our holiday

Our Holiday
Day 1

We hear the voice on the loudspeaker call our flight number, we shuffle along with all the other passengers and board our plane. The plane is one of those big American ones, where everything is big. You spot a smirk on my face as we pass one of the many large loos, wondering why I would be smiling at a toilet.

We take our seats and you drift off into light sl**p. The next thing you know, your being woken up by me brushing past you to get up. I signal you to follow with a nod of my head. You hesitate to move but for some reason you can’t help but get up and follow. I lead you to one of the toilets, take you in and lock the door.
We share a smile together as our eyes lock. We kiss each other as our hands roam around each other’s bodies. I reach under your top and play with your nipples while you reach into my shorts, take out my cock and gently wank it.
I lift up your skirt, pull down your thong and lift you onto the counter. I grab your leg and kiss my way down it. From your foot to the end of your inner thigh, I lightly flick my tongue across your clit, I press my lips to it as I suck and lick on it. I slide two fingers inside of you.
Slowly I kiss my way back up your body, as I do this I slide my cock inside you making you moan. You bite my lip a little bit but the moan still escapes from your soft lips. I gradually get harder with my thrusts until you can’t hold back any longer and cum all over my stiff cock. Moaning and screaming, not caring if anyone hears us. The thought of us getting caught sends me over the edge, I cum deep inside of you. We embrace each other for a while before returning to our seats with huge grins plastered on our faces.
Day 2
We awaken from a peaceful sl**p, you get in the shower while I lay in bed for a while. I get up and follow you into the bathroom after a short while and get in the shower with you. I pick up the shower gel and start to rub some into your back, massaging your back and neck as I do so.
You reach back and grab my dick, instantly it grows in your hand. Your soft touch drives me crazy as you caress my cock in your hand. I turn you around and start to rub soap into your chest, pulling and twisting your nipples. You begin to wank my cock faster as my hands tease your body. I work my hands down your sexy body to your clit and lightly rub it.
You moan loudly as I slip two fingers deep inside of you and kiss you passionately. You bite hard on my lip and cup my balls in your other hand. I bend you over and kneel down. I reach around your body and tease your clit with my fingers as I slide my tongue in and out of your tight wet pussy, making you come all over my tongue. I stand up and slip my cock into you slowly while lightly spanking your arse. I make love to you slowly till we both come together, moaning and screaming. We embrace under the shower then get ready and go out.
Day 3
I wake up late in the day and get ready, you aren’t in the bedroom so I make my way downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. As I’m coming down the stairs I notice you lying on a sun lounger in the back garden by the pool, masturbating furiously. I walk to the window and pull out my cock and start to stroke it as I watch you rub your clit, slide your fingers inside yourself and playing with your firm tits and hard nipples.
I make my way towards you quietly and stand over you while we masturbate together. You look up and see me rubbing my big fat stiff cock; the surprise of seeing me there sends you over the edge and you cum all over your hand. You take your hand then begin to lick and suck your fingers dry as you watch me play with my cock. I play with my cock till I cum all over your tits, covering them in my hot cum.
We get in the pool for a dip to cool off. After a while of splashing around we start to kiss against the side of the pool, I slide my cock into you and pump my stiff cock as hard as I can into your tight pussy as you scream my name and cum all over my dick and scratch my back. Your nails digging into my back and the spasms from your pussy makes me shoot my load deep inside of you.

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good but short