Busted and blackmailed for porn

I like the fact that you all are into porn, reading porn stories and porn related fantasies, like me. I was just wondering if you've ever had an experience of you, yourself, getting caught on a hidden cam or have been caught and then blackmailed (in a good way...) for looking at porn. How would you feel if you were cruising the hidden cam porn sites and suddenly discovered your own nude body on a vid?

Recently, I found a few dick pics of myself from years ago on a friend's 19yr old daughter's pc. The mom, Sandy, whom I was making booty calls to, wanted me to go through her daughters pc to make sure she wasn't doing anything she wasn't suppose to. Sandy is way over protective of her daughter, Kelly, but knows she can't watch her 24/7. I had told her I'd look but was she prepared for anything I might find. She said yes, but admitted she's freak out a little and try to hunt down anyone who was taking advantage of her little daughter.

Btw, Kelly is 19, is a competitive swimmer, plays college team volleyball, snowboards, knows how to handle a gun, and just recently got into a fight with two guys at a weekend party and promptly knocked one guy out with one "man sized" punch and body slammed the other guy before her friends (3 guys and 2 girls) pulled her off of him while he was trying to crawl away from her. This was just because they were smart mouthing everyone and she didn't give them the time of day so they called her a dyke to her face. Oops!

I ended up finding that Kelly was visiting some of the sites I was a member on. Found a lot of my old stories she had downloaded too. Found all my stuff in a separate file named (in capital letters) "DILF 1", Dads I'd Like to Fuck, #1.

I knew her mom was going to be a hypocrite about what I found, since she herself likes to look at porn and cams online but makes a huge effort to hide the fact, so I let the daughter know what I was doing and the porn I had found. I didn't tell her about me finding my stuff just to see what she was going to say anything about it.

She kinda freaked a little about invasion of privacy, B&O, blah, blah, blah... but eventually was cool about it, since she kinda blackmailed me into not saying anything about it. She totally called me on finding her DILF 1 folder. She said if I told her mom about finding her porn then she's gonna tell her mom that I was the one who approached her to look at my cock online. Well, crap.

So, I gave in and said I would tell her mom that she was a very good girl and didn't find anything. She had me dead to rights. Kelly knew this and looked like she was thinking something for a minute and gave me a sly look and said, "Well, I'm not completely a nice girl. I do have a lot of naughty in me too." I thought, fuck it, and asked her why she considered herself naughty. She laughed a little and said that that was too easy and that if I wanted to know more then I'd have to work for the info. Yeah, she's got some real control issues.

I tried to be cool (with a chubby sprouting in my pants?) and said I wasn't into playing games but just to make conversation I was slightly intrigued and asked her what I needed to do to get that info. She told me she really liked the sex stories I wrote and wanted me to write a fantasy about how I first met her, through her mom, and how I seduced her and eventually bent her over the hood of her car, fucked her hard and finally took her anal virginity. She then said that if what I write made her so soaking wet and masturbate to a screaming orgasm then she would show me how naughty she can be.

Again trying to be cool, I told her I'd think of something. She then came into me and wrapped her arms around me head and planted a deep tongue kiss on me. She said "Oh, I know you will. I'm already wet thinking about you." Before I could say anything else, Sandy drove into the driveway. We quickly let go of each other and she went to her room and I went to help Sandy with some groceries.

Later that night Sandy and I had a marathon fuck session. As we laid there cuddling, she was spent and fell asl**p while my cock was still hard thinking of her daughter, Kelly, in the next room listening to us and fingering herself. I woke Sandy up to fuck during the night and took her once more over the bathroom sink before she went off to work.

Game on, folks.
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1 year ago
great start
2 years ago
fun woow fun
3 years ago
Great start to a story line. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
3 years ago
Great,sound fun to me
3 years ago
Good story.
3 years ago
Looking forward to how the story continues and how naughty Kelly can be...
3 years ago
wow can't wait to see how this plays out