My Mother's Lovers Part 1

One afternoon Brian comes home early from school and gets drawn to the sound of ecstasy coming from his mother’s room. Brian thought his dad came home from work to have lunch with mom and are just having a little afternoon delight in the bedroom together. But as he opens the door slowly to a point of getting a good view of what’s happening in the room, he is shock to see his mom riding her younger b*****r’s dick on her bed. Furious at first by the sight wanting to walk in on them to catch them on their act, but he is too turn on by the sound of their loving making which he decides to continue watching from the door. While watching his mom and her b*****r having i****tuous sex he masturbates as he fantasies as if it was him who is fucking his mom on the bed. After some intense fucking, they finish by fucking in doggystyle which then they cum loudly together ended with his uncle collapsing on top of his mother. His uncle cuddles with his mom and kisses on her lips, and then tells her that he could never make love likes this to his wife. Brian sees clearly that his uncle didn’t have a condom on and that he cum deep inside her.

As his mom and uncle cuddle with each other in bed after their intense love making, Brian decides that it is a good time to walk in on them. He opens the door fully and acts surprise to have seen his mom and uncle in bed together naked. He yells furiously at them for their unfaithful act, while his mom tries to cover herself with the bed sheet, his uncle quickly jumps out of bed, gathers his clothes from the floor and rushes out the room then out of the house. His mom tells him that they should talk about this and begs for him not to tell his father. Seeing his mom on the bed with her breasts hanging out from the bed sheet turns him on so much that his dick got hard instantly. Ever since he saw his mom naked in her room changing clothes he wanted her from then on, and now he knows just how to make that happen. He walks to her bed and sat on the bed across from her. He tells his mom that he will keep this a secret from his dad if she lets him fuck her right now in her bed. His mom is furious at his blackmail she slaps him on his face and yells at him for wanting to be a mother fucker. He gets up and quickly takes off his clothes and jumps on the bed forcing himself on his mother. His mother puts a struggle to resist him from fucking her trying to keep the bed sheet around her. He pulls on the bed sheet and throws it on the floor leaving his mother’s gorgeous naked body now fully expose to his lustful eyes. His mom fights to get out of the bed but he puts a good grip on his mom getting her to stick on the bed on her back. While keeping his mom on the bed, he reaches for his rock hard dick and tries to guide it into her pussy. His mom screams begging him not to fuck his own mother, but as he pushes his hard dick in her already wet pussy her body shivers and loses all resistance. He pounds her pussy hard and fast, and each strokes with his dick all the way in. And in no time, his mother is screaming out joy and pleasure being bang by her son’s young hard dick. But as he tries to drive his mom to ecstasy, they heard his dad announcing from outside the room that he got off work early today. Both shocked by his dad’s presence in the house, he quickly pull out of his mom, jumps out of bed and tries to collect his clothes from the floor. But his mom tells him that there is not enough time, and if he goes out from the room his dad will see him walking out naked from her room with her also naked in bed. So she tells him to quickly hide in the closet.

Just as Brian collects all his clothes and jumps into the closet, mom starts masturbating on the bed and moaning out sounds of pleasure acting like she was alone and playing with herself. Curious from the sound of pleasure coming from his room, dad walks in to see mom naked on the bed and fucking her pussy with her fingers. Mom pretends like she didn’t know dad was in the house and acts surprise to see him. Mom tells dad that she is just so horny and since he was at work she had to satisfy herself. Dad apologizes to mom about neglecting her needs and tells her that he will make up for her right now. Dad takes off his clothes and jumps into bed and gets on top to fuck mom. Horny as mom is she welcomes dad’s hard dick into her pussy. Dad tells mom that her pussy is already so wet and thinks it was from her masturbating, not knowing that two different dicks have already been in there to heat things up before he did and both from the same f****y. Dad tries his best to make mom cum, but his effort was left with no success. Since dad haven’t make love to mom for a while this pleasure drove him to ecstasy. Knowing how dad performs, mom begs dad not to cum yet and tells him to try to hold it a little longer. Unable to resist the pleasure dad burst his load in mom’s pussy and collapses on mom gasping for air. Meanwhile Brian was watching in closet while dad was fucking his mom and he was so turned on by that his dick is still hard from the excitement of up close peeking, and of course he wasn’t satisfied when he was fucking his mom in bed. Dad gets out of bed and tells mom that he is going to take a shower and walks out to the bathroom. Unsatisfied as mom is she tells dad that she will start making dinner, she too got out of bed, and she puts on her sexy see-thru robe and walks out of the room to the kitchen.

After mom and dad both left the room, Brian gets out from the closet and exits the room. He made sure that his dad is in the showers, and then he walks into the kitchen where his mom is preparing dinner behind the kitchen counter. He slowly walks behind his mom and wraps his arms around her above her waist and feels on her breasts through her thin see-thru robe with his hands. Mom tells Brian to stop what he is doing and let go of her. She then tells him that she kept her part of the deal by letting him fuck her in bed and now he should keep his promise by keeping secret of her affair with his uncle and leave her alone. But Brian didn’t stop, and he tells her that he knows she is still horny and unsatisfied. He keeps one hand squeezing her breast and moves the other hand slowly down to her naked pussy through the robe. He gets his hand under the robe and starts rubbing on her pussy. Mom pretends she didn’t get any joy out of her son’s moves and continues to make dinner on the kitchen counter, but moans out soft sound of pleasure every so often as her son’s hand rub against her pussy. Brian plays with her breast and fingers her pussy for a few minutes as mom pretends to ignore him. Then as he rubs her pussy harder, he moves his lips close to his mom’s neck and starts putting gentle kisses on her. Again mom asks him to stop and that she is not comfortable with her son playing with her body. Brian tells his mom that he knows she wants him. He continues saying that she never wears a see-thru robe and naked under without underwear when she knows that he is in house, and that this is the first time that she is dressed like that when he is around, as she always dress conservatively when being around her son. Brian then asks his mom that if she wants him to finish what he started when he was in her bed. He pulls out his finger and shows her that her pussy is already so wet. Mom stops what she is doing on the counter and tells him that if he wants to fuck her again he better satisfy her before dad gets out of the shower. Brian tells his mom that he will fuck her brains out like she wanted. Mom grins and then bends over on the countertop. He pulls up mom’s robe revealing her nice pussy. He drops down his pants and with his hard dick pointing at his mom’s pussy he guides it right in. He moves his hands onto her breasts, squeezing them tightly and starts pounding her in an intense doggy style at the countertop. He fucks her so hard his mom couldn’t hold it in her and starts screaming out sounds of pleasure. Although the bathroom is not far from the kitchen, fortunately with the shower running so heavily dad couldn’t hear a thing from the kitchen. After minutes of intense fucking, mom tells her son that she is going to blow, and with that said she cum on her son’s dick and her body shivers from her orgasm. But Brian was just warming up and starts to fuck his mom faster and harder as she is gasping for air recovering from her orgasm. Mom feels that she is going to cum again and tells her son that he better finish before his dad gets out of the shower and hears them. And as mom goes to her second orgasm, he tells her that he is going to cum too. Mom tells him to pull out and cum on her ass since he didn’t use a condom, but he ignores her and blows his load deep inside her pussy. Mom pushes him away, turns around and puts her hand on her pussy feeling on the cum that her son left. As his mom sees the cum gushing out of her pussy, she slaps Brian, and tells him that there is only two men who can cum in her and her son is not one of them, and that he will not fuck his mom again.

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10 months ago
Brian's unnamed mother has her priorities all askew and out of order! She's definitely playing hard-ball with her son, about her adverse feelings of her son incestually fucking her, but has no remorse at all with her brother fucking her! Could it be that her husband, and her brother, are both fixed and she hasn't had to worry about being impregnated by them? Hopefully Brian has planted his "family" incestual, consummated seed in his mother's cervix and she's now "with child", fathered by her son!

An exotic, exciting, thrilling and pleasurable mother and son copulation, and maybe impregnation!!
2 years ago
a nice HOT story of forced incest, but ya do what ya gotta do!!!!
3 years ago
Very hott.
3 years ago
thx for the comments!
3 years ago
great story so hot!
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story