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Under the weather...

Hi all!

First of all : a very happy New Year for all of you I haven't spoken to yet!
I started the new year great, partied for a few days in Antwerp and then happily took the Eurostar home with the seed of four different Belgian guys swimming around in me, lol!
During my stay with them they must have unloaded their balls at least three or four times each in me, so I'm carrying quite a few of their little soldiers around in me, lol-I actually smuggled foreign sperm into Britain!
Luckily I have a nifty little implant that keeps me from getting pregnant, and that's for the best, cause though the implant stops me from ovulating, I'm still fertile as hell...

Thanks guys (P., P., R. and C-or K.), I had a great time and thanks for "wining and dining" me all through the festivities!

Now for the bad news...I've been stricken with a severe case of the flu, so that's why I've been a bit "silent" on here.
Ever heard the song "Too d***k to fuck"?
Well, I've been too SICK to fuck, and in my case that's REALLY saying something, lol!!!
Anyway, I'm very much on the mend now, and I'll be back in full f***e very soon-promise!!!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss,
Ann xxx!!!

Posted by flapperann 2 years ago
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1 year ago
I'll put on an all cum diet.
2 years ago
Back on my feet, guys-thanks a million for all your support and well-wishes, you're all great!!!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thank you kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
2 years ago
Hop you are feeling better and on the mend Ann and look foward to seeing more of you sexy woman
2 years ago
Hope you get well soon x
2 years ago
sending well wishes and healing energy
2 years ago
get well soon ann - have to catch up and make up for it in the new year
2 years ago
Sorry to hear you had the flu. I know how it feels. I have been constantly throwing up for a couple of days at Xmas and it took me a week to get my strength back again. It was so bad I didn't have the stamina for a morning stiff until new years day.

But now it is function perfectly again. I hope your pussy will be as good.
2 years ago
happy new year hope you get well soon
2 years ago
The flu sucks, and not in a good way. Hope you feel better soon!
2 years ago
Sorry to hear you've been unwell. I'm hoping you will reply to my email soon :)
2 years ago
Firstly, Happy New Year....
Secondly, I wish a speedy recovery..
Thirdly, ...your niffty little implant, my first wife used the same device, (is it still called a coil)...I remain convinced it used to interfere with the radio reception in my car...LOL
2 years ago
happy new year,i'm sure you'll get well soon!
2 years ago
A happy new year Flapperann and get well soon!
2 years ago
merci pour les bons voeux qui sont réciproques et a bientot et bonne guérison