watching sis grow up

I started becoming sexually attracted to my s****r when I was 14. She was 8. I would sneak into her room when she was asl**p and play with her tight little girl pussy. I never inserted, but I would straddle her and rub my dick on her bare little pussy untill I came. I don't know how I never got caught. Because I would cum on her and just pull her panties back up and leave her with my load covering her pussy.

I would shower with her every night. Mostly because my Mon didn't want to get up and give her a bath. So I would just get in with her and shower together. I would wash her body then tell her I was her turn to wash mine. I would tell her to pay extra attention to my private, like I did hers. My little s****r never realized she was jerking off her older b*****r. I can still see it, her standing in front of me, stroking me with her little hands untill I came all down the front of her little girl body.

Then she got old enough to want to shower by herself. I just so happened the every time she had to shower, I would have " to use the bathroom." She was only ten but she was maturing fast. She was ten and she had sexy perky a cups. Her hips were round and curvy. Oh and her tight little ass. If I was masturbating, I was doing it thinking about that little ass stuck in the air in front of me. She was used to me seeing her naked, the fact I would pull the curtains back when she was showering was never strange to her. With as much as I did it she apparently also thought masturbating was what every older b*****r did just any where.

It went on like this for a long time. One day when she was about f******n my parents were gone on vacation and the other siblings where staying at friends houses or just gone somewhere. It was about nine o'clock and me and s*s were in the living room watching tv. I was on the recliner and she was on the couch. She was laying on her side with one leg up over the couch. The boxers she was wearing where rather loose. And I could see her pussy. It was slightly hairy. I hadn't done anything to her for a while at this point. Sitting there looking at that pussy brought back such a hunger in me. I wanted it. I was seated out of her immediate view so I pulled out my dick and started quietly stroking it. I hadn't done anything like this in a long time so I didn't know how she'd react. I was close, my breath got heavier. I was about to come. I guess she heard me because she turned and looked at me right as I was cumming. She just looked at it and smiled. I got up and went to the sink and washed my cum off my hand.

While I was in the kitchen I heard the shower turn on. I walked to the bathroom and quietly walked in. The sound of the water and heavy panting from Behind the curtains masked my entrence. I peeked in and saw her mercilessly pounding her pussy with her fingers. I just watched becoming quickly hard again. As I watched I noticed she was mouthing something. It was my name! My dick went instantly rock hard. I took it as an invitation. I got undressed and got in. She looked at me slightly embarrassed at first. Then she just slowly went back to fingering her self, staring right into my eyes. I got closer and moved her hand. I put my fingers inside her and started work her. She was so tight. She wrapped her arms around me and stared grinding. My little s****r was fucking herself on my fingers. It was amazing. It didn't take long till I felt her clench. She bit my shoulder and moaned though an orgasm that felt like it lasted forever. It was beautiful. Finally she stopped grinding and just layed against me panting.

She pulled away and smiled at me. After a minute she bit her lip and said, " is it my turn to clean your privates?" I just smiled and she got on her knees in front of me and started jerking me off. God she was beautiful. She wasn't a little girl anymore. She had full c breasts, and an ass that rivaled most girls my age. Which at this time was twenty two.I didn't think this was her first time because she was working my dick like a pro. Up and down in circles occasionally paying extra attention to the head. My moaning must have told her I was about to cum. Because she stared sucking the head while she jerked it. It wasn't ling before I was grunting through gritted teeth,"in cumming!" God it was so hot she just looked I'n my eyes and swallowed.

I moved out not to long after that. But, I haven't had any alone time with her since. But, she is supposed to come visit soon.

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2 months ago
My sis always said, "incest is best".
5 months ago
6 months ago
Great story man! This reminds me of my childhood. My sister and I shared a bed for a long time growing up. I did what you did to often and loved the hell out of it.
6 months ago
I feel like crying blood after reading this.
6 months ago
very fucking hot
6 months ago
Good one. Thanks