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where hae you been?

sorry, i have been laying around, masturbating 1-2 times a day, i look at your nice big titties in that sweater and want so much to see them out in full bloom, dark nipples calling to me to suckle, I PULL THE FORESKIN BACK ON MY COCK AND IMAGINE YOU NAKED exposed to me and i pull my cock and rub my balls, I imagine your big tits hovering over me, you looking down at me while i jack off my cock with one hand and my other spreading your pussy lips exposing your pink moist lips, i want to taste you so bad, to slide my tongue back and forth, up and down, in and out, you look down at my skinny white cock and tell me to suck your pussy, my tongue is inside you, your clit against my nose and i move sideways back and forth, your clit is hard and reaching out to my touch, i take it between my lips ever so gently and suckle it, i can taste your honey, hot and thick running down my chin, i want to drink it all, i want more, i let go of my cock because i am ready to spew my cum but want to wait, my free hand reaches up and pulls on your nipple, then it moves down and i shove it up inside you, it goes in so easy, your flowing juices make it easy for me to put two more fingers inside you and you moan slightly, Your clit feel like a hard marble between my lips, my tongue brushing it up and down and all around, i feel your pussy walls tighen on my fingers, and your thighs jerk as you cum against my tongue, i losen my lips grip and caress it more gently, guided by your reaction to each brush, i scurry down and quickly lick your pussy hole and your inner thighs where you have gotten all wet, i slurp and you your amused at how much you like your little cunt lapper, i reach down and with two strokes you see my cock explode and shoot hot white cum all over your thighs.. your amused, that you have such control over this pussy licker, knowing full well, he is your pussy slave that will lick you whenever and wherever you tell him and he loves eating your cum,
he will lick you for hours or just make you cum fast so you can get back to your f****y or work. he doesnt care if you have a husband or a boyfreind because he knows he is your pussy licker and he wants to be used by you for that, with no strings,

Posted by fkmyface 2 years ago
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2 years ago
please feed it to me,
2 years ago
yes please