The naked Lady down the street!
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I'm:Ann Mia Vitas, 44
From:London, United Kingdom
Languages:English, German, Dutch
Personal Information
Kids:Yes, we sometimes live together
Occupation:Registered nurse/Parttime teacher/Party performer.
Education:Some college
Star sign:Gemini
Physical Information
Body type:Stocky
Height:5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Red
Eye color:Green
About Me
Hi all!
My name's Ann Mia Vitas, I'm a 44-year old (°june 4th 1970) single (widowed), mature, lively and fun-loving mom of two boys (I should say young men, really) with whom I have a very open and loving relationship.

I live in London UK, in the Bloomsbury area.I've been living there for about 21 years now, and I love it there.
I work as a Registered nurse in a London Hospital (no, I WON'T tell you which one, lol!!!), and sometimes I have to go abroad to Brussels, Belgium for my job too, and having made friends there, I'm spending quite a lot of my free time there and in the city of Antwerp too (my younger sister and her Flemish husband live there).

I teach first-aid courses in firms and schools and "moonlight" as a full-nude party stripper/sexual performer and Burlesque dancer.

Totally naked I stand 5ft7, and weigh a healthy 165 pounds.
I have completely natural heavy "mature" 38DD boobs with huge pink nipples and BIG, saucer-like aureolae (2,5 inch diameter pink whoppers!), very pale skin, green eyes and natural red hair, but I DO have had every single hair on my body professionally removed, exept for my eyebrows and the hair on my head of course.

I am completely and actively bisexual, always have been from a very early age, with a very slight preference towards the male body and genitalia, probably because I like to be forcefully dominated.
I love handling tits and licking and fingering a woman's pussy and arse, but I really LOVE guys getting drippingly erect for me...
I also LOVE receiving, tasting, swallowing, and generally being covered in sperm (as it shows in some of my naughtier pics), and therefor I need a cock-or several of them-to get me my daily "fix", lol!!!
I love to handle and receive cocks in all ages, shapes, colours and sizes, cut or uncut, but I'm a HUGE sucker (no pun intended!) for big, low hanging testicles, such a dangling nutsack looks so..."animalistic" manly...!
I DO like licking and nibbling long foreskins too.

My main interests are literature (I'm a Jane Austen afficionado!), seeing movies (Tarantino rules, lol), going to the theatre, doing my gardening (mainly orchids and herbs), dancing (I can do a mean Burlesque routine, lol!), hiking in nature, entertaining and cooking for friends, eating out (I know, it shows, lol-my belly isn't as tight as it used to be!), and having LOTS AND LOTS of all manners of kinky sex in various places and ways!

If I was a bit younger-and slimmer, lol!-I think I'd try to make a bit of a "career" in the more specialized porn industry...I've always been VERY sex-driven.
I've had a paying offer to be in a little movie just recently, don't really know jf I should do it or not...I DO have to think about my job and other things.

I'm also a practicing and publicly known exhibitionist and nudist, I'm always nude in and around my house and garden, often go on nude hikes and I love to visit clothing-optional clubs, parks, events and beaches.
I just LOVE walking around in the buff with my big, heavy, huge pink-tipped hanging 38 DD's jiggling and swinging about, and my bare-shaven and smoothly waxed and baby-oiled muff out in the open for all to see!
I know a few delivery men who LOVE bringing ordered parcels to my house, lol!

Oh yes : For those of you who wanted to know : I get my muff and anus completely waxed at my favorite auntie's Salon at least once a month, I want my little slit and starfish to be silky smooth at all times!
In between waxing I use my trusty razor and shaving cream on my box, and I give my furless kitty the baby oil massage treatment every night-keeps it REAL soft.

When I keep my cunt hairy, I have a very thick, orange-red pelt growing on it, a woolly, curly rug running from my tight-but well used-asshole to almost under my bellybutton, lol!
You could say I am the original red, bushy fur-covered "firecrotch", lol!
Maybe I'll post some pics of how my hairy muff looks like someday, me and my co-inhabitants call that my "wild woman of the forest" look...

UPDATE 06/26/14 : Just found out I started slightly "graying" down there!!!

I've been having all kinds of sex for at least 30 years-oral, vaginal and anal (I LOVE getting my bum drilled!)- and I've given birth-completely and utterly the natural way, straight out through the old pussy, oomph!!!-to two BIG sons, but I'm-at age 44!-still as tight in the twat as an 18-year old, lol!(And I'm proud of that!)
I've breastfed both of them, just so you know why I have my saucer-sized nipples and my fat and slightly sagging "mommy" titties.

In short :
My late husband, who was my Lover, Master and Trainer and who bred and impregnated me twice, giving me my my two lovely and loving sons, has always shared me(with my full consent) and loaned me out to his AND our male AND female friends and aquintances, encouraged me in my sexual endeavours and coaxed me in trying out, practicing and learning LOTS of rather "exotic and unusual" sexual acts and practices, and I've been doing that ever since, ever learning and "perfecting" my physical and psychological sexual "skills".
Sexually there's not much I haven't done, tried AND liked.

My family members,my friends, most of my neighbours and colleagues, my beloved co-inhabitants and any of their visiting male and female friends, they all don't seem to mind too much that I'm "au naturel" and in a frisky state of mind most of the time, lol!

I really DO love the thought of all of you seeing me totally starkers and aroused on here, all of you being able to see the most private parts of my totally exposed female anatomy...You can almost see my womb in some of my pics...
The only thing I won't show you completely for now is my face (for safety reasons), but never say never...!

I know a prim and proper lady isn't supposed to share her naked body and most intimite sexual organs, thoughts and actions with everyone(at least that's what my mom told me, but I've seen her and my dad doing the dirty-no holds barred, lol-more than a few times, so I KNOW where my sex-crazy genes come from, lol!), but I guess THIS lady has a lot of only slightly hidden "slut" in her, and you really can't pay me a bigger compliment than to have a nice, long wank over my pics!

I wish I could taste every load of steaming hot cum you're very much invited to shoot on my behalf...
I post my own personal nude and porn pics here (I've got quite a few photos showing myself up for your viewing and commenting pleasure), and also random pics I've found on other sites that I like or that make me wet.

Please feel free to comment any of my pics, tell me honestly what you do or don't like about my big, round, barenaked appearance or naughty actions!
Believe me, I can take a nasty comment as well as a friendly one, so be honest!!!
I know I've got a big belly and my big tits aren't as firm and perky as they used to be, but hey:love them or leave them-at least I'm all real!!!

Feel free to eMail me at vitasrobert@yahoo.com (changed to this-easier chat) or come see me on FB under "Ann Vitas", I promise to answer asap!

I'll be updating my pic-galleries often, ALL OF THEM, always adding new pics to them (at least once weekly!), so make sure to check out ALL of my "Galleries" regularly for more and new examples of my shameless naked naughtyness!!!

I must warn you, sexually I DO have a very, very dark and kinky side to me, I love to be undressed, shown to-and commented by-an audience, preferably a "mixed sexes" and "unfriendly" one,I'm VERY submissive and LOVE being subjected to public humiliation and corporal punishment-but maybe we can discuss that later!!!

I'm a great fan of the "Public Disgrace" site, I'd love to model for them...!Should that site's publishers read this : I'm completely and totally available, lol, and I won't charge much!!!

I really hope to meet some new and interesting male and female friends-and maybe even some likeminded "pen pals" or "playmates"-here!
I HAVE had the pleasure of meeting a few folks from here personally, and that was always a very nice experience!
Have fun!
Big kiss, enjoy my pics and scribblings, and see you soon,
Ann xxx!!!

Oh, and once more : PLEASE don't just "rate and like" my pics, but leave a comment too, will you-you'll make this old girl happy!!!

Disclaimer WARNING:ALL domestic and foreign institutions and ANY private persons using this or any other Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have any permission from me to use or re-post any of my profile texts or my posted pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.
Also important:us becoming "friends" on this site does NOT give you the right or permission to re-post or distribute my pics or blog texts.
In plain English:I love you all, but DON'T REPOST MY PICS anywhere, or you'll hear from my lawyers-I promise.
(I suggest the rest of you post this notice too).
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14 days ago
Hi beautiful, love your pics! Msg me sometime ;)
19 days ago
Love your galley pics...Mmmm
1 month ago
Merry Christmas Ann xx Please add me as I'd like to come and service you.. lick your arse and pussy til you cum.. xx
1 month ago
Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚And a happy new year:')
1 month ago
Nice picture hope to see more of you in the future.
1 month ago
1 month ago
░░░░░ █▓▓▓██▓▓█
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░░░░░░ /░ /██

1 month ago
You've got me hard and horny :*
1 month ago
wow...incredible xx
1 month ago
ciao bellaaa
1 month ago
,, got it ,, the site
1 month ago
Thank You for adding me Goddess!
1 month ago
Lovely cunt. I would be so comfortable in there xx
1 month ago
Thank you for accepting us
1 month ago
You have an inedible profile and an incredible body.
1 month ago
Thank you for adding me.
1 month ago
checkin your fotos again.....awesome stuff....
1 month ago
I love your body.
2 months ago
Delightful profile
2 months ago
Ann, you are definitely an original that I would love to be friends with. Awesome profile.
2 months ago
Oh my. You are perfect. your attitude, the way you just love to get fucked... LOVE IT. one day (hopefully soon) I can get to fulfil your hunger for cock :P
2 months ago
thx fofr acceptation Ann
2 months ago
thanks for the add x x would love to chat x x
2 months ago
Ann, you have a great profile, so very nice and complete
2 months ago
Thanks for the friend add. Now to enjoy your words and pics again.
2 months ago
thx for the add
2 months ago
Then, we want to send me a nice greeting from

...und say "warmly welcome".

We are always pleased when we're friendscan be found for which the work is worth somethingto contribute to the relaxation.

It is always a nice sign for us if thisA little comment our work in return sex friends.

Greeting Lady Monic and Servant Horst
2 months ago
would love to chat and become friends x
2 months ago
On my way to wanking myself dry looking at you now.
2 months ago
hi....can u add me as friend plz?
i am mistresspet26