The f****y Obsession

Marsha and Paul is a happily married couple. They have a son, Mark, who had just started high school and growing into a young man. Marsha has kept a great relationship with Paul’s parents, Seth and Estella. However, Marsha was not aware of Paul’s f****y dark secret, which leads to her own secret. Seth and Estella were high school sweethearts, who both at 15 got married due to the Estella’s pregnancy from Seth. And Estella gave birth to Paul months after. When Paul was a teenager in high school, Seth became less able to perform in bed with Estella. And seeing that Estella had been sexually frustrated ever since, although not spoken by Estella, Seth becomes more desperate to satisfy his wife’s need, knowing that she was entering into her sexual peak. Seth had even considered inviting one of his coworker to fuck Estella, but Seth’s jealousy in his mind quickly ruled out that idea. But Seth realized that with him unable to perform and Estella in her sexual peak, sooner or later she won’t be able to resist those seductive younger guys at her work place who have been hitting on her for years, and could end up starting a love affair with them. However, the part about the younger guys in his thought stroke an idea in Seth’s mind. Their son, Paul, who is also stepping into his sexual peak with sexual frustration growing by the hour, makes an excellent candidate to perform Seth’s husband duty on his behalf. To satisfy Seth’s male ego, if another man must fuck his wife, mind as well keep it in the f****y. Seth had a long talk with Paul about how he will let his mother give him lessons on sex in their bed. Although Paul has had enough experience in masturbating with his playboy magazines, he was not experienced in the real thing. And being young and naïve that Paul is as a teen, he was excited about the idea, not knowing that fucking his own mother is i****t, and that i****t was a sin. After talking to Paul, Seth discussed with Estella his idea of letting Paul fuck her in bed. Although Estella was fond of the idea to have Seth bring another man into their bedroom for her to have sex with, but she was disgusted at the idea of having her own son’s dick in her pussy and that she was not willing to agree on. Seth was not going to give up on that idea so easily, so he arranged another plan to make it happen.

One night while Estella was asl**p, Seth got up and brought Paul into their bedroom; and with Paul already had his clothes off from his room, Seth told Paul to slowly climb into his bed on top of Estella and make love to her. Paul climbed on top of his mother, slowly removing her bed sheet, revealing the gorgeous body of his mother, since Estella likes to sl**p nude so she was already naked. While Seth was watching from across the room, Paul guided his hard dick next to his mother’s bushed pussy and pushed his meat right inside her, giving him the first sexual pleasure of his life. And with three strokes, it awakened Estella from her sl**p that is now aware that a man is making love to her. With a few more hard thrusts from Paul’s dick, Estella’s eyes finally cleared up, which now gave her a good image of her son fucking her pussy on top of her. Although Estella received unspeakable pleasure from Paul’s hard dick, she was disgusted by it and pushed Paul off of her and tried to climb out of the bed. While Estella was crawling across the bed on all fours toward the door, Paul quickly got behind her, grabbing her by her hips, keeping her on the bed and pulling her pussy back close to his pointy hard dick, and Paul guided his dick and shoved it back into his mother’s pussy, and was now fucking her doggy style. Paul’s strong arms kept a tight hold on Estella’s hips keeping her on the bed on all fours, while continue pounding her from behind. At first Estella was screaming to Paul saying that it is wrong for them to be having sex. But after countless number of hard pumping from her son’s hard dick, Estella can now only scream out moaning of pleasure. Months of sexual frustration released out all in one blow of scream. With his mother screaming for pleasure and wanting more, Paul got more excited which made his dick harder and stronger by the thrust. Seth on the other hand was excited by the sight, but his equipment was reluctant to give a response. By the time Estella climaxed for her second time, Paul can take the excitement no more and burst a huge load inside his mother’s pussy, and then collapsed on top of his mother, and the two were too weak from the fuck to move on the bed. But then suddenly something dawn on Seth, and he now realized that Paul has no condom on him. Seth quickly rushed over to pull them apart, and told Estella about the no condom problem. Without a word, after hearing from Seth, Estella jumped out of bed and ran into their bathroom, non-stop washing her pussy, trying to wash out what her son left inside her. Paul was too tired to hear what Seth said and was still lying on the bed gasping for air.

Estella got out of the bathroom furious, and started screaming at Seth about how he could have let their son touch her without a condom on. Estella, feared of getting pregnant with her own son’s c***d, had broken out tears while sitting down on the bed near Paul. Paul tries to comfort his mother, but her tears grew, all of the pleasure that Paul gave her in bed few minutes ago had been washed away by her tears. After that incident, Estella didn’t let Paul touch her for a month. Until one night, Paul finally couldn’t control his lust for his mother, and marched to his mother’s room and seduced the also sexually frustrated Estella with his big hard dick and sweet tongue, and Estella finally gave in to her lust, and while Seth was out drinking with friends that night, Estella and Paul fucked like there was no tomorrow. Ever since that night, Estella and Paul will fuck in the house almost every chance they got, and anywhere that they wouldn’t get caught. Although they thought they should have told Seth about their continue sex affair, but Paul wanted the excitement of fucking his mother without his father knowing, hence the secret fuck affair between Estella and her son began. Estella required Paul to have a condom on every time they make love, but there were times when they were out of condoms and unable to put out the sexual fire, Estella would just let Paul fuck her without a condom, which happened numerous times. Paul’s later younger b*****r, Philip, was the result of Estella and Paul’s i****tuous love affair. When Estella finally broke out the news to Seth that she was pregnant with Paul’s c***d, which of course exposing her secret affair with her son, Seth was furious about the news. Seth’s intention of letting Paul fuck his mother at the first place was just to satisfy Estella in bed to save their marriage. Seth wanted for Estella to use Paul just strictly for sex, but conceiving a c***d with him was not what Seth had in mind. Seth suggested abortion, but Estella was unwilling to kill her own c***d. So from then on, until after Estella gave birth to Philip, Seth started to see Paul not as his son anymore, but as a man who his wife was cheating on him with, and ended up conceiving a c***d together. Estella and Paul did continue to fuck every night, with Seth’s acknowledgement this time, until Paul left for college. Although Seth promised Estella that he would treat Philip as his own, and continue his fatherly love to Paul, deep inside, a growing rage lurks deep in Seth’s mind that was hungered for revenge for Estella and Paul’s deception. They all agreed that this secret must be kept and not a word to anyone.

Years have passed, and Paul had long moved out but with occasional visits, everything seems normal with Seth and Estella, and their young son, Philip, until one day Paul went home for a visit and introduced his fiancée, Marsha, to his parents for the first time. Seth had been impotent for years, but miraculously Seth felt a hard on when he first saw Marsha. Marsha is a beautiful woman with a gorgeous sexy body, much like a younger version of Estella. Seth was unsure of his reaction, and it had been years since he had any sexual response to a woman. At the dinner table, while they were all chatting on, Seth couldn’t keep his eyes away from Marsha’s nice big round breasts busting out from her low cut dress. Seth’s hard on grew stronger. Later that night, for the first time in years, Seth fucked Estella, although not able to bring her to orgasm Estella was so happy that her husband was able to perform again and was looking forward to many loving nights in bed to come. But little does Estella know that Seth was really lusting after Marsha and not her, and he was fantasying about making love to Marsha as he was fucking Estella, which was the true aphrodisiac behind his miracle recovery from his impotency. With Marsha introduced into Seth’s life, Seth’s vengeful conscience had slowly surfaced, and feeding plans for revenge to Seth’s mind. And what better way to take revenge than to fuck the wife of the man who fucked his wife? Marsha and Paul were soon married and moved to a new place near Seth’s house. Paul was 30 and his secret son, Philip was now 15, the same age when Paul impregnated his mother, Estella, who still have a gorgeous sexy body, was now 45, same as Seth.

Seth wanted desperately to bang Marsha, but does not know how it can be done without Paul’s inference. Until one day, Paul came over to Seth’s house and informed him that he had to go on a business trip out of town for a week, and wanted his parents to keep Marsha company while he was away. A dark plan quickly conceived in Seth’s mind. On the next day Saturday morning, Seth showed up at Marsha’s door step, and Marsha invited Seth in for coffee and breakfast. While Marsha was grabbing the breakfast trays from the kitchen, Seth quickly d**gged her coffee with Spain Fly, a strong aphrodisiac d**g that he got from his friend. After a short conversation at the dining table, the d**g kicked in and Marsha was overwhelmed with sexual heat. Marsha excused herself from the dining room telling Seth that she was feeling a headache and needed to lie down, and ask Seth to make himself at home, and went into the bedroom. Not knowing why the sudden sexual urge, Marsha dropped her pants, climbed into bed, and started masturbating through her panties. At this moment Seth was already outside of her bedroom with the door slightly opened, and spying on Marsha while she masturbates. Seeing the sight of Marsha masturbating brought great arousal to Seth’s manhood, his dick quickly became rock hard. Unable to control his urges any longer, Seth charged right into the room and jumped into bed on top of Marsha. Marsha was shocked by Seth’s action but she did not completely give in to the d**g, and so she pushed Seth off of her and ran into the kitchen to get to the phone. Seth ran after Marsha, and before she could react Seth pushed her against the kitchen sink countertop, ripped out her panties, and grinded his rock hard dick into her pussy, fucking her doggy in the kitchen. Marsha’s pussy was already wet from masturbation, so Seth’s hard dick thrust smoothly in and out of her. Marsha tried to resist Seth and by making effort to push him away, but was overpowered by Seth’s suppression, and cannot move away from the countertop. Marsha yelled and begged Seth to stop, but Seth just kept fucking harder and harder in and out of her. Soon as Marsha’s heart rate went up, circulating the d**g to her brain faster, she could no longer resist Seth, and completely submitted herself to the d**g’s affect. Begging Seth to fuck her harder and faster, Seth did just that, as he too was aroused by her scream for pleasure. And after Marsha had her orgasm, Seth pulled out of her, and pulled Marsha into the bedroom. Seth pushed Marsha on the bed, and he jumped right on top of her, ripping open her blouse, and ripped out her bra, leaving Marsha completely naked in front of his eyes. Seth quickly removed all of his clothes while Marsha was begging for his fucking, and then he guided his stiff dick into Marsha’s pussy. As Marsha reached her second orgasm, Seth too burst inside of her, leaving his big load in her pussy. Marsha and Seth collapsed in each other’s arms and fall asl**p from all the excitement. When Marsha awakened, it was already late afternoon, and seeing Seth next to her in her bed putted fear and pain into her heart, which made her, went into tears over what she had done. Marsha tried to awaken Seth, and he finally regained consciousness. While still in tears, Marsha yelled at Seth for forcing himself on her. But then Marsha noticed that Seth had no condom on, her tears quickly burst out more. Marsha screamed, if she is pregnant with your baby, what will she do? She then screamed out that she wanted to have a baby with her husband, Paul, and not with his father. Seth was shocked as well and speechless at the fact that he once again neglected the use of the condom and also feared Marsha’s possibility of pregnancy, he too became upset. But what’s done is done; Seth quickly got himself together again.

Seth told Marsha that they should keep this a secret from Paul, or otherwise will ruin their marriage. And Marsha loves Paul very much, so she agreed with Seth to keep it a secret. But Seth offered his condition for keeping this a secret, and that was for Marsha to fuck him once every week. Marsha detested Seth for r****g her and ruining her life, but she had no other choice, and so she agreed to Seth’s condition. But Marsha told Seth that she will choose the day of the week and that he must use a condom. With this second condom incident, he cannot afford another mistake, and so he agreed. Paul came back from his trip after a week and Marsha acted like nothing had happened. But a nightmare of an ongoing sexual relationship with Seth began for Marsha, and she did not enjoy Seth’s company at all, because she loves Paul and not Seth. Since Marsha and Seth first fucked, they have been fucking for weeks now, and Paul had no clue of what went on under his nose. And a few times Seth had f***e himself on Marsha without a condom when he came over a little d***k, which brought terrible consequence for Marsha, making her pregnant with his c***d. Paul was always too busy with work trying to secure their future so he can plan to have a baby with Marsha, so he hardly have time to make love to her, maybe twice a month or so. When Paul learned that Marsha was pregnant, he had no suspicion at all, and was happily accepting the fact that he will be a father. Months later, Marsha gave birth to Mark. Seth continued fucking Marsha for a few more years, while still keeping his sexual relationship with his wife, Estella, until he turned 50, when he finally became impotent. Marsha felt guilty all this time when she had to fuck around with Seth. But when she thought all was over with Seth and she could live her life with Paul and Mark, an unsuspected person blackmails Marsha with her secret, Paul’s secret son, Philip, who Estella and Seth said to be his young b*****r.

Philip had a crush on Marsha since he was still in high school and was now 20, and had finished his third year of college, came back home for a visit, while he was helping his assumed to be father, Seth, moving some things into the basement, when he accidentally came across a video tape recording of Marsha and Seth fucking in bed. In turns out that during the few years of Marsha’s affair with Seth, Seth secretly setup a hidden camera to record them while they are fucking, so he can use it against Marsha if she ever refuses him for sex. Philip went over to Marsha’s house the next day, and showed her the tape of recording of her infidelity to Paul. Marsha begs Philip not to tell Paul about it, and that she would offer money for the return of the tape. But money was not what Philip was after. Philip demands that for the return of the tape she will give him a night of good fucking with her, so his dream can finally come true. And since she valued very much her marriage with Paul, Marsha agreed, but with the conditions of being just one night with her, and she must get the tape back. Later that night, Marsha told Paul that she was going out with some girl friends, and that he should put Mark to bed while she is out. Paul, not knowing his wife was going out to fuck another man, and that man being his secret son, Philip, gave her a kiss and told her to have fun tonight. Marsha went to a local motel, where she met up with Philip. In the motel room bed, Philip fucked her so hard liked she had never been fucked for a long time, went into one orgasm after another, but as her pleasure with Philip grew more, her guilt for fucking with yet again another man behind Paul’s back grew stronger as well. After the fucking was over, Philip gave the tape to Marsha as he had promised and left the motel. Marsha destroyed the tape after leaving the motel, and rushed right home. And as Marsha opened the door stepping into her home, her loving husband, Paul, was there to welcome her home and asked if she had fun out. At that moment, Marsha felt a sense of relief that this whole f****y obsession was finally over, and that her secret will be safe at last, then she quickly pulled Paul into their bed, and made passionate love to Paul.
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7 months ago
or, to be blunt, it would have been better if it was written in english and not translated into english which is an entirely different thing. i realised it was a translation before the end of the second sentence. nobody with english for a first language would write like that. reads more like a script for a movie or a list of instructions for shooting scenes than a story. all that aside, the whole impotent, not impotent multiple blackmail and illegitimate incestious births plotlines were poorly described. fuck fuck birth, fuck fuck fuck birth, fuck
10 months ago
If the sentences were shorter, the reading not so fast--at a much slower pace--the context would be so very much easier to grasp and understand. There's hardly any time from one fucking to another, all incestually consummated with the result of several incestual births, which is not a negative at all!!

The content and subject matter of the story is unique, very much to my liking and acceptence and sexual gratification!! It's just that reading the story would be so very much more relaxing, smooth and congealing, with some acute editing and writing skills! The story is one that will have to be read several times in order to get clarity and conciseness of the details!
3 years ago
What a nice family...
3 years ago
very good