Moms' Night Out (Part 2)

Moms' Night Out (Part2)

After that incredible morning my mother and I were like newlyweds. I couldn't keep my hands off her. I even moved into her bed to have more access to her always hot and ready pussy. I was fucking her 2-3 times a day that week and loved every minute of it. After a couple nights I asked mom to tell me more about her gangbang the Friday before. She loved telling me how many times she came and what a thrill it was to take on all those cocks. Her slutty talk always lead me right to a powerful explosion of cum inside her pussy. It must have triggered my memory because one evening after dinner I asked Mom about her date with Eduardo on Friday night. Due to his business he could only meet after hours. Mom had been working on closing two properties for him for the last year and they had grown close as you can imagine. She had first fucked Eduardo about 6 months ago but had only gotten together with him another half dozen times before the gangbang. He was single but supposedly had a long time girlfriend in another state. My mother told me she planned to have Eduardo come to our home to sign some documents on Friday night. She didn't expect they would be able to do more than that. I asked her "How do you think Eduardo would feel if he knew about us Mom"? She looked at me with a wry smile and sort of chuckled and told me "He told me his first time was with his older s****r when he was I think he could handle this". I know we were both thinking the same thing and I asked her "Do you think he would like to join us"? Mom replied enthusiastically... "Oh God, Tony, I'm getting wet and tingly just thinking about it"

With a crazed look in my eye and a hardening cock in my pants I explained to Mom my idea of having her tell Eduardo that I was going to be out for the evening and when they were through with business they could enjoy a little pleasure. At a prearranged time Mom would have him bed and I would return unexpectedly. I would watch them through the left open door. I would be silent until Mom would whisper something in his ear and alert him of my presence and her acceptance of it. By now we figured he would be in such a state that he would be okay with anything. Mom would call me over to join them and go from there. With the personal information Mom knew about him I figured that even on the off chance that he wasn't interested, he would still be quiet and discrete. After last weeks' gangbang, Mom was pretty sure he would be up for anything and she was looking forward to me sharing her. I was already going out of my mind in anticipation. The plans got us both horned up and when when we went to bed an hour later we fucked to exhaustion telling each other how we wanted Friday to go.

I don't know how either of us made it to Friday but it was finally here. Mom was going to be leaving work early and getting home several hours before Eduardos' 8pm arrival time. Mom got herself showered and shaved and ready for the nights activities while I prepared a quick dinner. We went over the final details while we ate and I got the dishes cleaned while Mom got her business papers prepared with a glass of wine. With a tight hug and lingering kiss I said goodbye to Mom and left around 7:30 to head for the local tavern. Mom was going to tell Eduardo that I was going camping for the night with my friend and his Dad and would be gone till Saturday evening. I was going to explain my early return with a story about a closed road and pile-up that f***ed us to turn around and come home. I sat having a beer imagining Eduardos arrival, moms explanation and his anticipation of fucking her. Mom was so horny she wouldn't need any coke tonight.

I only needed to kill about an hour, but it was the longest hour of my life I finally made my way back to the house and quitely entered at 9:00. Mom said it would only take an hour for her to conduct businesss and have Eduardo in bed. True to form, Mom was right on time and as I approached her door I could hear her panting and him grunting. He was on top of her missionary and slamming his cock all the way in on every thrust. Mom glanced over and saw me in the doorway and smiled her special smile. I had my pants down and my hand stroking my hard cock watching Eduardos cock, wet with Moms juices, piston in and out her pussy. Mom wrappd her arms around his neck and cooed "Ooohh baby"...then trailed off and started to talk into his ear. After a few seconds he lifted his head, looked into her eyes and kissed her deep and long. He started to thrust even harder and finally turned to look over at me in the doorway watching with my mouth open and my fist flying. Mom broke the silence "Tony, baby, come over closer so you can see I can see my big boys cock better". I moved over toward the bed, stepping out of my pants on my way, and stopped at the side of the bedat the same level as my mothers head. Mom was still panting from the fucking she was getting and said to Eduardo "Doesn't my son have a beautiful cock"? His eyes and lust were wild and as if he had been let in on the plan he said "I bet it tastes good too Marci". Mom took the cue and reached out to replace my hand around my cock. She pulled me closer and right in between her lips. Eduardo continued fucking her hot pussy while he watched her engulf her sons cock just a few inches away. Mom feasted on my cock tasting the sweet precum that was leaking out. "Take that cock baby, take all your sons cock in your mouth..I love how slutty you are..I want to see you fuck your son too" With that said, I started to fuck Moms mouth with the same vigor as Eduardo was fucking her pussy. We were both speeding up and getting ready to cum. "I'm gonna cum Mom..swallow my cum Mom..swallow my cum please"...All Mom could do was moan around my cock as it expanded and began to shoot a thick load of cum down her throat. This set Eduardo off and he shoved in deep as he unloaded his hot cum inside Moms spasming pussy. After swallowing the last off my cum, Mom closed her eyes and went into her own orgasm that had her shaking with her mouth open. Her face was a flushed rosy color I had come to recognize and enjoy as her orgasm face.

We only needed a minute to rest when Mom continued with our plan. "Does my baby boy want to learn all about sex from his mother and her lover"? "Yes, Mom, that made me so hot, I never came that much before" I told her. We were playing up the innocent son who needed to be taught angle and it seemed to be working. When Eduardo pulled out of Moms wet pussy he rolled over and pulled her with him to make room for me in the bed. I slid in next to Mom and started to rub her tits and hard nipples and when she turned to me our lips and tongues met. Eduardo was watching and rubbing her other tit and his cock was showing signs of getting hard again. Mom reached down and took his cock in her hand and he moved up so she could reach better. She brought him all the way to our faces and when I turned his cock was right in front of my face. It was wet from fresh pre cum and Mom said "Do you want to taste him honey"? My answer was to open my mouth so she could direct his cock through my waiting lips. Eduardo was almost fully hard again when he started to fuck my mouth. I don't know who was enjoying it more, me, him or Mom, but just then she pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled it down to hers. It was so hot to watch her suck him from so close. They were both getting into the blowjob Mom was giving so I moved down Moms' body and as she spread her legs I moved right in between so I could gaze at her beautiful hairy pussy matted with her and Eduardos' cum. It looked so delicious I had to dive right in and heard Mom squeel when my tongue speared her pussy. Eduardos cum was just starting to leak out and it tasted great. I licked and sucked Moms pussy and clit while she was worshipping Euardos' cock with her mouth. She had another orgasm before I could clean her fully and by then I was hard as a rock again. Again, with perfect timing, Mom said "I want to ride my sons' big cock..I want his cock in my pussy"! It didn't take any time for me to be on my back and for Mom to straddle me. With one quick aim I was sliding up into her hot pussy. She slammed down so she could take all of me and I could feel her pubic hair tickling my balls as I bottomed out against her cervix. Mom had since started to jerk Eduardo again and he was again ready for action. Mom knew what she watned and told him to get behind her. "Fuck my ASS"! "I want two cocks inside me..fuck my ass while my son fucks my pussy". Eduardo, with his hard cock in his hand jumped off the bed and moved up behind us. He rubbed his cock along Moms pussy slit and my wet cock for some lubrication and then pushed his cock against her asshole. Mom moved up keeping just the head of my cock inside her to make room for Eduardos' cock in her ass. Once he got the head inside, the rest of his cock slid in filling her bowels. When he pulled out again, Mom started to push on my cock again and soon was taking us in both her holes at the same time. She was completely stuffed with cock and loving it. Mom was in the middle of her fifth orgasm when Eduardo shouted he was cumming and let loose a stream of cum inside her ass. Mom could feel the warm liquid fill her anal cavity and it made her tighten her pussy around my cock. With the pressure from that, and from Eduardos cock being stuffed fully inside her ass, I couldn't take any more and started to shoot my load inside her pussy even though I was no longer moving in and out of her. I unloaded as deep in her as I could then laid back to catch my breath. When Mom felt the second load of cum entering her it sent her off on yet another orgasm to where she slumped over me and almost passed out. Eduardo moved away from her and I could feel his cock disengage from her ass and I felt the stream of cum from her ass running down my leg. When my softening cock fell out of Moms' pussy she finally opened her eyes and looked into mine. She was completely satisfied and kissed me. We all lay in bed enjoying the moment when Eduardo asked Mom.."Is this really the first time you and your son have had sex"? Mom decided to come clean and tell him of the events the morning after the gangbang. He was shocked, excited and very glad we decided to trust him and bring him into our secret. So much so that he asked me "Tony..since you liked hearing about it so would you like to see your Mom get gangbanged in person...and even join in the fun"? I looked at Mom with cum running out of her ass and pussy and a look of bliss on her smiling face and told Eduardo "I'd love it..I'd really love it.

The End

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1 year ago
Great story I hope there's more to come.
1 year ago
I love it hope you keep going reminds me of the lady down the street when i grew up
2 years ago
Hell, yes, I'm also interested in part 3 (and 4, and 5...)
2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. If there is interest, I will write it.
2 years ago
Great story. Is there a part 3?
2 years ago
you know how I love 'Tony" thanks babe for the newest chapter .. I am eager for the next gang bang too
2 years ago
Great story