something!”.

”Now, Cat?”, Sam, the asian girl asked, licking her lips and nervously flicking her jet-black shoulder lenght hair out of her face.

”Yeah, let’s start having fun.Get the camera, to begin with we’re gonna post some naked pics of this fat bitch on the net, she’s still a bit presentable now.We’ve got her personal email adresses from her wallet-it will be a pleasant surprise for her f****y and friends to get some pics of their beloved Annie with her tits and cunt out in their mailbox!We’re gonna make her mommy and daddy real proud of their little girl!”.

Hearing this, Ann closed her eyes, tears from fear and humiliation running down her pale cheeks.In the midst of the girls’ laughter and insulting catcalls she heard the constant clicking of a digital camera, and she fearfully-but clearly-realised that she had no other choice than to try to endure every disgusting thing they had in store for her.She had never felt so naked and vulnerable in her life...

“Okay, that’s enough”, Cat said, “Sam, you go upload and send our fat friend Annie’s birthday-suit portfolio to all email addresses you can find in her papers, use a non-traceble address and than save the pics for us and hurry back, you don’t want to miss the rest of our fun and games!”.

“Will do”, the asian girl answered, “I’ll make it quick.”.She ran off, taking the camera with its unholy content with her...

“Good.Now than, what shall we start with?Any suggestions?”
Cat’s question was answered with an uproar of exited shouts from the other girls, all yelling suggestions at the same time...
Hearing the vulgarities the girls wanted to bestow on her naked, exposed body shouted out with such feverish enthousiasm made Ann’s skin crawl.

“I’ve got an idea”, the c***dish looking lanky blond girl with the cold, snake-like eyes that was the first of the gang Ann had seen in the cellar said, flicking away her cigarette.”I’m a bit concerned about our poor Ann’s health.
We ARE responsible for her well being now that she belongs to us!Like I said before, jelly belly here is awfully pale don’t you think?
Especially those droopy, saggy milky white milkbags of hers.Let’s do a good deed and bring some colour to those fat old hangers!”.

The mad enthousiasm the girl’s proposal was received with brought more tears to Ann’s eyes, and she thought she was going to lose control of her bladder right there and than...

“Great idea, Kim, ”Cat said, clapping her hands with joy, “Get some rope, girls-we’re gonna make party balloons!”.Before long, one of the girls presented her with a few coils of rough twine rope.”Good, now get one of her ugly tits up, let me slide the rope under the disgusting thing, so I can make a nice tight knot!Let’s get to work, ladies!”.

Jenna and Lana took a firm hold of Ann’s right breast, pulling the soft tissue horizontally away from her bound, immobilized body, painfully stretching the soft flesh and tender skin as much as they could, so Cat could put the rope under and around the fleshy orb a few times, making a noose and circling the stretched out breast with it.Than she tightened the noose to the extreme and made a very tight knot, making the part of the breast that stuck out in front of the tightened, knotted noose blow up like a freakish, meaty balloon.

At this point Ann started sobbing and pleading again, but her pleas only brought more laughter and verbal abuse from her tormentors...The roping process was repeated on Ann’s left breast too, so in a few minutes Ann’s usually slightly sagging 38 DD breasts were re-shaped in roped, painfully blown up balloons, sticking out horizontally from her pale torso, already getting purple from the trapped bl**d inside the soft tissue.Her big pink nipples, rock hard from the trapped bl**dflow, pointed straight forward like two thick, swollen, accusing fingertips, freakishy long and also discoloring rapidly, getting from their usual pink hue to an unhealthy bl**d red. The pain from the rope cutting into her flesh was terrible, and Ann’s breasts felt like they were going to explode, but by now she realized she wouldn’t have to expect any mercy whatsoever from her sadistic captors, so she endured the pain as silently as possible, trying to block out the joyfull noises and comments the girls made.

“A big improvement”, Kim said cheerfully,looking at Ann’s naked,abused body, “Much more colourful, I like it.”.The girls gathered around Ann, happily chattering and commenting amongst each other on her now misshapen and discoloured breasts, all of them touching and poking the sickly hot purple orbs with their long, sharp and painted fingernails, and pinching and flicking her agonizing swollen nipples.

“Nice colour indeed,” Jenna said, “her jugs look like ugly oversized plums now!”She took hold of both of Ann’s poking, swollen nipples and gave them a hard pull, stretching them even longer as they had become due of the roping treatment.Ann cried out in pain, and it was than she finally lost control of her aching bladder, a hot stream of yellowish urine spraying out of her stretched open vagina and running down her naked legs.

The girls all jumped back, not wanting to get sprayed with Ann’s damping urine.
“Fucking a****l!”, Cat yelled, “The filthy bitch almost hit me with her rancid piss!Seems she’s even more degenarated than I thought, maybe we should plug up that fat,stinking cunt of hers, so this can’t happen again!”.
She quickly walked up to Ann, avoiding the spreading pool of urine, and gave the helpless policewoman several stinging flat-handed slaps in the face, making her utter a sharp cry of pain, and making her cry even harder.

“Yeah, lets put a cork or something more creative deep in her pee-hole”, Lana said with an exited voice, “For starters,that is!”.Ann, who felt even more humiliated and broken now she was standing barefeet in a rapidly cooling pool of her own urine, her vagina still dripping and her cheek tingling from the hits, heard the sick glee in the girl’s voice.

“I’m s...sorry, ”she sniffed, “I r...really couldn’t help it, I didn’t mean to...”.She sensed an even more menacing atmosphere than before creeping in the room now, and she was more scared than she had ever been in her life.

“Now, before we resume our fun and games, we’re all gonna take a good, long, and VERY upclose look at our Annie’s fat fuckhole first, s****rs-I for one would like to see what old age and clearly unhealthy living does to ones cunt!”, Cat said.
Hearing this, the other girls closed in on Ann, getting on their hunches or knees in front of her tightly secured and spreadeagled body, their feverishly grinning faces less than a foot away from her spread, piss-moist womanhood, not paying any attention anymore to the drying pee they were sitting in.
They were so close to her that Ann could feel their hot breath on her naked, exposed vagina.Suddenly the door of the cellar opened, and Sam,the Asian girl, came running back in.

“What did I miss?”, she asked,clearly out of breath from running, “WOW!!!Look at those tits!Nice work on those flabby hangers,ladies-a BIG improvement!”.
She sat down with the other girls.
”The pics are sent,Cat”, she said, “And they came out nicely too, they clearly show every one of piggy’s naked fatrolls clearly, the receivers will be very happy-or they will throw up at the sight of the disgusting fat bitch starkers!”.The girls all burst into laughter at this last comment.

“Well done,baby”, Cat said.”We were just going to examine Annie’s weary old cunt here, so you’re just in time for the next festivities.Damn, she really DOES have the biggest pair of cuntflaps I’ve ever seen, you could easily display them in a butcher’s window and sell them off as steaks!”.
Again, this remark was followed by wild laughter.
”Now let’s take a look inside, shall we?”.Saying this, she took a firm hold of Ann’s labia, and pulled them roughly to the sides, stretching her vagina wide open and making the policewoman utter a sharp yell of pain.

“Hey, look, there’s her pee-hole!”, Lana said chuckling, poking a sharp, pink-painted fingernail at the tiny orifice laid bare before her, making Ann whince and moan with humiliation...

“Yes, and look how pink she is in there,” a chubby,curly haired girl said, roughly sticking a finger in Ann’s spread vagina.”She looks like somekind of sugary candy, chalky white on the outside and all fluorescent hot pink on the inside!”.
“Yeah,Bobby-and you know ALL about candy, it shows!”, Jenna said tauntingly, the bitchy remark making the other girls grin and silencing Bobby.

“But you ARE right, Bobby”, Cat interveined, “She really is VERY pink!And look at that clit of hers-the ugly thing is as big as the tip of my pinky!
Lana, pull the hood up from that thing, so we can see that oversized monster more clearly!”.

“Happy too!”, Lana said, grabbing hold of Ann’s clitorial hood with two fingers, and pulling the tender skin of the clit’s hood up, stretching it and exposing the pink fleshy button underneath completely.

“Wow, it really is huge, but what would you expect in such a fat cunt, ”Sam said, “but you know what I think?I think it has gotten so big from fatso here rubbing it all the time!Do you rub your clit a lot, bitch?”, she said, looking up and looking Ann straight in the face, ”And don’t you dare lie to me jelly belly, I swear I’ll cut that fat knob of yours right out of your cunt if you lie!”.

Ann knew the clearly psychotic girl meant it.She saw no other choice than to answer with a whispered “yes”, making the girls cheer with joy.

“Smart piggy, good answer,” Cat said, “She would have cut it out you know, she really would.But if you don’t want me to set her loose on your cunt anyway, you’re going to do something for us, right?”.

“What do you want,” Ann whispered, “I’ll do anything,but please don’t hurt me...”.

“Well”, Cat said, “I’ve got an idea!I’m gonna loosen up one of your arms, and than you’re gonna give us a little show!You’re gonna rub that big clit of yours until you cum, and believe me, I know a real orgasm when I see one, so don’t try to fuck with me.Yeah, Annie, you’re going to rub one off right here, right now, in public-and WE all have front seat tickets!”.

I can do that, Ann thought, if that’s what’s needed to survive this or not to be hurt, I’ll do it.It would take all her willpower and she would feel stripped of her last shreds of pride, but so be it...”Ok”, she whispered hoarsly, ”I’ll do that.”.

Cat stood up, and produced a big paper cutter from her back pocket.She slid the knife open, paused for a moment and said “I’m gonna do you a favour, fat girl!”.Quick as lightning she cut through the ropes used to tie up Ann’s breasts, making the massive, discoloured orbs flop down onto the policewoman’s round belly, saggingly hanging down like two big, mangled rugbyballs.”Don’t think I feel sorry for you, bitch-I just think it will add to the show if we can see those saggy flabs of meat you call tits jiggle away while you play with your cunt for us.”.Saying this, she also cut the rope around Ann’s right wrist, giving Ann the opportunity to painfully lower her arm, her shoulder and muscles sore from the unnatural position she had been tied up in.

“Go ahead, bitch”, Cat said, “The floor is yours ,begin your show!”.The girls backed away a few feet from Ann, who slowly brought her free hand to her pussy, and-trying to block out the pain from her tortured breasts and her sore muscles-began rubbing it, her face, wet from sweat and tears, her smeared makeup giving her a garish, clownish appearance, and she felt her face flush bl**d red with shame from what she was made to do.

She was rubbing her pussy slowly and deliberate, kneading her clit and occasionally putting one or two fingers inside her vagina, trying to coax her body to give her the much needed and expected orgasm as fast as possible, so she would be at least be allowed to stop this shamefull spectacle they were making her perform.She began gyrating her broad hips, trying to put as much effort in her masturbating as she could muster.

“Look there”, Lana laughed, “The dirty slag is actually enjoying it, she’s shaking her fat ass!”.
Ann tried to ignore the hatefull comments, and tried to concentrate on extracting the desperately needed wave of pleasure from her pussy...She was afraid in these conditions this wasn’t going to be over as fast as she wished it to...She began pumping her fingers in her vagina fast and hard, feeling the moistness coming up.She stopped masturbating for a moment to work her nipples, slightly pulling and softly tweaking the abused big pink tips, lifting up her bruised and sore right breast so she could suck and lick its sensitive teat, knowing this was a proven technique to bring herself to orgasm faster.

“Will you look at that”, Jenna said,grinning, “She’s actually sucking on her own flabby tit-the filthy old slut is really going now!Come on, fatso-keep it up, give us a good show!”.

“Don’t you just love how all that fat on her jiggles and bounces when she’s poking that bald cunt of hers?”, Cat asked, “And look at those saggy milkbags swinging away-I just knew it was a good idea to let those ugly things flop back on her big beer belly, it really adds to the spectacle!”.

Ann tried to shut out the humiliating comments and franticly and determined continued to rub her exposed pussy, especially targetting her much commented and ridiculed clit.It didn’t take too long before she felt the first waves of pleasure between her widely spread legs coming on, her face began to redden and a hot blush was spreading on her grimy cheeks-an orgasm was on its way, she recognized all the signs.The thought of getting at least some temporary release from the pain she endured made her work her–now very wet and swollen-pussy even harder, and a few moments later the doors of temporary bliss finally opened and she experienced a huge, shuddering orgasm, her naked body shaking and her pussy squirting fluid like there was no tomorrow, and when the trembling finally stopped and she was hanging tired, panting and feeling completely defeated and humiliated in her ropes against the dirty wall, sticky orgasmic fluid was still trickling down the inside of her legs, dripping down and mixing with her pee on the floor.

“Well”, Cat said, “THAT was a bit surprising, Annie-you didn’t tell us you were a squirter”!
She took a step closer to Ann, grabbed her by the hair-making the tortured woman utter a sharp yell of fearfull surprise and pain-pulled Ann’s head close to hers and kissed the bewildered policewoman full on the lips, poking her warm, slippery tongue in the bewildered woman’s open mouth.
She than grinningly pulled back, the girls in the back cheering and hollering with laughter, and said: “That’s my thanks for a rather good show, big girl-but the best is still to come, bitch!
Take her down, girls”!

The girls followed the order immediately, falling on Ann’s naked, defenceless body like hungry wolves on a defenceless sheep, Cat using the large papercutter to cut the ropes on the policewoman’s left hand and both legs, while the other six girls grabbed hold of Ann’s trembling body, especially targetting her still sore breasts and genitals.She felt poking, rough fingers hooking in her vulnurable pussy that was still extremely sensitive from the immense orgasm she had been ordered to produce, and several pairs of hands were pummeling and squeezing her massive breasts and protruding soft belly.Her asscheeks, thighs and lovehandles were roughly kneaded and pinched, she felt sharp-nailed fingers trying to work their way in her anus, and one or two of the girls pulled hard on her sweaty, shoulder-lenght red hair, finally knocking her policewoman’s cap of her head.Her arms were held behind her back, and stumbling forth barefoot on shaky legs and under a chorus of wild laughter and humiliating insults the trembling, completely naked woman was led to an old rusty oil drum, that had been pushed over and was lying on its side next to a pile of ropes.

She was thrown belly first on the oil drum, her big belly flopping heavily on the cold metal, while her sore, sagging breasts were hanging down pendulously, touching the filthy ground, this way forcing her in a position with her arse up in the air, totally exposing her puckered bumhole and moistly gleaming vagina.While the girls held her down, her left arm and left leg were pulled toghether and bound wrist to ankle, and the same procedure was repeated on her right side, this way painfully spreading her exposed pussy and ass as far as possible, and immobilizing her completely.

When she was securely bound and fastened to the oil drum, she couldn’t move in any direction-she was totally at the mercy of her captors again, and she feared greatly what they had in stock for her now...When she cradled her neck, she could see the girls standing around her, admiring their handywork, happily chattering between themselves again.

“Say Kim”, Cat said, “Do you have Jake with you?”.
“I surely do!”, the thin blond girl answered, “He’s up front, left him there so no one would disturb us”.
“You think he’d like some entertainment too?”
“Oh yes”, Kim said, smiling wickedly, her snake-like eyes gleaming, “He’d love some entertainment!I’ll go get him!”.Saying this, she ran outside, only to come back a few seconds later with a huge, white pitbull dog...

“You think old Jake here would fuck our guest?”, Cat asked.
“I’m sure of it”, Kim said, licking her lips, “He has his big cock out most of the day, and he’s ALWAYS trying to hump my leg!”.The girls all giggled like mad, hearing this.
“I’ll set him loose on her fat ass, but first I’ll let the two lovers-to-be get aquinted!”.
She grabbed the dog’s collar.
“Meet Jake”, she said grinning, stepping in front of the strapped down Ann, “He’s your new best friend-or he will be in a few minutes!”.

Ann gasped with horror, trying to grasp the terrible, disgusting thing that was going to happen to her-and at the same time she realized that no amount of crying, begging or pleading was going to help her, her worst nightmare was about to become reality.She closed her eyes so she didn’t have to see the big dog’s salivating muzzle, or the heavy balls hanging down between it’s hind legs.The dog had seemingly already picked up the scent of her exposed and spread womanhood, because a slimy pink tip was showing and swelling rapidly above his nutsack, already leaking stringy coils of fluids...he was sniffing eagerly in her direction.

“Look”, Jenna said, clearly exited with what was going to happen, “He’s smelled the bitch’s slit-look at his cock go!”.

By now the big dog was clearly sexual exited, the whole of his thick, purplish sexual organ had freed itself from its velvety sheet, and was already starting to twitch and to drip even more thick, slimy liquid.Ann could smell the b**st’s musky odour.
Kim quickly led the sexually exited a****l behind the trembling, moaning Ann, so the huge b**st was facing the helpless woman’s exposed sexual organs, and than she let go of its collar...

Ann felt the dog’s slimy wet muzzle poke roughly between her immobilized legs, pushing itself in her unprotected spread pussy, and she felt the b**st’s coarse tongue lick her most sensitive and private parts.She tried to block out what was happening to her, but nevertheless tears began to run down her grubby cheeks again...The dog eagerly kept slobbering the juices out from her vagina, and its persistent licking and sharp teethed nibbling was becoming more and more painful.Than all of a sudden the a****l leaped up with a growl and franticly mounted her, its sharp front paws clawing and scratching her naked back and shoulders, making her yell with pain and sheer terror.She felt the dog’s hot, slippery sexual organ poke her ass cheeks, brushing against her genital area.The b**st than growled again, hot, sour smelling saliva dripping from its muzzle in her neck, and all of a sudden entered her, thrusting its thick, knotty penis deep in her spread vagina.It began thrusting its hips in a fast, frantic rythim,and pantingly began riding the helpless policewoman, filling up the screaming, naked woman with its thick, rapidly swelling cock.Sobbing and screaming, Ann hoped she would pass out, but she wasn’t that lucky...She felt every second of the unnatural coupling she had to endure, and she thought she would lose her mind.

The six girls looked at the spectacle with feverish exitement.Some of them were nervously biting their French-manicured nails, and some of them of them had lit cigarettes to camouflage the fact that the sight before their eyes was making their hearts pound faster and their hands tremble...They were feverishly talking among eachother, commenting on what was happening.

“Fuck”, Bobby said, taking a deep drag of her cigarette with trembling hands, “Jake’s really riding her like a bitch, aint he?”.
“She IS a bitch, Bobby love, nothing more than a stinking police dog!I’m sure when she woke up this morning she didn’t think she was going to be doggie-****d today!”, Sam said, never taking her eyes of the sight of the agressively mating dog and human.
“I always thought the fat cunt looked more like a pig than a dog”, Jenna laughed, “As you can hear, she squeals like one too!”.This comment was met with laughter from everyone.

In the meantime Ann was screeching and bellowing like a wounded a****l, and she thought the huge dog would never, ever stop riding her, but than suddenly she felt a warmth spreading in her pussy, and she realised with utter disgust that the dog had just sprayed his hot, a****l seed deep in her womb...She had mated with a dog...The b**st than slowly stopped pumping its hips, and with a high yelp and some difficulty, pulled itself free from Ann’s vagina, fluidly dismounted the crying woman and started licking his rapidly shrinking organ.Ann lay still, now quietly sobbing, gleaming dog’s sperm slowly trickling from her exposed, wideopen pussy.The dog walked over to a corner, trailing the last drips of it’s semen on the floor, and lay down, clearly satisfied.

“Look at that battered cunt”, Cat laughed, pointing at Ann’s red and swollen genitals, “Her old slit looks like raw hamburger-lucky for her trusty old Jake here has good aim, he could as easily have plunged his fat dog-cock in her asshole!”.

“Let’s put Jake’s metal studded leather collar on her”, Kim said, “It’s strong and I close it with a padlock, so he can’t get away and neither will piggy.We can attach his chain leash to it too, so she’ll be VERY easy to handle.”.

“Good idea”, Cat answered, “Cut her loose from that barrel, put her doggiecollar and chain on and let’s give her a few minutes to catch her breath.She HAS just made love you know!Have a heart!”.This last remark was answered with a burst of wild laughter from the girls...

They got to work on their exhausted victim quickly.The whimpering, almost uncontious policewoman was freed from the burning ropes that bound her, and two of the girls took hold of her legs and pulled her roughly down from the barrel, scr****g the soft skin from Ann’s flabby naked belly and dangling breasts on the rusted surface.She fell heavily on the filthy, cold concrete floor, landing belly-down with a sickening smacking sound...Immediately several hands pulled her upright again in a semi-sitting position, and she felt a heavy, smelly leather collar being quickly and expertly fastened tightly around her neck.She heard the sharp click of a padlock closing, and she realized there was no way she would be able to remove the object from her neck.She huddled on the cold floor in a fetal position, surrounded by her grinning tormentors.

“Look at her”, Cat said, “She’s filthy.Maybe we should make her clean her sorry arse up a bit.What do you think?”.
“I’m on it”, Jenna answered, going to the back of the cellar.She took an old plastic bucket that was standing on the side of the cellar and filled it up with water from a still working rusty tap coming out of the wall.The water had clearly been in the pipes for a very long time, because it was brownish looking and smelled stagnant.She also picked up an old tattered rag that was lying on the floor.She took the bucket with the foul smelling water and the dirty rag to Ann, who was looking at her with teary eyes.

“Get her up”, she ordered.Kim and Lana immediately took hold of the bewildered policewoman’s arms and pulled her upright.The heavy chain fastened to the leather dog collar around her neck made a jingling sound.Kim took ferm hold of the chain leash, pulling the tortured woman further up with it, making the collar cut into Ann’s neck.She stood upright, totally naked exept the collar, and covered in a mixture of years old grime from the dirty floor, her own urine, and the dog’s saliva and semen.Her legs were wobbly and shaking, and she had to make an effort not to fall down again.She felt as weak and defenceless as a baby.

To be continued...

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great story had me hard and coming over and over wow
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Great story. You really are a naughty slut x
3 years ago
amazing, as if written fom memory ;)
3 years ago
Mmmm.....that was epic
3 years ago
great story xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3 years ago
Love the story.
3 years ago
cant wait for the 2nd part..xxxx
3 years ago
reading this chapter was very exciting ... now i´m waiting for the next chapter. it´s making me happy that you can bring out your fantasies.
3 years ago
Very good story
3 years ago
Very good, flapperann - I'm glad to see this story finally finished and posted - it was worth waiting for. 5 Xs and I hope there will be many more chapters.

Thank you for working on it so long and for posting it for us.

3 years ago
Works for me - great reading! x
3 years ago
Hot story.... thanks for posting!