Drove to Sex with My Impotent Father-In-Law

My husband, Saul, and I have been married close to 2 years and our second anniversary was coming up next month in May. Our wedding anniversary is also my birthday. That’s right, my husband and I got married on my birthday. My husband is a very romantic guy, and he planned the whole thing so we could get marry on my birthday. With him putting my wedding ring on my finger was the best birthday present that I have ever received.

Our honeymoon was a little short of about 2 weeks in Hawaii, but I had the best time of my life. Whenever we were in our hotel room, we fucked like crazy, that I swear the bed was at its end of life when we checked out from that room. The sex was awesome.

Unlike in porn movies, in real life, I know a lot of guys will not do what the male porn stars would do to their partners. Case in point would be going down on their wife. How do I know this? I am not proud to say but my husband wasn’t my first lover. And yes, like many other women, I too went through a few lovers before I met Mr. Right. If I could have chose, I would definitely want my husband to be my first and only lover, but we all know that it’s close to important in real life. Anyways, my ex-lover wouldn’t go down on my pussy if his life was depending on it. He thought it wasn’t a manly thing to do and he whether sticks with the old humping and pumping.

My husband is the kind of guy would listen to what his woman wants in terms of sex, and he is not afraid to do things that I like to satisfy me. We always have nice long foreplays before getting into fucking, and sex liked that were very satisfying.

My ex-lover’s cock was really good though, but I just couldn’t stand his male ego in bed, so we broke after 2 months. After a week or so I met my husband through a friend in a social party, and he asked for my phone number, then we started going out and everything went from there.

I was turning 30 next month and I was looking forward to spending time with my husband on our anniversary. My husband is younger than me by 3 years, and his birthday is in July.

My husband’s parents were in a terrible car accident 5 years ago and his mother passed away. Luckily, his father survived, but suffered heavy injuries that took a year in the hospital to recover. It was a good thing that they had insurance to cover his medical bill. Their house was inherited from my husband’s grandfather and it was fully paid off so they had no mortgage to pay as well. My husband was just fresh out of college and got hired by a good accounting firm not too long before the accident. My husband spent much of his time in the hospital after work. When his father finally got out of the hospital and after another year of recovering at home, my husband finally regained his social life. And thank goodness for that, because otherwise we would have never met.

2 years of recovery and months of physical therapy his father was finally back to living like a normal person again. But then, there was a problem. He had erectile dysfunction and became impotent. He was only 45 at the time. Although many men at that age would be like a god in bed, but still should have many nights to come, so because of that, his father wasn’t talking much anymore, at least not about topics related with women.

My husband did try to fix his father up with some of his co-workers at the firm who were close to his father’s age, but his father’s inability to perform really put a load on his self-esteem and denied all dating chances. My husband brought his father to see many doctors and ther****ts but they all concluded that his father’s erectile dysfunction was a mental condition and not a physical inability. A few of those ther****ts said because his wife caused a trauma in his father’s mental health which was the main cause of his inability.

After my husband and I got married, his father left us the house and he moved out to an apartment. Although I even insisted that his father should live with us in his house, but he wanted us to have private times and he didn’t want to get in our marriage life.

My story happened a week before my anniversary which continued to the day of our anniversary.

I quitted my job after I got married because I told my husband that I could always be available to care for his father. I wasn’t a career woman and I enjoyed my housewife lifestyle. Having the house all to ourselves really did give us a lot of privacy, and my husband and I had great sex around the house. And I usually wear sexy lingerie and tight crotchless bodysuits around the house.

My husband had a fetish with me in tight lace see-thru crotchless bodysuits because he said that turned him on the most and he usually fucks me like crazy whenever I had one on, so I brought many different ones for my husband’s eyes only. I actually like them a lot myself because they are tight on my body which shows off my curvy body. The tightness gives a good lift to my breasts for a sex bra-less look. The crotchless opening on my bottom gives my husband a great easy access and an easy access for me when I finger myself when I’m alone. Not to mention the completely see-thru fabric leaving me practically naked for my husband’s eyes. Plus I wear one when I workout at home.

April is an accounting month for taxes, and so my husband had to work seven days a week during that month. On the Monday of the week before my anniversary, as usually I was in one of my tight crotchless bodysuits working on my cycle treadmill in the living room. I was thinking about how I would seduce my husband that night and make him fuck my brains out. In minutes of thinking about, my pussy was already itching for my husband’s cock and I was so, so horny. I got off the treadmill and sat down on the couch. I started fingering my pussy through the opening of my bodysuit. I was really getting into it with my eyes closed and moaning out pleasure wishing that my husband was home to fuck me.

Suddenly when I opened my eyes, my father-in-law was standing right across from the living room couch. I was so embarrass and shocked by his presence in the house and looking right at me. I quickly pulled my fingers out of my pussy, but oh my god were my fingers wet, covered in my pussy juice. I covered my breasts with one arm over and covered my bare pussy with my other hand. Although you can’t say I don’t have clothes on, but with the see-thru bodysuit on, I was good as naked in front of my father-in-law.

“Michael, when did you come in? I didn’t hear you knock. What are you doing here?” I asked nervously.

While his eyes were still looking at my body he said “Oh I’m sorry, I knocked on the door a few times but no one answer the door, so I thought you were out and I just use my key to come in.”

It was a very weird moment because I was there on the couch as good as naked with my hands and arms trying to cover my naked body and my father-in-law was just standing there staring at my body.

“Oh I see. Let me go change first, I’ll be back.” I said, and then ran out of the living room to my room.

When I finished putting back on some real clothes and went back to the living room, Michael had a toolbox in his hand and was about to leave.

“You’re leaving now.” I said.

“Yes, I just came here for the toolbox. I need to fix one of the kitchen cabinets in my apartment.” He said.

I walked him to the door and as he was about to step outside he stopped and turned around facing me. We both paused for a few seconds.

“I’m really sorry for walking in on you like that and I hope you would forgive me, Denise.” He said.

“It wasn’t your fault, so don’t worry about it, Michael.” I replied.

I caught him looking down on my breasts again, but I was already covered up and not even a cleavage is showing. He then turned around and left. Damn was I embarrassed by that moment, but I remembered that he was impotent and probably hadn’t seen a naked woman in years. And to a certain degree it turned me on, and I quickly felt that my pussy was itching more for my husband’s cock.

I went back to do some house work and got to enjoy a cup of tea as well, while of course reliving that moment with my father-in-law in my head. Not long, my husband came home and I welcomed him with a long kiss. But then I noticed that my husband was a little different than usually. He didn’t look tired, but instead, trouble minded.

“You look a bit drained, tough day at the office?” I asked.

“No. But I want to talk to you about some very important.” He replied.

“What’s wrong?” I asked again.

“Let’s go have a sit first and I’ll tell you.” He replied.

He brought me into the living room and we sat down on the couch.

“I talked to my dad on the phone this afternoon and he told me what happened.” He said.

“Oh my god, he told you. I’m sorry honey. I was going to tell you about it too.” I said nervously.

I thought my husband was upset about the whole thing. Basically it wasn’t my fault at all, I thought, but men have their ways of seeing thing and I didn’t know if my husband was mad or not. But I never thought it would be completely the opposite of what I was expecting from my husband.

“No, honey, it’s not like that. My dad told me that he could have sworn he felt his dick having a reaction when he saw you masturbating on the couch this morning.” He said.

He left me totally confused, so I asked “what are you saying?”

“What I’m about to say might sound crazy, please don’t get mad at me, but I think you can help my dad’s erectile dysfunction. And I really wish that you could help me on this.” He said.

“What are you trying to say? Are you asking me to help your father in bed?” I asked angrily.

“No, it’s not what you think. My dad has a fetish with women in bodysuits. I guess I inherited that from him. He was so turned on by you today that he finally felt his first physically response from his dick in years. I just want you to play with yourself in one of your bodysuits while my dad watches you. I just think this might work. The doctors said that his condition is mental and it seems that he is responding to you.” He said.

I couldn’t believe what he was asking me to do. And to hear that his father had the same fetish with women in bodysuits as my husband came to no surprise, like father like son.

“How could you even ask me to do such a thing?” I said angrily.

“I knew you were going to be mad once I bring this up to you, but since we are always honest to each other I thought I tell you about it and hope that you can consider helping my dad. You know I love you very much. Never in a million years would I want to share you with anyone else, but my dad really needs help. You’re my wife, and my dad is your dad. Don’t you want to help your dad? Honey, I promise that if you help me on this I’ll do anything you ask. I’m begging.” He said with a cute sad face.

Damn, my husband was good at softening me up. I really did gotten less angry and more to supporting his concern. And I was already so horny and really needed his cock real bad.

After a moment of silence I said, “Well…fine, I’ll give it a try. But only if you can fuck my brains out right now, so if my pussy is not satisfied, the deal is off.”

His face was finally smiling again and he leaned over to meet my lips with his giving me a kiss. He then lifted me up and brought me into the kitchen.

“I thought you’re going to fuck your wife’s brains out, aren’t we going in bed?” I asked with witty smile.

He sat me down facing him on top of the kitchen countertop. He slowly pulled down my pants and pants. I quickly unbutton my blouse as he took off his shirt. I tossed my blouse on the floor and undone my bra, and when I was about to pull it out, he stopped me with his hands.

“Let me help you with that,” said my husband with a sexy voice.

He kissed me on my lips and slowly worked his kiss to my neck, and then moving down from my neck to my left shoulder pulling down my bra strap with his teeth. He pulled down my other bra strap on my right shoulder with his left hand, and then with his lips, he grabbed on to the bra cup, pulled it out of me and tossed on the floor.

My husband was always good at taking things slow to turn me on. He started to suck on each of my nipples for a good 20 seconds each, while he rubbed on my pussy with his fingers. I answered his caress with my hand on his cock, jerking it up and down preparing it for myself. After he finished working my nipples he slowly leaned me back on the kitchen countertop, and then he went down on my pussy and began munching on it while he had one hand on each of my breasts gently squeezing them in circular motions.

His tongue drove me crazy and my hands were on his head moving my fingers through his hair as I moaned with pleasure. If there was a heaven, I thought I was in it already, lost in the sedation of pleasure.

After minutes of tongue fucking on my pussy and shoved he fingers in and out of me while he came back up sucking on my neck. Shit, I really felt my body heated up so bad with his body against mine.

“Oh…shit, you got me, get inside me now.” I begged loudly.

“You sure, honey. I can hold it a little longer if you want.” He said.

He fingered my pussy faster and my screams of pleasure filled the kitchen.

“Damn it, get inside me now, I can’t take it. I need your cock. We can cum together, get inside me now.” I ordered.

Finally he pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his cock in my pussy. He brought his fingers that were inside my pussy to my mouth and I started sucked on them tasting my own pussy juice. His cock was always a perfect fit in my pussy.

“God, you made me wait for your cock for so long. Shit…keep fucking me, I’m almost there.” I cried.

“Hold it a little more, I’m almost there too.” He said breathing heavily.

“Ah…I can’t hold it. It’s coming, shitttt…” I screamed.

He quickly started pumping faster and harder on my pussy so he would cum sooner then he would be able to cum with me. My husband was always good at meeting my timing as well. We kept our lips together on each other as he took faster strokes on me.

“Fuckkkkk...” I screamed. My arms and legs were tightly wrapped around my husband.

Soon after our orgasm, I felt his warm load inside me, and we were both gasping for air while my husband laid there on top of me. Although we didn’t actually cum at the same time, he cum liked 2 seconds after me, but it was near perfection.

My mind was blinked out. I could only gasp for air and nothing else. My husband really fucked my brains out.

He got up finally and pulled me up with him with his hands. After I sat back up on the countertop, we had a deep kiss. He then lifted me up and putted me back on my feet on the floor. I wanted to pick up my clothes, but he stopped me and lifted me up off the floor again.

“Forget our clothes! We’ll pick them up later. Let’s take a shower first. I’ll help you wash your back.” He cleverly said.

I smiled and nodded my head. “Yes, my king, as you command.” I cleverly answered back.

While we were both naked with me off the floor in my husband’s arms, we kissed as he walked to the bathroom.

After we got out of the shower and in bed, my husband brought up the topic of his father again.

“What don’t I have my dad come over to have dinner with us tomorrow night and we can start afterward?” He asked.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit too soon? I’m not ready for it yet.” I answered.

“I know, but honey, I don’t want the feelings that my dad had to go away. I really have no choice. Please honey, I know you will do this for me.” He begged.

“I did say yes already so I’m not going back on my words. Besides, if it does help Michael, I would give it a try. But you have to promise me that you will be in the room with me.” I said.

“Of course, thank you, I love you so much.” He said after giving me a kiss.

On the next night, my husband brought his father home for dinner. After dinner, I wanted to finish the dishes, but he asked me to go to my room to put on a bodysuit and wait for them. I thought I put on the same one that my father-in-law saw yesterday so I picked it out and putted on. But this time I wore my bra underneath because I didn’t comfortable showing my entire body to my father-in-law.

I was sitting on my bed for a while and then my husband walked in with his father. My husband grabbed a chair and placed it across from the end of our bed. My husband came next to me and sat on the bed asking to do my thing whenever I’m ready. So I climbed on the bed and spread my legs open. I could tell that my father-in-law was staring right at m pussy. I started rubbing down on my pussy.

My husband opened the bedside cabinet drawer and brought out my rubber dick. He handed it over to me. I was too embarrassed to keep an eye contact with my father-in-law, so I kept my eyes on my husband while I fucked my pussy with my sex toy.

I knew my husband was turned on by me by the way he was looking in my eyes. But then I got curious and I turned my head to look at my father-in-law. He was already holding on his dick out from his pants through the zipper and was jerking it. But I couldn’t see his dick get hard.

I continued fucking my pussy with my sex toy and the toy started to have my pussy juice covering it as I pulled it in and out of me. I started to keep my eyes on my father-in-law longer and I did notice his dick gotten a little bit bigger than few minutes ago.

“Come on dad, keep trying, don’t give up. You’re doing well.” My husband said.

I started to fuck my pussy faster and moaned louder. Then my pussy was getting tired and sore from my toy, so stopped and I turned my head to my husband and said “I think we had enough for tonight. Why don’t we just try it again tomorrow night?”

“I understand. We should take it slow on this. We should just try it again tomorrow.” He said.

He gave me a kiss and got up from the bed. My father-in-law fixed himself up and got up from the chair. My husband walked him out of our room and then walked him out to his car.

My husband came back in the room and tried to make love to me, but I denied him and went to sl**p. I guess I was still having a bit of resentment from this whole thing that my husband dragged me into, so I thought I punish him a little by denying him his treat, me. But to be honest, I was very horny from fucking myself with my sex toy and I really wanted my husband’s cock. So I didn’t feel too good about denying my husband.

For the next three nights, we did the same for my father-in-law, but I just had different bodysuits on for a change of taste. My father-in-law was really showing a significant progress. I could say that his dick was already more than 60% erected. But after my father-in-law left the house, I still kept my husband’s balls itching by denying him sex for the third nights. I was still upset with this whole thing anymore since I did see progress in his father’s condition so our effort wasn’t wasted. But I thought I kept my husband hanging so we could have hotter sex when I do give it to him. I knew my husband was really crawling the walls by now. And as for me, I was ready to fuck the table edge because I was so horny. The more I fucked myself with my sex toy, the more I long for my husband’s cock.

On the fifth night of our little therapy, his father was liked about 80% erected from watching me play with myself. I was happy for him. After my father-in-law left, I couldn’t take it anymore and was ready to jump my husband’s bones. But to my surprise, he just went straight to bed even after I gave him signs of wanting sex. I was more than confused. He was now the one denying me sex. My aching pussy was driving me crazy the whole night that I hardly slept.

The night before our anniversary, and it was the sixth night of our little therapy. But I was surprise that my husband told me that his father wasn’t coming over. I didn’t what happen, but I could only thought about making love to my husband. I didn’t even ask him why, because I didn’t really care at the moment. I just went up to him and wrapped my arms over his shoulders and pulling him close to me.

“If you fuck me good tonight, I’ll let you fuck me again in the shower.” I whispered in his ear.

He didn’t look too happy, so I said “I brought a new sexy bodysuit. And I thought I put it on for your dad, but I guess I get to put it on just for you.”

I brought this deep V low cut on the front black lace see-thru crotchless bodysuit. To give you an idea of how sexy this bodysuit was, let’s just say that it could get any man’s dick up in seconds after seeing you in it. For those of you who wanted to get your husband as hard as a rock, I suggest you buy a few to keep in your closet.

I took my husband’s hand and walked him to our room. I took off my clothes and putted the new bodysuit on in front of him. But he still seemed upset about, so I wanted to cheer him up. I walked up to him and grabbed his hand, and then I putted his hand on my pussy where the bodysuit had an opening for.

I rubbed his hand on my pussy and said, “Come on honey, my pussy is all yours. Make love to me right now. I have been so horny for the past nights, don’t tease me now.”

I sat him down on our bed and I lie on my back on the bed. I pulled down the straps from my shoulders to expose my breasts. I leaned down and gave me a couple of kisses, then suddenly pulled back.

“I’m sorry. I need to go to the bathroom first. I’ll back.” He said.

“Are you OK, honey?” I asked curiously.

“No problem, I’ll be right back.” He said.

My husband went out of the room. But then after a few minutes I had him walking back.

“Close your eyes, honey.” He said from outside the room.

“What are you trying to do? Sneak attack on me.” I said before I closed my eyes.

Then I heard him turning off the light, suddenly his footsteps moving closer to the bed. He slowly climbed on the bed getting on top of me and I opened my eyes. It was dark but I could see that he was on top of me, though I couldn’t see his face. But it turned me on.

I felt his hand touching on my body as if he was searching for something. So I grabbed his hand and placed on my pussy.

“Here’s my pussy, silly. Don’t tell me you can’t find your way in the dark? Now enough teasing and make love to me.” I said.

I felt his fingers rubbing on my pussy lips then suddenly I felt the head of his cock poking near my pussy. I knew he couldn’t find his way so I grabbed his cock and guided his head in my pussy, and once his head was inside he quickly pushed his cock in deeper.

“Oh…shitttt…I needed your cock.” I screamed.

I didn’t what gotten into him, but he was only pumping on my pussy and didn’t say thing. So I putted his hands on my breasts.

“Squeeze my breasts like you always do, I need you to make love to me.” I demanded.

He started squeezing my breasts and pumping me at a constant speed. After holding out on my husband for the past nights, I was finally getting it.

He moved his head up and started sucking on my neck. Finally I was starting to feel his familiar ways and I became more comfortable. But still I couldn’t hear a word from him, except his moans. I didn’t if he was really in a lot of stress or what, but I could tell he wasn’t in to it like he always was. So I thought I get him excited by fucking him on top. I tried to turn him around so I can be on top, but he seemed lost. He usually knew how to accommodate me in different positions and knew what position I wanted to change to.

“Honey, let me be on top, I want to fuck you on top. That way you can relax a little.” I said.

With that said he finally changed position with me. I guided his cock into my pussy and started humping up and down on him. He started moaning out, but somehow he seemed like he was holding back. I was worry about him but I enjoyed his cock in me. I started to ride him harder.

“Ahh…I think I’m ready. Let’s cum together, I’m almost there.” I screamed.

But before I could reach my orgasm, I felt his cock soften inside me, so I thought ride him harder to get him hard again, but it was no use. I lost my kick to orgasm and I was disappointed. I got off his cock and rolled off of him.

“Are you OK tonight honey?” I asked

I heard him breathing heavily but we didn’t even fuck long. I was worry about him and wanted to make sure my husband was OK, so I reached for the lamp on the bedside stool and turned the lamp on. And when I turned around to check on my husband, I freaked out. It wasn’t my husband next to me on my bed, but my father-in-law.

“Holy shit, what are you doing in my bed? Oh shit, don’t tell me that you were the one making love to me.” I yelled angrily.

I was furious. I pulled the bed sheet to cover myself. He didn’t say anything but just had this guilty look on his face.

“Where is Saul? How the hell can you guys trick me into this? Michael, you are like a father to me, how can you fuck me.” I yelled again.

I knew I wasn’t Virgin Mary, but I had never cheated in my relationships, and I now I not only another man other than my husband but I fucked my father-in-law. I was enraged. Then my husband came into the room, and I threw my damn pillow at his face.

“So that’s what you were up to, letting your father fuck your wife so he can be a fucking man again. You went too far you bastard.” I screamed at my husband.

My father-in-law got out of my bed and started dressing up. But he still didn’t say anything, not even a word of apology or shame, and just left the house. My husband walked to the bed and sat next to me trying to comfort me, but I was burning with angry from betrayal. The man that I love tricked me into servicing his father in our bed.

“Got out of my room, I don’t want to see you or talk to you. And you are not sl**ping with me tonight.” I demanded.

I was so angry but I tired myself to sl**p. Next morning when I woke up, I noticed my husband left the house to go to work. It was our anniversary day, but my happiness and excitement looking forward to this day were diminished by my husband’s betrayal. I decided I give him an anniversary gift that he will not forget.

I called my father-in-law for him to come over and told him to try to be at my place around 15 minutes before my husband comes home. He came a bit earlier than that. I was in my sexy bodysuit that I wore last night and greeted him at the door. I saw the surprise look on his face.

I asked him to come in and I walked him to my room. He had no idea what I wanted to do with him, but I knew he kept his eyes close to my naked body and my open pussy. I sat him down on my bed.

“If it’s about last night, I’m really…” He said but I cut in.

“Save it, I don’t need hear it. I asked you to come over tonight to do me a favor. If you do what I say, then I will try to forgive you for last night.” I said.

“Yes, I’ll do anything to make up for last night.” He said.

Soon I heard my husband pulling up the driveway, so I got on the bed and stood on all four.

“Michael, get behind me now and fuck me. I want you to fuck me right now.” I demanded.

“What are you saying?” He asked.

“How hard is it to understand? I want you to fuck me from behind, and do it now.” I answered.

“Are you sure about this? But I don’t think my dick is hard right now.” He said.

He pulled down his pants and his dick was only about 80% erected. But there wasn’t enough time.

“Just put it in, it should get harder inside my pussy. Now fuck me!” I demanded.

He quickly went behind me and tried to get his soft dick inside me. After a few tries then finally got it hard enough to go in, so he started pumping on me.

“Ahhh….ahh…ahhh, fuck me harder!” I screamed loud enough for my husband from outside the room.

Suddenly my husband rushed in the room with flowers in his hands.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” My husband yelled. He dropped the flowers on the floor.

“I’m giving you your anniversary present, honey. Isn’t this what you wanted? For your father to fuck me every night, I’m just giving you what you want. You didn’t even have to turn off the light.” I said.

He rushed over the bed and pulled us apart.

“Dad, I thought I told you that last night was a mistake and you can’t touch Denise anymore. And now you’re fucking her behind my back.” He yelled.

“Let me explain, it’s not like that.” My father-in-law said.

“I don’t want to hear it. Now leave us alone.” He said.

My father-in-law left the house after fixing his pants. My husband then sat on the bed next to me.

“I am sorry honey. I know it was my fault for letting this happen and I know you’re mad. But it’s our anniversary and your birthday today. I got you a pair of earrings for the anniversary and a matching necklace for your birthday. Can you forgive me?” He said.

I knew it was my fault for getting back at him liked this and with him softening his voice asking for forgiveness and those gifts that he was holding, I couldn’t be angry at him anymore. Besides, I love him.

“I’ll forgive you if you can forgive me.” I said with tears in my ears.

“Likewise, happy anniversary and happy birthday honey!” He said then kissed me on my lips.

“Happy anniversary to you, too, honey!” I said then kissed him back.

After that he made passionate love to me in bed. I missed his touch and his cock so much. We haven’t seen my father-in-law for a while. And after that night, everything seemed to be going back to normal again.

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3 months ago
not often i totally agree with big daddy but this is one! cold unfeeling
11 months ago
This story fails to connect with me in any way whatsoever, neither emotionally, sexually, respectfully, and definitely not feeling any love connection with son Saul and his wife Denise!!

If this story was non-fiction and true I would aggressively suggest that Michael--the father of Saul and father-in-law to his wife Denise--sue them for alienation, elder and handicapped abuse, and lastly for sexually abusing an elder; there are at least half a dozen charges that would stick, and land their asses in State Prison for many years!! Their actions, as characters in a fiction story--flat-ass pisses me off to no limit.
1 year ago
1 year ago
You've been a bit of a bitch,,,your husband only wanted to help his father and after all family should be strong. Now set it up, apologise and let your father in law fuck you silly,,,,time and time again,,,,it's what family is all about.
2 years ago
The father-in-law is REALLY the one to get screwed in this whole shitty ordeal!!! He lost his wife, he suffered injuries, causing an emotional ED situation, his fucking son got wanton with some sort of kinky sexual perversion, and the daughter-in-law used her father-in-law--emotionally, physically, mentally, sexually--to get even with her husband/the son!!! The son and his wife are the bastards and bitches of this saga! They really made the sitation terrible, disgraceful, unseemly, lurid and an ultimate disgrace to the father and family as a whole!!

If the story were non-fiction I would now have heart-felt tears and pain for the father.

Those things said the story, is as always, extremely well written, good writing and expression of passions and feelings. The writer, one of top favorites, presented another well told story, although the plot and events were not to my liking in the manner it was dealt with.
3 years ago
pretty good story
3 years ago
very good and was not lame
3 years ago
It wasn't bad, but you fucking sunk it with that lameass, bullshit ending. I'll forgive you because of the jewelery and you forgive me because you're jealous? Oh, really? Is that how it works? Really? Sounds like a bad romance novel or a bad '80s porno. Well, maybe a little from column A and a little from column B. Could be, maybe? Anyway you slice it, better luck next time!
3 years ago
thx for the support, comments are always welcome!
3 years ago
Too bad your father-in-law didn't give you a creampie to remember him by.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
very good