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The Lady on display.

The Lady on display.

Lady Annamia de Vitas was the absolute ruler of Fredonia, a small independent state containing just one market town, several silver mines and a lot of farms. The heavy-set, red haired, 44-year old woman was feared and respected by all, except for a few upper-class women, who were jealous of her power. A certain Lady Salem in particular would snub her at formal occasions and only followed the protocols of respect with a grudging sneer. She would then giggle and gossip about her ruler, with her coterie of women followers. Some people thought this group were more th... Continue»
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Chat sessions!

Hi guys and gals!

I thought of something new, I'd like to do some "chat sessions" with my friends here, and I'll be using my Robert's eMail addy for them : vitasrobert@yahoo.com !

I'll give it a try right now, I'll be on line there from 10.00 BST until 11.00 BST, so if you're interested in a little chat or have any questions, come find me there!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
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Chat or eMail with my oldest son.

Hi all!

My oldest son, Robert, asked me to post his eMail addy here, in case there would be any of my followers here that would like to chat with him regarding his crazy mom, lol!!!

So here goes, it's vitasrobert@yahoo.com .

Thanks for your time!
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss,
Your naked friend Ann xxx!!!
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Hairy pussy pics-yes or no?

Hi guys,

Due to my OVERLY full agenda and busy work schedule I had to skip my monthly muff-waxing session, and I haven't bothered to shave my downstairs region neither...
Now I'm going to get my little greying bush removed tomorrow, but my question is : would you like me to have some pics taken of me in my hairy state and post them here first?
Answer below, I'll check your choice this evening!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
Posted by flapperann 7 months ago  |  55

My homemade ads and/or auction posters!

Hi guys,

most of you have seen my "homemade ads" and such, right?If not : they're in the "Ann's advertisement" gallery!
I have a few questions for you:
1.Do you like them?
2.Do they turn you on?
3.Should I make more?
4.If you like them, in what situation would you like to see me, in other words : what shall I make next?

Simple, isn't it?Can't wait to read your answers posted here!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss,
Your friend Ann xxx!!!

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Started smoking again...

Silly, silly me...Got to drop that bad habit again real quick!!!
This shows what a bit "too much cider" and a handy cigarette vending machine at a party do to you, snif...Got to stay out of the Pubs!!!

Big kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
Posted by flapperann 7 months ago  |  11

Bad week, snif...

Man, does this week suck...Work, work, and more work, feeling flu-ish, not having time to play or come on line here...I even haven't been able to get my pussy waxed this week, and the Gods know it needs a waxing...Well, bear with me, I hope to be able to spend a lot more time here from next week on...

Your "sickly" naked friend Ann xxx!!!
Posted by flapperann 8 months ago  |  8

My good deed for the day...

Did my good deed for the day yesterday-relieved a student of his "stress" by letting him emty his balls in my mouth...A bit of a win-win situation really.
Photographic evidence of this good deed of mine is posted in my "Here's me" Gallery, check it out...

Biiiiiig kiss (yes I HAVE brushed my teeth!),
Ann xxx!!!
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[Story] Home invasion, part one.


Robert hit the sidewalk-hard!The breath was totally knocked out of him, and he had to gasp for air.
He was lying flat on his back, in the midst of the contents of his backpack.
Looking up he saw the grinning face of his attacker, Kevin.
“O no”, Robert thought, “Not again…”.
The burly boy had pushed him, and made him lose his balance, taking a stumbling fall and s**ttering his books and other school materials all over the pavement...
Kevin was sixteen, just as old as Robert, but he was about twice the size of him, and three times meaner...
It seemed he had made it his... Continue»
Posted by flapperann 8 months ago  |  9

New pics up!!!

Hi friends!
Just wanted to let you all know that I have posted quite a few new pics today!
They're posted in the "Here's me", "Advertisement" and "Hairy" Galleries!
Have fun, and let me know what you think of them!

Big kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
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Finally Facebook.

Well, after a VERY long time this old Lady has finally started using her FB account (Ann Vitas)...
I'm going to keep it light, a BIT sexy and fun, not too much "heavy" or too personal stuff.
Let's see how it will work out!

Big kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
Posted by flapperann 8 months ago  |  2

My very first porn movie!

Can't sl**p...
I'm a bit nervous, all "actors'" doctor's slips are in so today I'm going to be in a "semi-professional" porn movie for my very first time, a little movie which will be distributed on a small scale through the internet by the director himself...It will be the first time that I'm going to be "all" out there on a paid basis, so wish me luck...

Big kiss;
Ann xxx!!!
Posted by flapperann 1 year ago  |  42

Holiday snaps!

Hi all!
It's over...My holiday I mean...I had a great time in Portugal AND in Belgium, but it's back to work next week.

I DO however have some pics for you guys, like I promised-and I'm an honest girl, lol!

At the hotel I was staying in I used to have a few drinks with some of the staff members in the hotel bar at night when most of the other guests had gone to their rooms, and I must confess I took quite a liking to one of the seasonal student workers there, so one night after a few Martini's I invited him to my room, got naked for him, asked him if he would be so kind as to take some ... Continue»
Posted by flapperann 1 year ago  |  12

Holiday is ALMOST over...

Darn it...My holiday's almost over, spent almost a month in Portugal and am going to spend this week in Ostend, Belgium, but then it's back to the old threadmill for me...
The good news is that I'm going to be more active again here when I'm back, that counts for something, right?

Big kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
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Hi all!

Just a question : is there anyone out there who would like to do a nude painting, sketch or drawing of me?
I have some from my son's art class, but I'd like some more diversity.
If anyone's interested, just give me a call or eMail me at flapperann@hotmail.com .

Thank you!
Big kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
Posted by flapperann 1 year ago  |  8

07/25/13 : 30 new pics!

Hi all-just informing you that I uploaded 30 new pics in my "Here's me!" gallery!
Have fun looking and commenting!

Big kiss,
Your naked friend Ann xxx!!!
Posted by flapperann 1 year ago  |  4

Personal questions for me???

Hi guys!!!

This is VERY simple,you may ask me any questions about me you might have-nothing's too personal, it can be about my personal life, my sexual history, what my last meal was...-and I'll try to answer them as quick and truthfully as possible!
I DO like to expose my complete private life and deepest thoughts to you too!
I want to bare my mind as well as my body to you!

And oh yes, don't ask them by PM, ask them here so the other members can read the questions AND my answers too!!!
Please, go right ahead!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
flapper... Continue»
Posted by flapperann 1 year ago  |  253

Pics stolen!!!

Hi all,

It's been brought to my attention that some a'hole is using MY pics on "Craigslist"...I do not tolerate that, so anyone who can give me a link to this bastard will get a "special" surprise from me!

Btw, if this is going to happen more, than I'll have to take more "drastic" measures, and I REALLY don't want that...

So do me a favor, and hunt him-or her-down for me!!!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss,
Ann xxx!!!
Posted by flapperann 1 year ago  |  14

My first erect cock ever : my dad's...!

Hi all!
A lot of you guys have asked me the question : "What and whose was the first really erect penis you ever saw?".
Well, here's your answer : it was my dad's, his was the first erect penis I ever saw-and held in my hands.

This is a true story,I'll tell you what happened and how.

My father was-and is-an industrial welder, and as you all will know that's dirty and smelly work, so the first thing he always did when he came home from work in the evenings was take a bath.

Now I was a real busy little chatterbox at that time, forever chattering and jumping around and I had ALWAYS a... Continue»
Posted by flapperann 1 year ago  |  34

Finally some more time to play!!!

At work it's gone back to normal, my mom's feeling better, and the weather is clearing up a bit...
What does that mean you say?
That means that I finally will have some time again to play with you guys on here, so I'm posting a brand new series of naughty pics of me next friday!!!
Be sure to check them out!

Biiiiiiiiiiiig kiss,
Your naked friend Ann xxx!!!
Posted by flapperann 1 year ago  |  13