Breakfast Fuck with My Young Son

I divorced my husband when our son was only 6 years old. He remarried and our son lived with me. After my divorce, my boyfriends come and go. I finally had a long term relationship with a guy but then we broke up after 2 years. My son had just turned 15.

I remembered it was a Saturday at my baby s****r’s wedding and I had a lot to drink. My girlfriend took me home and I told I was fine and asked her to just leave me. But I ended up going into the wrong room, my son’s room. My vision was very blurry from the tipsy. And I saw my son whom I thought was my ex-boyfriend in my bed. I was fucking horny from seeing my baby s****r with her new husband. So I fucked the shit out of my son thinking I was making love with my ex.

The next morning when I woke up with my hangover I freaked out. I was naked waking up next to my son. I thought, “Shit, I didn’t fuck my son last night.” My son was also naked and I check his dick. He had no condom on. I knew I outdone myself this time. Not only I fucked my own son, but I might get pregnant by him. I didn’t know how to react.

I tried to get out of his bed quietly so I don’t wake him up, but it was without success. He was already awake and tried to kiss me on my lips. I pushed him away and quickly got out of his room. After spending much time in the showers trying to wash away my sin, I got dressed and left the house to my girlfriend’s.

I called my son at home to let him know that I was going to spend a few nights at my girlfriend’s house. My son was old enough to take care of himself so I wasn’t worried. The only thing I worried was that I might get pregnant from my own son. I couldn’t tell my girlfriend what happened, so I just told her that I had unprotected sex with a young boy and was afraid that I get pregnant from him.

I was indeed trying to run away from what happened, but I knew I can’t run away forever and had to go back home sooner or later. Strange though during the nights when I was sl**ping over at my girlfriend’s place I couldn’t stop thinking about my son and me doing it. My pussy was aching for my son’s dick and I really wanted to feel him inside me without being in a tipsy. I finger fuck my pussy to sl**p while thinking about my son.

I thought being apart from my son would cool down me and my son from this heat, but I was definitely wrong. I was hungrier for my son. Although there were a few days left in my 2 week vacation, my vacation felt like it went by quickly. I return home when my son was already in school. The good part of me wished for my son to forget what happened, but a large part of me was hoping that my son wanted me as much as I wanted him. I stayed in my bed thinking about how I would face my son.

That afternoon when my son got home from school, he went straight to my room knowing that I was home. I asked him to come over to sit on my bed so we could have a long time about what happened. But then he kissed me and one thing led to another, before I can stay strong, we fucked again. I fucked his brains out in my bed all afternoon before dinner time. I drained my own son dry, but I did make him use a condom because I wasn’t comfortable with my son’s bare dick inside me. Besides, I would never want to be caught dead pregnant with my own son’s baby.

After dinner, I took a shower and wanted to go to bed early. But then my son came in my room and I knew what he had in mind. We fucked all night long and my scream of having my orgasm filled the room. Then finally when we were both drained, we fell asl**p in each other’s arms. I knew we were no longer mother and son, but immoral lovers.

On the early morning, I woke up and I enjoyed waking up with my son next to me. Getting out of bed with my son still in it made my pussy so wet instantly. After I took my shower, I didn’t even bother to dress myself. I walked to the kitchen naked and just putted on an apron to prepare breakfast. I was behind a counter making sandwich for my son. My apron couldn’t cover my naked ass and I knew my son would see me like this. I wanted to see how my young boy would react to his naked mother in the kitchen. I was such a naughty mother.

Not long later, my son finally walked into the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around me and tried to feel on my breasts through my apron.

“Good morning, Carol.” He said.

“Hey, young man, that’s mom to you. Just because I let you fuck me and sl**p in my bed doesn’t mean you can call me by my first name. I am still the woman who gave birth to you, so you should still call me, mom. I guess I still deserved that much respect from you.” I said firmly with a smile.

“I’m sorry mom. I hope you’re not mad at me.” He said.

“No, I’m not mad at you, son. I’m mad at myself for letting this happen.” I answered.

“Mom, I thought you liked it?” He asked.

“Oh, I do. And I certainly like the way you’re feeling on my breasts right now. Hmm, it makes me feel so good.” I answered.

Then I felt a hard thing rubbing against my butt cheek. It was my son’s hard dick. He took down his pants and he was rubbing his hard thing on my butt cheek. And he started to in between my butt and on my pussy lips. It felt so good and made me get so horny I was starting to heat up. But I continued focusing on making the sandwiches and pretended I didn’t care. I felt his head slowing entering my pussy.

“Now, son, I told you that we can’t fuck without a condom on you. If you want me, you’ll have to get a condom from my room.” I said.

“But we did it once before without a condom. Don’t you want to feel my dick inside you without a rubber?” He said.

“No. I can still get pregnant, so you better not touch me without a condom.” I said firmly.

But damn that boy didn’t listen. He pushed his hard dick inside my pussy without a condom.

“Ahhh….” I moaned and I stopped what I was doing.

I tried to get out, but he backed me against the counter that I was standing behind from and I can’t get out or turn around. He started pumping in and out of my pussy. God, he made me feel so good I forgot about the whole condom issue.

“I knew you like it, mom.” He said breathing heavily.

He pulled my apron out of me and tossed it on the floor. He placed his hands on my naked breasts and started squeezing them while he pumped my pussy. Shit, my pussy was wet. I could hear the squishing sound when he pumped my pussy from being so wet. He was driving me insane.

“Ohhh….please don’t cum in me, baby, I beg you. But don’t stop yet.” I said.

“I can’t hold it, mom.” He said.

“Then pull it out now, don’t shoot it inside me.” I ordered.

He pulled out and shot his load on the kitchen floor. I was tired from the excitement I leaned over on the counter to rest and gasped for air. But I wasn’t satisfied yet. He lay on the floor on his back. My son was so strong like other young boys, because his dick just recovered and was hard again pointing right up the ceiling.

I couldn’t think of anything else but to jump on my son’s hard dick and fuck him on the kitchen floor. Within seconds I was already riding on his dick and humped him nonstop moving my hips up and down on him. My son placed his hands on my butt and looked helplessly while I rode on top of him.

I was like a hungry cougar devouring her prey. Only this cougar, she uses her pussy to suck the life of her prey, her own son. But after countless pumps, I felt my pussy’s contact on his hard dick loosen. Oh god, I knew the worst happened again. He cum inside me. I pulled out of him and my pussy was dripping out his cum mixed with my pussy juice. I thought, “Shit, I’m 46 already. I can’t get pregnant now, and by my own son.”

I rushed out of the kitchen to the bathroom leaving my son lying on the kitchen floor naked. I tried to clean my pussy as thorough as possible, but I knew if I was going to get knocked up then I will. However, I was lucky that I didn’t get pregnant by that. I guess I wasn’t as fertile as I used to be. Thanks goodness!

My son continued sl**ping in my bed with me, and we continued fucking around the house and in my bed, like crazy lovers. But I never allowed him to touch me without a condom again and he couldn’t complain. And I always kept a close watch on him when he puts on the condom so he can’t do any tricks to the condom. I am not going to be the mother of my own grandc***d.

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5 months ago
sorry, but you are little supid..
Look, even one short touch of dick head onto cunt lips can to leave enough /small numbers/ sperm i.e.
from pre cum especially, and they are possible slide and came through the cunt tunnel into womb and
then just one male egg /sperm/ is earn to feritile female agg so make a pregnancy as normal happening.
Sometimes penetration with condom at dick could be dangerous if man ejaculation just little escape
over condom edge and that is possible soever 1% or1%%... sperms are like soldiers, and some soldier
can to fight up to death and goig through the/pussy/ walls ...
7 months ago
tis not often i totaly agree with big daddy but this is one, a good story as a story, but as a mother shes a hopeless waste of space who has no bloody idea, or morals
11 months ago
Personally I get the feeling mother Carol has no feelings for her son--or any cild for that matter!! She's the one that begn the affair, and her drunken stupor is no fucking excuse, PERIOD!! She's the irresponsible one, the one that got dunk without any regard of getting home, with no regrets for leaving her son home to fend for himself--and she comes home falling-down, whorishly drunk on her ass!! totally irresponsible mother, parent and does not deserve her son nor any the likes of him!! She has no love, no compassion, no respect!
1 year ago
Carol likes her son's dick, but she doesn't have any compassion for her son, "...uses her pussy suck the life of her prey, her own son..."!! Her attitude makes for a lousy carnal lover's life style!
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
makes me so hard
2 years ago
very good story
2 years ago
Very hot.
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
Lucky son, I never managed an all nighter with my mom.
2 years ago
hot story x
2 years ago
very good story, very realistic worries from the mom, and the son was great!
3 years ago
wish i had a mom like that haha
3 years ago
ultra hot!!
3 years ago
wow ist great
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
naughty but horny
3 years ago
Hot !
3 years ago
Great! I love your mommy stories. Perhaps you could write some daddy/daughter stories?
3 years ago
3 years ago
thx for the support! comments are always welcome!
3 years ago
3 years ago
It is just a story. Damm the condoms.
Might put in a Caveat " always Practice Safe Sex"
Learn to swallow.
3 years ago
3 years ago
2 more birth control methods,consider ANALSEX,100% effected against unwanted pregnancy.Next SWALLOW his load 99% effected assuming he fucking you and he pulls out,you only have to worry about the pre-cum which is 1%
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
very hot story thanks for the share
3 years ago
this is a hot story,first she had 2 wrap her mind around fucking her son,but she could not concieve in mind about getting pregnant,shit since went that why not try some other birth control,like a female condom which you can wear up to 8 hours or take a fucking pill,or morning after pill,she is fucking the shit out of him until they are both drained,but she was always worried that she would get pregnant,hell get an operation and enjoy that young dick tapp dancing on your Cervix.