More Fun With A Hot Latin Couple

After our first night at the hotel I was really looking forward to seeing Mark and Brenda again. We finally got the chance a couple weeks later. We planned for them to come to my house, have a couple drinks and have some naked fun. They arrived at 8 and I showed them around and mixed some drinks. Brenda looked great in tight black pants that clung to her nice round ass. A loose top unbuttoned enough to give me a great view of her black lace bra while I was standing on the other side of the bar from her. Mark also had his shirt half unbuttoned which showed off his hairy latin chest. After about 45 minutes of small talk, Mark asked if I wanted to get naked. I quickly agreed and we all got up to go to the bedroom.

Clothes started coming off at a quick pace and within a minute we were all naked. Not that Mark and I didn't enjoy seeing Brenda in her black lace bra and white thong but those were soon forgotten when her 42Ds came out. Mark and I were already half hard and I got on the bed with Brenda and Mark stood on the side of the bed. I started rubbing her legs and sucking on her nipples while Mark was pulling her thong off and putting lube on her toys that she brought. She enjoyed a nice 8" thin blue dildo with an egg shaped tip. While I sucked one tit and rubbed the other Mark slid the dildo in and out of her pussy. A few short thrusts to get her wet, but once the tip popped inside her pussy she was ready to take the whole thing. I lifted my head so I could see the dildo sliding in and out of her cunt. Mark started to suck on her pussy and nibble her clit as he fucked her. I went back to sucking her tit and Mark was pushing most of the that blue dildo inside with fast thrusts His tongue was darting across her clit just as fast. After twenty seconds she grabbed my head and pressed it to her tit. My mouth never stopped sucking her nipple as her body stiffened and shook with her first orgasm. She didn't release my head until all the waves had passed and she relaxed again. Mark and I were both hard now and he motioned me over to the side of the bed with him. We both started to jerk our cocks near Brenda and she couldn't resist. She got up and sat on the edge of the bed so she could lean over and suck our side by side cocks. He had a drop of pre cum on the end of his cock and she didn't want it to go to waste so she started with Mark.

She licked the tip to get her sweet nectar and then took all five and a half inches into her mouth. She gave a great blowjob and I stroked my cock as I watched. Lucky for me she knew how horny I was and reached over and started to jerk my cock for me just seconds before her mouth moved over on top of it. Her mouth and tongue were so warm. She knew how to swirl her tongue around my cock while it was inside her mouth. She had been stroking Mark while sucking me and then she pulled his cock over closer and pushed it against my own and she crammed both our cocks in her mouth at once. She could only get three or four inches of both of us in but it was even warmer against Marks cock and with her mouth so stretched and full.

Mark was just as horny as I was and he was ready to fuck. He told Brenda to get on her hands and knees on the bed. She did as asked and backed her ass up to the edge. Mark took his position behind her and after rubbing his cock on her wet slit a few times he buried it deep inside her. She had her head down on the bed and a glazed look in her eyes while being rocked by Marks thrusts. Mark ws standing with his legs spread and I saw that I would fit in there nicely. I crawled backwards through his legs and had my face three inches from where her pussy lips were clinging to his thick cock. I shoved my face between her thighs and started licking and tongueing her pussy, clit, and his cock. Brenda started shaking again and started releasing her juice all over Marks cock and my face. After her orgasm slowed Mark asked me to lick his balls, which I gladly did. They were wet from her juices and I sucked off every drop while he slowly fucked his wifes wet pussy. After a minute he pulled out of her pussy and saw my hard cock and motioned me to her and mouth to me "fuck her". I was happy but surprised because our initial agreement was for oral only. I stood quickly and got in the same position as he had been and aimed my cock at Brendas wet gash. She was so wet and warm inside I wanted to slam all the way home but I took a few short thrusts and before long I was slammng as much as I could into her. We could all hear the wet sloshing sounds her pussy made as I pistoned in and out. She was sort of whimpering and moaning at the same time. Brenda started to finger her clit from underneath and I felt her pussy tighten up on me. She was slamming her ass back on me as her next orgasm hit her. After her third or fourth spasm my cock couldn't take any more and since I didn't know if I could cum inside her, I pulled out of her pussy and in two strokes I shot my cum all over her ass. Brenda was still slowly rubbing her clit and moaning each time she felt another warm deposit land on her.

After a minute, I grabbed a nearby towel and wiped off most of my cum from her ass. What was left I got off with a few licks and kisses. All the time I had been fucking and cumming on his wife, Mark had been standing just a couple feet away watching and stroking his ready to bust cok. Once Brenda was clean she turned over on her back. Mark asked me to suck his cock and I got down on my knees and took over his jerking while I popped the head in and out of my mouth. Brenda was on the bed rubbing her blue dildo across her slit watching me take her husbands cock deep in my throat. Mark told me, "she wants to see me cum in your mouth". The exhibitionist in me was more than hapy to oblige. I mean, this is what the threesome stuff is all about. Mark and I turned a little to give Brenda the best view possible. I think I really wanted to give her a good show. I was slobbering all over his cock while I was fondling his balls in my hand. He was getting closer after holding off so long and started to fuck my mouth with hard thrusts while he held my head on each side. After a dozen or so thrusts he pulled out of my mouth and started stroking hard while I sat under him with my mouth wide open. Brenda was still rubbing her cunt but at a much faster pace now. Mark announced "here it comes" and I saw the first drop fall before the first spurt shot straight into my mouth. Of the four large explosions he had, I caught two in my mouth and the others were on my face and neck. I wiped that off with my fingers and licked it up as well. Then he brought his softening cock to my mouth and I licked and cleaned and swallowed until he was too sensitive to take any more.

I was wiping the rest of the cum off me with the same towel I used on Brenda. I even found a nice glob on my thigh which I promptly scooped off and ate while they both watched. When I was finished both Mark and I laid back on the bed with Brenda in the middle. We had gone for almost an hour and were tired and satisfied. I brought Brenda some water and Mark and I had a cigarette. They told me that they really enjoyed me and wanted to get together regularly. Even though their schedule doesnt allow for much we all agreed to get together whenever we could. They started to get dressed as they both had to work in the morning and I told them to let me know the next time they had some free time. We said our goodbyes and goodnights.

The following week Mark started to text me that they would have the house to themselves on Friday night and we could play there. As luck would have it, on Thursday Brenda got her period. She didn't want to have sex but she did want to watch me suck Mark. Mark had to work late that night and didn't get home till ten. I arrived a little after that and went right to the living room where Brenda was on the couch in a tight white tshirt and no bra and small blue cotton shorts. Mark was only in shorts himself. He offered me a beer and we all sat on the sectional sofa. Once we were almost finished with our beer Mark asked me if I wanted some cock. I started to rub his crotch and told him "Oh Yeah"! He lifted his hips so I could yank his shorts down and off him. By now, I was sitting on the floor in front of him in between his legs and Brenda was on his left watching and rubbing her tits through her shirt. That was the last I remember seeing Brenda as I focused all my attention on Marks quickly hardening cock. I stroked it and noticed how nice it looked before licking the tip and the rim under it. I was licking everywhere, the tip, the shaft, his balls, and even his pubic hair above his cock till I felt him shiver when I hit that nerve. That was my cue to take his cock deep and I started to fuck his cock with my mouth.

He started to lift off the couch to get as much of his cock inside as he could. He was moaning and shouting "YES" as I could tell he was about to blow. I felt that familiar feeling of his cock hardening and he started to gasp with each rope of cum he shot into my mouth. I could feel the warm liquid fill my throat and I relaxed enough to let it slide down while the next shot filled me back up. He kept up the slow fucking motions even though there was no cum left. That gave me a chance to swallow what was left in my mouth and to clean any left over cum off his cock. After I got him clean I finally looked over at Brenda as she just sat there slowly rubbing her hard nipples with her mouth open breathing heavy. After Mark got his shorts back on we hung out for a little while longer and then called it a night. I didn't cum till I got home which didn't take long as I was so turned on from the oral show I put on.

We're planning another get together soon and I will share the details in the next chapter.

The End
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2 years ago
thanks for the story and my boner
2 years ago
hot as fuck!!
2 years ago
Buddy, if you are ever too busy or have your hands full, let me know- I'd love to take your place with those 2!!! Great story and so fucking hot as hell- thanks!!!

2 years ago
FULLY-HOT. Damn, you can WRITE a good story. I'm rock-HARD.
2 years ago
Another great story
2 years ago
I'm happy to report that I saw them again last night and there is another chapter on the way.
2 years ago
Another great bi adventure. You just can't beat bi sex.
2 years ago
I got rock hard reading this! great story
2 years ago
Great story! Well written. So, it was real? Not fiction? Wow.
2 years ago
Totally HOT! We love mfm like this.So hot when all 3 play together like this!