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Modeling nude for my son's art class...

Hi all

My youngest son, K., who takes a lot of the pics I post here and who has a rather large artistic streak in him, has enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts here in London to follow an evening course "life drawing and painting", it's once a week and it consists of a four-hour class drawing or painting a real life nude or semi-nude model.

Now to get quickly to the bottom of things: it seems that curvy, mature models who are prepared to go fully naked are in rather short supply, so my son asked if he could propose me-being not very prudish to say the least-to his art teacher, and I immediately told him to go right ahead.

As you will know I have no problem whatsoever with shedding my clothes in public, and the thought of being totally naked for almost four hours in front of an up to 20-person class including my very own son is a bit of a selfish turn-on too I must confess...

I had a meeting with K.'s art teacher-who turned out to be a very nice, open minded lady-yesterday, to introduce myself and to let her ask me some questions, as to let her decide if I was (phisically and psychologically) "model material", and to discuss the hours and (minimal) fee I would be getting.
Well, I seem to have passed the test, because I was expected to be at the Academy at 7 o'clock the following tuesday evening evening for my first "posing-date"!

The teacher DID ask me if the fact that my own son was in class and that the other class members would certainly very soon know that I was his mother would or could pose a problem at home...
I told her "of course not, we're very open minded people after all!"...
Little does she know about my kinky side, lol!!!

So I'm going to spend most of my tuesday evening standing (or sitting, or lying...) in the buff in front of at least 10 to 20 people including my own son...
Quite a turn-on, really!

So how did it go?

It was GREAT fun, the experience of disrobing completely and sitting barenaked on a little platform before a group of people who were actually studying every inch of this old girl's nude body was...exhilarating to say the least, but at the same time sitting completely still-one toilet break not included-for two and a half hours really took it's toll on me, I was getting rather tired at the end of my sitting.

The fact that my very own son-who sees me naked all the time-was one of the onlooking artists, and being totally naked before him while in the company of his fellow "classmates" who were complete strangers to me, was a turn-on for me (and him!), but I've been a very good girl-although I was a bit afraid that my arousal would be showing (no, no wet spots-but a slight swelling and opening of a certain bodily "entry point" DID start to occur, and not having any pubes is no great help then...).

I'm no stranger to public nudity, I've been going to nude or clothing-optional beaches and resorts for over 20 years and do "Burlesque" routines and sexual performances as some of my many hobbies, but this was...different in a way, it felt very intimite AND totally exposing at the same time.

Another thing that I didn't expect was that the art teacher would actually be drawing ON my body (with ORANGE chalk!) to accentuate shadow parts and such, and that as a result my white robe was ready for the wash when I got home, lol!

So in short : it was great fun, all the people were very well-behaved and friendly, I've been asked to do another "sitting" in two weeks, can't wait, really!
I'll keep you guys informed!

Big kiss,
Ann xxx!!!

Posted by flapperann 2 years ago
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1 year ago
You need some thick, American cock inside of your tiny Brit cunt.
1 year ago
2 years ago
You are special in that you seem to be a natural born exhibitionist. Maybe you should have your next sitting for a photography class ;) Share the pics!
2 years ago
Good luck with this.I draw from time to time(average to bad).Haven't done this since school but could do you with tracing paper or do rubbings when i'm really bored.I'm sure it'll cum out great.Now wheres my pencil sharpener...
2 years ago
I would have died of embarrassment if my mother had done something similar. It's great that your son is not only accepting of your nudist side, but is clearly supportive and proud of his hot mom.

P.S. It would be great to see some of the drawings the class made of you!
2 years ago
Ann, congratulations. This is something great. I have heard before about the great experience this can be. One of my submissives has been a regular model too. She wasn't completely nude though. She wore my rope around her thigh like she always did.
2 years ago
Great to read this. Thanks I draw and would love to have you pose nude for me.
Thanks Jon
2 years ago
Well, maybee next session your son could make a snapshot with his mobile phone?
2 years ago
Wow.....that must have been some experience for you and your son....I just wouldnt have it in me to sit for an art class...
2 years ago
As you know, I posed naked a few times for a female artist. I agree it is a very intimate experience especially as it was just the artist and me in the room.
2 years ago
I'd love to do it. I've offered myself to my daughter in law who's also a London life model. Thanks for sharing. Chris