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A stranger knocks ,

not sure what he wants, you open the door, its election time so he is handing out brochures, but he keeps glancing at your crotch, You know what this guy wants and you could use a little so you invite him in to discuss the issues. Once inside you tell him your getting ready for a date so lets talk while you change, you tell me to sit. I do and you pull off your shirt then your pants. You walk over and i see the outline of your cock in your underwear, you come closer and stand there with your cock a foot away from my face, you see my eyes glazed over staring at it, wanting it, you move closer a... Continue»
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I stopped by to look at what you had for sale on craigs list, you have on loose basketball shorts and obviously nothing under them. you catch me staring at it, it starts to grow the more I stare with wonton eyes, i kneel down to look at what you have for sale, positioning myself just inches from your bulge, I pick up the item for sale and my elbow brushes your bulge, i see its reaching harder for the sky, kneeling, i start to get up and slip, my face lands against your cock, I need to see it, its driving me crazy knowing it wants to feel, to grow, to explode, I want it in my mouth, my hand rea... Continue»
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Feeling a bit in the mood for some man time after sucking some nice bbw pussy last week, so I replied to two different craigslist ads of men needing a cock sucker. The first guy hd e drive to his SW apartment, mid 50's straight but horny, He answered the door in his sweats and a t shirt, led me in to the couch and asked how it was going. I reached over and put my hand on his thigh, slid it up to feel his semi-had cock and told him, it's going good. I rubbed his bulge, then slipped my hand inside, I love the feel of a soft or semi soft cock, its skin is like velvet, I rubbed and toyed with it t... Continue»
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friday next week, need some players

One of my old friends I lost contact with emailed me today to see if I still have friends that would like to eat her pussy, She loves 2-5 men, women all admiring her pussy and ignoring her other than to feed her some cock. Got to see who is available for some pussy munchin and maybe a little cock sucking. If your local and can meet next Friday around 1:30-2 in the afternoon, give me a shout out. male or female, its all good
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[Story] All I wanted was to help

So I have a neighbor who is 85 and he has hip problems so he cant walk much. one day he asked if i would go get some groceries for him which of course i said yes. Upon returning, i knocked and he yelled come on in. I set the bags of food down in the kitchen and he asked me bring him a drink. I grabbed a bottle of something and went into the living room. he sat there his robe wide open and his legs spread. I habded him his drink and he asked if i could stay for a while, knowing e is always alone, i sat down and tried not to look at his huge ball sac and his penis perched on top of it. I guess h... Continue»
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i HAD TO a small town in washington today. I drank way too much coffee so i found a pull off where hikers park and go walking that had rest rooms. I went into the place and noticed another guy, looked like a truck driver, beard, 45ish big gut, levis and leather vest. I walked up to the urinal next to him and proceeded to pee, Being bi, i always want to sneek a peek but you got to be careful not to get your ass whooped. So i am peeing and I glance carefully in the general direction of his urinal, wow, what a shock, he was holding a very hard cock in his hand
and not trying to hide it. Now i ... Continue»
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Use it

We meet and i fall to my knees, i unzip and pull out your soft cock, I admire its head and begin to lick its cum hole and underside before I open my lips and guide it onto my tongue. I close my lips and begin gently sucking. I feel iy growing, I am thinking to my self I am in control of this wonderful cock and I love it, Your cock knows better, it likes this cock suckers warm wet and slippery mouth, its starts pushing in and out by itself, but it wants my throat too, I feel your hands on my head, holding it in place while your hips thrust your cock in and out, deeper with every stroke, I fe... Continue»
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Freind looking for group in beaverton for 2nd week

she is asking:

hey there so tell me when are you gonna get a group together? maybe a group of guys who maybe wanna watch me play with myself I could be on the floor on a sheet and all the guys and girls if want can stand over me in a circle and watch me or help me:)....I want my pussy licked and tits pinched

I will pull my cunt lips open so your tongue can slide deep in my wet juicy hole while another tongue is licking my ass and a finger is plying with my clit and hands all over my nipples pinching and slapping them

so, will need a place to play on a friday 3-7 pm

let me know
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true love

There is nothing finer than a warm wet pussy pressed against my lips, its pearl exposed to my tongue, my mouth filling with your warm thick honey, i dont want to miss a drop, I want your cum so bad, my tongue goes deep, then back to your clit, i push 1 finger than two inside you, your clit swells up and reaches out to meet my tongue, i feel your hands on my head guiding me, my face is dripping and i want it all, i want to push my whole face up inside you but i have to settle for my tongue dancing with your clit
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I need someone to play with,
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orgy cancelled

had a freind lined up for a 4-5 some and she came down with the flu. Gonna have a few unhappy penises. Luckily I still have a one on one party Friday night
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good month

Well it's been a month to remember. It started with a mid 50's girl I met on line who agreed to let me go down on her, we played twice so far and really enjoy eating her shaved pussy. is was supposed to be me suck her only, no other, but after she came, she got up on her hands and kness and told me to give it to her. unfortunately her pussy is so tight i can only fuck for about 5 minutes before loosing it.

I placed another ad on craigslist and had a 35 yr old chocolate girl respond, we met at mcdonalds and she stripped down and jumped in the back seat telling me to lick that sweet black pu... Continue»
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[Story] helping out

I love sucking pussy, then one day I met a guy and after a few months of hanging out, we went 4 wheeling, while driving he told he wife quit putting out and how friggin horny he is. He told me he is getting tired of jacking off to porn and needs a fucking blow job. We laughed about it but i noticed he was hard. He pulled over to pee and we got out
and i saw his cock. mine is about 5-6 inches and kinda skinny. his was 6-7 and fat,, even soft. I became hypnotized by it I got that urge you get in the pit of your stomach when your getting excited
anyway, he saw me staring and said you gay d... Continue»
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where hae you been?

sorry, i have been laying around, masturbating 1-2 times a day, i look at your nice big titties in that sweater and want so much to see them out in full bloom, dark nipples calling to me to suckle, I PULL THE FORESKIN BACK ON MY COCK AND IMAGINE YOU NAKED exposed to me and i pull my cock and rub my balls, I imagine your big tits hovering over me, you looking down at me while i jack off my cock with one hand and my other spreading your pussy lips exposing your pink moist lips, i want to taste you so bad, to slide my tongue back and forth, up and down, in and out, you look down at my skinny wh... Continue»
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