My Night With A Hot Latin Couple

This story is 100% true.

I was looking for a couple to play with on Craigslist when I came upon their ad looking for someone to orally service them both. The ad had been up for a couple days but since they were planning for a night a couple of weeks away I decided to respond. I was very happy when they answered back and chose me to play with. They sent pictures and they were a hot latin couple in their mid 40's who were long time swingers but had slowed down considerably as their c***dren grew older. He's a solid built guy with dark hair, mustache and a thick cock. She is tall, curvy figure, shoulder length dark curly hair and a smooth shaved pussy.

After a few emails and meeting the husband one on one we were all set for our night of fun. They rented a local hotel room and we met at the restaurant nearby. After a couple drinks we paid the tab and walked to their room. We talked and had a couple more drinks and after a while he asked me if I was ready to get naked. We all undressed at the same time already feeling very relaxed with each other.

She laid back on the bed and started to rub her pussy as he was putting some heating gel on her vibrator and then slowly rubbing it all over her clit and finally entering her pussy with it. As he drove the humming vibrator in and out of her wet hole she was pulling and rubbing her clit. I was laying at the bottom of the bed stroking my hard cock and watching the show when he pulled out the vibrator and told me to lick her pussy. I got my head between her legs and feasted on her pussy while she pulled her lips apart wide so I could suck on her hard white tipped clit peeking from under its hood. Her pussy tasted sweet with a combination of her juices and the gel and she was moaning and squirming while I ate her. She got even louder when her husband put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my face hard into her spasming cunt. I licked and sucked harder as he told me that she was cumming. I could only hear her moans as my tongue snaked its way in and out of hot tight hole. As she came he pushed the vibrator against her clit once more to really set her off. He was jerking his hard cock as I pulled my face up and I couldn't resist taking his cock in my mouth. He was already leaking precum as he grabbed the back of my head and this time shoved his cock f***efully down my throat. While I was sucking his steel hard cock he put the vibrator in my hand and I started to slide it back into her pussy. I was fucking her with the vibrator in time with my bobbing up and down on his cock. His thick cock was hitting the back of my throat and even had me to the point of gagging when he told her to get on all fours so he could fuck her from behind. We all got up to change positions and as she got down on the bed, he stood at the side of the bed and lined his cock up with her clean pussy slit. He slid in easily and rammed his cock all the way home. After a couple strokes he told me to get underneath them and lick her pussy while he fucked her. I was more than happy to oblige and crawled between his legs so I could watch his wet cock fucking her pussy while I stuck out my tongue and licked at her still hard clit. I ran my tongue along his cock as well until I reached the point where it was entering her cunt. I started rubbing his balls and licking her while he fucked her faster.,

He pulled out a couple times and shoved his cock, coated with her juices, into my muth so I could suck him and enjoy their wetness. I finally sat back to watch as he pounded her pussy harder and harder until he told us he was getting ready to cum. He slammed into her once more and shoved it in hard as he unloaded his cum inside her. After his cock stopped throbbing he pulled out and let me taste their cum off his cock. I licked him clean and then he told me to clean her pussy. I gladly shoved my face into her still upturned ass and pussy. I began sucking at her hole and was rewarded with a large glob of his cum. It was delicious and I kept sucking at her to get it all. She had been moaning and whimpering since he started to fuck her and now all I could hear was her breathing hard and saying "yes" under her breath. She fell flat onto the bed with her legs still spread giving me a great view of her wet, red, well used pussy. I sucked the last remnants of glistening wetness off his cock and we all laid back and relaxed. He asked me how I liked her pussy and I told him she was delicious. It was late by this time and soon I got dressed for my drive home. We made plans to see each other again as soon as we get the chance. They were another hot couple and I look forward to joining them for another round of wet fun.

The End

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2 months ago
2 years ago
well written sexy story, gave me some hot memories.
2 years ago
Nice story... DAMN. It reads like a "how-to" for nervous beginners. Thanks for being so cool and sharing your thoughts and experiences. I'm looking forward to reading MORE.
2 years ago
Super hot story. I am envious.
2 years ago
juicy tale
2 years ago
GREAT..sounded like WAY TOO MUCH FUN..
2 years ago
Right GUY? Love this one because it reminds me of us.
2 years ago
I'm so glad my buddy Napoleon21 turned me on to you- these stories are fucking hot!
2 years ago
Nicely written. It was nice knowing it wasn't a fictionalized event. You write very well. Keep them coming (yes, and keep the cum coming, too)!
2 years ago
cant wait til you n I can enjoy a third or even 4th ... yummy
2 years ago
Nice!glad you both enjoyed his thick cock.