Home invasion, part one.


Robert hit the sidewalk-hard!The breath was totally knocked out of him, and he had to gasp for air.
He was lying flat on his back, in the midst of the contents of his backpack.
Looking up he saw the grinning face of his attacker, Kevin.
“O no”, Robert thought, “Not again…”.
The burly boy had pushed him, and made him lose his balance, taking a stumbling fall and s**ttering his books and other school materials all over the pavement...
Kevin was sixteen, just as old as Robert, but he was about twice the size of him, and three times meaner...
It seemed he had made it his personal mission to make every day of this schoolyear a living hell for Robert, targeting the smaller, nerdish boy for all sorts of pranks or unprovoked v******e...
You could say he was the typical school bully, big and strong for his age, not too smart, no intention to learn anything during his schooldays, and always in the company of some of his “followers”...

Still flat on his back, Robert saw Kevin and his friends walk away in the distance, still laughing at “the bookworm’s” silly situation, and he thought it would finally be safe to get up now.
He scrambled to his feet, put the crumpled, s**ttered books and papers back in his backpack, and started to walk home.

When he got home, he put his backpack in the hall, and went to the kitchen.
His mom was there, preparing dinner.
During his walk home, Robert had decided not to tell his mother about the incident with Kevin, she’d just freak out, overreact and possibly make things even worse for him...
But that was not how it was going to be.

Ann, Robert’s mother, was 43 years old.She was a tall, curvy woman, with shoulder lenght natural red hair and green eyes.She carried a few pounds too many, but she carried them well.
Ever since her husband, Robert’s dad, passed away three years ago she had gotten very protective towards her son, and she immediately spotted that something was wrong with him from the moment he walked in the kitchen and said “Hi mom”.
So she sat her son down on a chair, and asked him what had happened.She INSISTED he told her what was wrong, she could see on his face something clearly was troubling him.
Now Ann was a very persuasive woman if she wanted to be, and Robert knew he had no other option than to tell her the truth...
He told her of the things that had been going on in school for months now, the daily bullying, the namecalling, the stupid pranks, and worst of all the painful attacks he had been subjected to.

Ann was furious.NOBODY did that to her son!She made Robert write down the names of his tormentors, and immediately called the Headmaster of his school on the phone to make an instant appointment to discuss the matter.


And so it went.
Ann DID go to see the Headmaster, and after informing him in detail about the goings-on at his school, the bullies were immediately called to the Headmaster’s office, and were told-in Ann’s gloating presence and VERY clearly-that they were suspended for two weeks and that an official letter was going to be send to their parents telling them about their sons’ repulsive behaviour.
The headmaster further told them that Ann had INSISTED on a stern punishment.
The information they received didn’t go down well with the bullies, especially not with “ringleader” Kevin, and if looks could kill, Ann would have been lying dead on the ground.

And that should have been the end of the affair-but it wasn’t.


A few days later Robert was sitting in the City library when he suddenly found himself surrounded by Kevin and his cronies...Before he could call for help or run away, the boys had formed a tight circle around him, blocking all possible escape routes for the terrified boy.They were alone in the library reading hall, so calling for help wasn’t an option either...

“Hi there Bobby”, Kevin said, putting his face up close to Robert’s, “We have some unfinished business to attend to, remember?
It isn’t nice to run to mommy and the fucking Headmaster every time you shit your pants!”
Saying this, he took hold of Robert’s collar, and waved a fist in his face.

Robert closed his eyes, waiting for the blow to land, but it didn’t.He slowly opened his eyes again, only to see Kevin looking at him, seemingly in deep thought.

“You know what?”, Kevin said, “I’m a nice guy.I’m going to give you a choice.You DO know I HAVE to do something about this, right?I have a reputation to uphold, don’t want people to get the idea that I’ve gone soft.”.

“Yes”, Robert croaked fearfully.

“Good boy.I’m going to give you two options.Option one:I talk to some people and see that your fucking house is completely torched one of these nights, with you and that posh bitch you call mommy in it…Does that sound good to you?”.

“No, please...”, Robert stammered, pale as a sheet with tears forming in his eyes, “Please don’t do that...I’ll do anything to make it up to you, I promise, anything you want!”.

“Ah, ok”, Kevin said grinningly, “That’s what I want to hear.You know, in fact I know you’re not really to blame for all this, asshole…In fact it’s your fucking mother that went blabbing to the Headmaster, DEMANDING a “harsh punishment”, the stuck-up cunt... So to cut to the chase : it’s your mommy I want.And I actually need your help for what I’ve cooked up”.

“Hey, wait...I can’t let you do that...I won’t let you hurt her...”, Robert whispered, shaking uncontrollaby.

“She won’t get hurt, asshole-if I wanted to hurt her I’d have gone to option one without taking up the matter with you, remember, you little prick?
I-or rather we, cause my buddies are victims here too, just want to take the posh bitch down a notch or two, have a wee bit of fun with the old girl.
But if you’re not interested...I’ll just call my “special friends” and give them your adress.You don’t mind a bit of heat and smoke, do you?”.

“No, please don’t”, Robert said, “I’ll do whatever you want.What is it?”
Tears were actually running down his cheecks now...How could he betray his mother like this...But if he didn’t, mom AND him were more than likely to get seriously hurt.

“It’s simple”, Kevin said, his face red with exitement, “I have here a blister of my gran’s sl**ping pills.They’re quite potent, but the doctor told my gran when he prescribed them that they were very safe, you can’t overdose on them, if you take too many you just wake up with a massive headache.
Does that mother of yours drink?”.

“She usually drinks a few glasses of wine in the evening”, Robert said.

“Perfect.Now this is what you do.You put eight of these pills in her wineglass-they’re supposed to be tasteless-and wait for her to fall asl**p.After fifteen minutes she should be dead to the world with eight of these babies in her...The moment she’s passed out, you call me, and me and my friends will come over to your house for a bit of harmless fun.Easy, isn’t it?”.

“Yes”, Robert said, looking deadly pale,”When do I have to do this?”.

“Saturday evening.Here are the pills, I’ll be awaiting your call.If you tell ANYONE about this or your call doesn’t happen, you and your fat mommy are french toast.Understand?”.

With these words they left, leaving the teary-eyed, deadly pale Robert alone with his thoughts, still clutching the blister of pills...


Ann and Robert were sitting in the living room, watching a comedy show on television.Robert had been silent all evening, but somehow Ann hadn’t noticed, having been preoccupied with putting in order some left over paperwork from the hospital where she worked.

“I’m going to get a drink, mom”, Robert said, “Do you want somthing?”.

“Yes please, be a dear and bring me a glass of wine, will you?”.

Robert went to the kichen, took a can of coke for himself, although he wasn’t thirsty at all, and poured his mother a rather large glass of red wine.He took the pills Kevin gave them out of his shirt pocket, dropped them in Ann’s glass, gave the wine a quick stir, and saw that the pills dissolved immediately.
So far, so good he thought...If you could call anything about this situation “good”.

He went back to the livingroom, handed the glass to his mother, and sat back down, waiting for the pills to take effect...

He didn’t have to wait long, because after finishing her glass, Ann had quickly started blinking her eyes, and half an hour later she was fast asl**p, slumped sideways on the couch, snoring softly.
Robert called her name a few times, and even patted her cheek, but she didn’t react, being in a deep, d**gged sl**p...

He sighed deeply, took out his cellphone and made the dreaded call to the number Kevin had given him...

Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang.Robert opened the door, and let a grinning Kevin and his mates in.There were six of them, four gloating guys and two giggling girls Robert had never seen before...

“Nice place you’ve got here”, Kevin said, looking around.
“You made the right choice asshole, it would have been a shame to torch this!”.Hearing this, the other youngsters burst out in wild laughter.

“And who have we here”, the bully said, “the Lady of the fucking manor is laying here herself.Look at her, she’s drooling!She doesn’t seem all that posh now!”.

The uninvited visitors walked up towards the sl**ping Ann, and Kevin roughly took hold of her hair and pulled her head upright, so he could look the older woman straight in her face.It made the d**gged Ann make a low, moaning sound, but she remained out cold.He gripped her firmly under her arms and put her limp body in an upright sitting position.

“Well, at least she doesn’t look too bad for her age”, Duncan, one of Kevin’s cronies said, looking at the older woman.

“Yes, but aren’t you curious what she looks like under those fancy clothes?”, Kevin answered, his cheeks red with exitement.
“I for one am going to find out.Let’s take all her kit off, but we’ll go slowly, I want to enjoy this.
Bobby, get us something to drink, and then set your arse down on that chair.I don’t want you to miss the show, but I don’t want to hear a peep out of you.”.

Robert nodded, got some cokes and beers out of the fridge, took them to the rather unwelcome visitors in the living room, and sat down, hoping this nightmare would end very soon...

In the meantime one of the girls, a thin blonde with heaps of mascara on called Sharon, had taken off Ann’s silk blouse, twirling the garment giggling above her head like a stripper before discarding in a corner it and leaving Ann sitting on the couch with only her skirt, stockings and bra on.The heels she had been wearing were quickly taken away too, Robert could see one of the girls quickly putting the expensive shoes in her backpack...

The hot pink bra she was wearing stood out against Ann’s pale flesh, and it could could clearly barely contain the big, sagging white globes within.

“Nice!”, Geoff, a black boy with a thin moustache said, “More please!”.

“Indeed!”, Kevin said from his front row seat, “You ladies can do the honours, please remove all of our hostess’ clothing-and I mean everything, I don’t want to see a stitch left on her!I want to see the fuckin’ Lady of the Manor completely in the buff!”.

Sharon and the other girl, a girl with a bad black hair dye called Debbie, went to work on Ann.The woman was as limp as a rag doll, only making the slightest moaning or snoring sound sometimes, her only movement being a slight flicker from her eyes from time to time.

Ann’s bra was the next item of clothing that was taken away from her.The two giggling girls unhooked it, and pulled the lacy garment over her arms, making Ann’s big breasts-now totally naked-flop down saggily on her belly.

“Wow, look at that-look at the nipples on those fat milkbags!”, Geoff called out, “look at the size of those things and how pink they are!”.The boy was rubbing his crotch while he was looking at the spectacle before him, and was filming the whole scene with his cellphone camera.As a matter of fact, all four of the boys were filming or taking pics of the hapless woman’s unwanted striptease and humiliation...

“Yeah, and her fat tits are saggy, but I’d still put my dick between them”, Pete said.
Pete was Kevin’s cousin, and the fourth young man of the group.

In the meantime Debbie and Sharon were enjoying themselves, laughing like mad, kneading the older woman’s big saggy breasts, lifting them up and making them fall back on the d**gged woman’s big belly with a slapping sound.Sharon was toying with Ann’s huge, pink nipples, roughly pulling on them, making them swell up rock hard and pointing straight forward, giving the fleshy nubs the look of pink pencil erasers.

The next thing that went was Ann’s skirt, leaving the woman sitting upright in the couch only dressed in her flimsy pink panties and a pair of black hold-up stockings, her displayed, stiff-nippled breasts resting udder-like on her round, protruding belly.The cellphone cameras were working overtime...

Than the black hold-up stockings went, one at the time.

And than-as piece the resistance-Debbie finally pulled down Ann’s pink panties, throwing the flimsy garment towards Kevin, who caught and sniffed the little piece of cloth, and thus completely exposing the d**gged woman’s most intimite and private female organ to the leering eyes of the young intruders...Sharon and Debbie than roughly pulled the d**gged woman’s legs wide open, so that the watching, giggling boys could take a real good look at the now completely barenaked older woman’s totally exposed pink genitalia.

“My, my-not a single hair on her box!”, Kevin said, licking his lips, his face flushed with exitement, “Who would have thought the posh Bloomsbury bitch would have a complete baldie like that...I like those big, bare meatcurtains of her!”.
The other boys grunted their approvement, while Robert wished the earth would open to swallow him.
Seeing his mother totally being stripped of her clothing AND her dignity and being completely exposed and humiliated like this before his enemies because of him made him feel phisically ill...

The boys approached the unconcious woman, and Geoff reached out, cupping her unprotected vagina in his hand, rubbing it with his rough hands, and-to great approval of his comrades-quickly inserting some of his his fingers roughly in the exposed and spread organ.
They all took a leasurely few minutes to toy with the sl**ping woman’s femininity, touching, slapping and commenting her exposed genitals, inserting, licking and sniffing their fingers and, laughing loudly while streching and pulling her labia as wide as possible, and than they finally sat back down, to further finish their drinks, their faces red from exitement.
But Kevin had some more plans for the woman that had wronged him...

“Make sure you film this”, Kevin said.He stood up, the bulge in his trouwsers clearly showing, took an empty beer bottle from the table, walked up to the helpless woman, grinningly inserted the neck of the bottle in her spread vagina and-in one fluid movement-pushed it in so far so that more of half of the bottle was firmly embedded in Ann’s pussy.During the insertion Ann’s eyes flickered and she made an “oomph” like sound, but the potent d**gs kept her asl**p.

The boys clapped and cheeringly called out their approval, and Ann’s bottle-filled vagina was the subject of many a pic...

Now Kevin dropped his pants, releasing his erect cock, which was already dribbling with pre-cum, roughly opened Ann’s mouth and inserted his member between the d**gged woman’s numb lips, using his hands to keep her mouth open.
He than started pumping rithmically, actually fucking the helpless woman’s head while holding her hair...The other intruders were clapping rithmically, roaring with laughter and cheering him on, and before long he blew a thick load of sperm in Ann’s mouth and troath, making a “thumbs up” sign to the cell phone cameras that were filming him skull-fucking the u*********s woman, who still had a beer bottle firmly inserted in her exposed vagina...

But this was not the end of it, because when Kevin pulled his wet, spent cock out of Ann’s dripping mouth it was quickly replaced by Geoff’s throbbing hardon which was already wet and slimy with pre-cum, and when he stopped pumping and had shot his thick load in Ann’s mouth he retracted his dripping member, slapping Ann’s cheeks with his now limp cock, only to be replaced by a more than willing Pete, and after him Duncan also whipped out his cock and pumped his hot semen deep in the unconcious woman’s throat, leaving Ann’s mouth overflowing with the unwanted sperm of the four intruders, the thick, slimy liquid dribbling from her chin onto her big, sagging exposed bosoms…To add insult to injury, Duncan wiped his slimy penis clean with the defenceless woman’s hair…
Of course all this joyful activity had been dutyfully filmed and photographed by the two broadly grinning onlooking girls, who had a great time seeing the older woman humiliated in this manner…


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5 months ago
WOW Ann!!!! what an amazing story....can't wait for the next instalment.
6 months ago
That's so kinky, can't wait for part two.....
7 months ago
You're so naughty..I love it
7 months ago
look forward to part two Ann.x
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Waiting for part 2
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You certainly know how to leave a reader desperate for more. :)

This can only get more twisted and kinkier. Cannot wait. :)
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Good story like to see more
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Great start to the story, I wonder how much more perverted Kevin will get in part 2!
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Waiting for part 2 love it so far hope son can man up to stop this,