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Can't wait to get naked outside...

Hi all!

I can't wait to get naked outside again, I hope the temperature starts risising a bit soon so I can go on my beloved nude hikes again, I begin to feel a bit cooped up.

Yesterday the FedEx guy brought two packages over, and I opened the door 'au naturel", smilingly received them and signed for them standing in my doorway completely naked, prompting him to stare at me for a good long time and than finally say "I must say this heats my day way up", lol!
My big nipples-rock hard from the outside cold-must almost have poked his eyes out...

Sun, come out come out wherever you are!!!

Big kiss,
Ann xxx

Posted by flapperann 1 year ago
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11 months ago
I'd have butten your nipples off if that were me.
1 year ago
I love to wear only a black rubber cockring outside
1 year ago
I suspect the FedEx staff get this a lot. Sadly, it's probably not always such a treat for them.
1 year ago
I gotta get a job at Fedex!
may get lucky one day... meet you and fuck your brains out!
1 year ago
wow where about's do you like to go hiking :) id love to see you walking around in nature :) xx
1 year ago
I'd love to drop a FedEx package to you... and then fuck you too!
1 year ago
Mmmmmmm lucky guy!
1 year ago
that is hot,,did he make a pass or just look,,we did a pizza dare,,ordered pissa and answered the door with nothing but short T-shirt on,,amazing,,wish u had filmed it
1 year ago
That sounds fun, for both of you!
1 year ago
How do I get a job with FedEx? :)