A Hot Latin Couple Came Over To Eat

Mark texted me on Tuesday night that he and Brenda were really horny and could we get together on Wednesday night. I made arrangements to have the house to myself and we were all set for some threesome fun. I didn't really know what to expect this time around as our initial agreement was for me to service them both orally but the last time we were together he asked me to fuck her. I love sucking her shaved pussy and making her clit hard as much as I loved sucking his thick cock. I decided to just go with the flow and let Mark lead the way. They arrived just after eight and we sat and had a drink and chatted. As in the past, Mark asked if we were ready to get naked. Brenda and I both smiled and took a last sip of our drinks.

We got to the bedroom already undressing and soon we were all naked. I was putting in the porn DVD they brought while I watched Brenda unleash her DD's. Brenda was lying on her side on the bed facing Mark who was standing at the side of the bed next to her. I was lying next to Brenda. She was stroking his cock while I was reaching over and rubbing her tits and tweeking her nipples while I kissed her shoulders and neck. She had a nice slow stroke going and I was admiring both her tecnique and his hairy chest, stomach and balls. Once she had him hard, which didn't take long, she leaned over and sucked his cock into her mouth. She started slow and pulled him out of her mouth to lick a few times before plunging him back down her throat. He started to thrust hard and fuck her hot mouth while I had my fingers brushing her pussy and clit.

Mark then told Brenda to get on her hands and knees. One of the things we had texted about earlier was that he wanted me to eat her pussy while he ate her ass. So he directed me to lie under Brenda and as soon as she lowered her wet shaven pussy to my mouth he was behind her trying to bury his tongue in her asshole. Every time he f***ed his cock a little more into her asshole it pushed her pussy that much harder against my lips. I just kept sucking to get all her juices. Mark was hard as a rock and could see how wet her pussy had gotten so he figured this was the perfect time to fill it. With me still under her and still licking her wet pussy and clit, Mark moved up and slid his cock across her slit several times. I brought my face down so I could watch that and finally see him find her hole and slide in just a few inches above my face. After I enjoyed the view for a few seconds I went right back to licking her hot cunt. My tongue was sliding back and forth from her clit to the point he penetrated her and along his cock to taste both of them. Every dozen thrusts or so Mark would pull all the way out and shove his cock in my mouth. I gladly sucked his and Brendas juices off his cock until he pulled it out of my wanting mouth and back inside her pussy.

Brenda was moaning and squeeling and Mark asked her if she was cumming. "Uh huh" was all she could pant out to her husband and she tensed up and shoved her ass back into his cock. I continued to suck her clit while Mark pounded her cunt till her orgasm passed. Her pussy was sucking on Marks cock and he was getting close to cumming himself.

He wanted to feel my lips around his cock so he told me to get down off the bed and suck his cock. I dropped down between Brendas legs to the floor in front of Mark. He pulled out of her and pointed his hard cock at my mouth and I opened up wide and took the whole thing down my throat. He was fucking my face as hard as he was fucking Brendas pussy and had me on the verge of gagging with his f***eful thrusts. The other thing we had texted about was me cleaning his cum from her pussy again. With this in mind he asked me "Do you want me to cum inside her"? "Oh yeah..cum inside her pussy" I answered. He pulled right out of my mouth, turned slightly and stuffed his cock right back in her wet snatch. He was already close and within a few strokes he yelled out that he was cumming. He held on to Brendas nice full ass cheeks as he shoved in deep and deposited his semen inside her. He was still pushing against her slit even after he stopped pumping cum. Before pulling out of her he looked at me with my eyes locked on their geniitals.

I watched as he slowly backed his cock out of her messy cunt and as soon as the head cleared her pussy lips a pool of white cum started to leak out behind him. At first it was just a small trickle but then a large glob of his warm cum oozed out of her and my eyes went wide. That was all I could stand and I ran my tongue right into her pussy and slurped up that cum before it went to waste. After feeling the liquid slide down my throat I was sure there had to be more in there and dug my tongue deep into her to try to get it all. I kept licking and sucking till I was sure I got it all. Mark stood there and gazed upon me cleaning his cum out of his wifes pussy while he was still trying to catch his breath. With cum and pussy juice all over my face I finally pulled away from her ass and she spread her legs out and flattened herself out on the bed satisfied. I was still licking my lips and enjoying the taste of their combined juice while Mark watched me smiling. I looked down at his cock which was still half hard and I took hold of it and started licking and sucking all the leftover cum off his cock. The mix of their combined cum was delicious. Brenda turned to watch me suck the last of the cum from his cock and when he was clean Mark laid on the bed next to her.

They took a few minutes then started to get dressed and told me to keep the DVD for next time.

I can't wait to dine with them again.

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5 months ago
a dream night for me
10 months ago
Very hot indeed.. I to have had very similar experinces
1 year ago
wow....great story.....i would suck that cock,and eat both of their assholes....it would be hot to jack off on his ass and balls and clean that up too.....:-)
1 year ago
excellent Story! I enjoyed reading it. very much. Rob UK
2 years ago
A great story and a fantasy of mine I got fulfill a while ago. Sheer heaven.
2 years ago
That would be a dream come true.Sucking a nice cock and eating a hugh creampie.
2 years ago
Fucking hot!!! Next time you all get together, ask me over- I'll do the fucking dishes, ok?

2 years ago
Jeez... I'm gonna hafta SAVE all three chapters to my favorites. DAMN HOT.
2 years ago
*straight to faves* This is the very first story I have read since joining hamster,...and it's so perfect for the lifestyle that Lalena and I are embarking upon! HOT shit Bro!! Can't wait to share this one with Lalena!!
2 years ago
Nice work.
2 years ago
Thanks. It was a little tamer this time around.
2 years ago
hot story, good times