Pork Chop

Pork Chop

By Joe Board

Jeff and I graduated welding school toady. We both got hired by a steel

fabrication plant that makes Barbecues. I was the only girl in the class and it

looks like I am the only one working as a welder in this company. Most of the

guys could play football, at least they are built for it. I, on the other hand,

am 20 years old, only 105 pounds and 5� 2� with long blond hair that I wear in a

ponytail when I am working. I am in great shape though, not a bit of fat

anywhere, just a pair of 32Cs and hourglass figure. I don't mind saying I turn

heads all the time and love it. Jeff has been flirting with me from the first

day of class. I do like Jeff. He is kind of a macho guy but in a quiet smart

way. Oh yeh he too is built like a football player but not real fat, just all

muscle. He has called me many endearing names but the one that seems to be

sticking is �pork chop�. I am not sure I like it, but he says he can never get

enough and it�s the same when looking at me.

I got a whole new group of guys flirting with me now and Jeff has become fairly

jealous. On Friday after work the guys through a bag over my head and told me it

is was time for initiation. I played along. They started calling me pork chop

too and making fun of me by saying how good I would taste. Jeff was the loudest

heckler. They pushed me around in a circle, spun me to the point that I became

dizzy. The next thing I knew I was being picked up and laid down on something

hard. Then I heard a bang. A few seconds later I heard a torch light up. Then it

was quiet. I called out and no one would answer. After a moment I got the

bag off my head to discover I was in one of the Barbecues. This one was designed

for big events, mounted on a trailer. The grill was 3�wide and 6� long. It has a

large half drum cover. I pushed up on the cover to discover it would not move.

Those guys must of welded it closed.

All I could do is lay there on the grill. It was dark and quiet. I had only my

thoughts to hear. Thinking about what happened reminded me of pork chop. It made

me wonder what it was like to be cooked alive. How it would feel to have the

heat touch the skin and how warm it would get. It was getting warm as there was

little ventilation. I took my top off and felt the cold steel grill against my

back. I was getting really aroused touching my naked stomach and I could feel my

nipples getting hard in my bra and my pussy getting moist. I reached behind my

back and unsnapped my bra and again rested on the cold grill. Without much

thought I found myself reaching into my pants feeling my wetness. I slipped off

my pants and again the cold grill sent goose bumps through my body. I fingered

myself to an incredible organism over and over again until I was exhausted. I

laid still again, naked on the grill fantasizing what it would be like to be

cooked. What would my skin look like, how would I taste. The thought got me

aroused again. I was hot and sweaty. I wondered if this was the way I would feel

if the heat was on. I was on the verge of falling asl**p when I heard a pop as

Jeff pried the cover open. I was still naked and there was Jeff staring at me

with a big grin on his face. He took my right hand and put it over my head and

interlaced my fingers with his through the grill. He grabbed my other hand, held

it down on his far side and reached down to kiss me. Just before reaching my

lips he slid down to my right breast and started to run his tongue around my

nipple. Goose bump spread over my naked skin. I sighed and suddenly he bit my

nipple not real hard but just enough to make it ache a little. I pulled loose

and reached up and he picked me up. Our mouths came together. He reached down

in-between my legs to my exposed pussy, slid his hand into my dripping slit. I

ripped off his shirt and pulled down his pants. His cock was rock hard. I took

it in my hand and caressed it when he grabbed me and put me back sitting

on the grill. I laid back and spread my legs for him to take what he wanted. He

hopped up on top of me. It took no effort for him to slide inside my very wet

pussy. He was so big and long that it almost hurt deep inside me. He started to

thrust pressing me into the grill. With every thrust, my clit sent a shock wave

through my body. I started to shake almost violently as wave after wave came

over me. It did not take long for Jeff to come and collapse on me as he was

spent. We laid there for a while. I don�t know why but I said I wonder what it

would be like to be cooked alive. He said that is amazing because he said he

wondered what human flesh would taste like. Maybe like pork chops?

We just busted up in laughter. Jeff said we better get out of here before the

other guys got back.

After a month, I got real good building there deluxe model when the boss asked

me if I had any ideas on how to build a heavier duty spit. I told him I would

think about it. I could make some extra money working at home because I had a

complete shop left to me by my dad. I had a small two bedroom house on 10 acres

with a detached garage that was almost as large as the house. He was a welder

too. He let me take a unit home to study it at my leisure. I made a heavy duty

A frame for each end and used a 2� square tube for the spit. My dad had an old

motor I rigged up to turn it. Jeff came over a couple of times to see what I

was working on. He really wanted to fuck me and I wanted him too. We did not

do much work as his visits were fuck fest. It was rough and tumble we did it

everywhere, on the floor in the shop in the yard and in the kitchen.

I was playing around with the spit and started to envision mounting a large

a****l on it when my mind wondered to thinking about me being roasted alive. I

climbed on the spit but there was no real support, just the long rod. I hopped

off and got some more square tubing and welded on some cross pieces so that they

would support me at my ankles, knees, ass and upper back. Now there were points

that I could tie to. I had one support set so my arms would hook behind me

pulling my shoulders back. The only thing I was missing was some way to hold my

head so I made a head neck support. I set the head support up so I could look at

my self. This thing looked really stupid. I don�t know why I bothered, maybe

just fantasizing again. I just got really into it. It seemed to consume all my

thoughts. Even as I laid in bed I would put my feet together and hands behind my

back pretending that I was being cooked.

The next morning I got up and slipped on my robe. I heard something in the shop

so I walked out there to find Jeff staring at the new spit. He had a big smile

on his face and asked what this was for. I was a little embarrassed to say, �I

was just goofing around� thinking about what it would be like to be cooked like

a a****l. He said, �you should hop up there�, he wanted to see me on it. I

hesitated but I could not resist showing him how I fit. Just before I was to hop

up he slipped off my robe and embraced me, running his hands all over my back

and sliding down to my tight ass. I pushed his hand away and dropped to my knees

to unbuckle his belt. The bulge in his pants needed to be released and I was

going to make sure I got it all out. I slid my mouth over his over his hard cock

and started to work it. He was mine. All he could do is moan as I worked him up

and down banging his cock on the back of my throat. He could not hold me off as

he exploded in my mouth. Then he grabbed me, picked me up, laid me down on the

spit. I must have been some sight as he got a huge hard on again. He walked over

and placed his hands on my belly and slowly started to caress my body. He

reached down to suck on my tits. As he did he squeezed them hard and nearly

broke my skin as he bit into them. His hands glided over me like an masseuses.

Around my neck, over my chest, rounding my breasts and I was in heaven. He

slipped his hand into my pussy and heaven never looked so good. I almost fell

off the spit as I could not control myself. Jeff picked me up and we went inside

to shower. Jeff washed my hair while I sucked on his cock until he found heaven


Later, after Jeff left, I made some more modifications for ties and found some

good light weight rope. I also had to figure out a way to turn on and off the

spit while I was on it. I rigged a wireless light socket to power up the spit


Test time, this is really silly that I was actually thinking I could cook myself

but I was really excited about the idea that it was possible. I got my ropes

ready so that I could reach them. I also got some tape to use to hold the remote

in my hand. I stripped off my clothes and hopped up onto the grill and laid down

on the spit. I laid there for a minute taking in all the sensations of the cold

steel on my back and looking at my breasts. My pussy was wet again as excitement

kept me on task and took a deep breath. Then I sat up to tie my ankles to the

support bar. I tied them a little apart. Then I did my knees. I had to lay back

to do my ass and waist. I wrapped the rope around the spit behind the small of

my back, twisted it and brought it up so that it would rub on my clit and tied

it on the other rope across my hips. This would help to keep my two holes

plugged. This took a long time wrapping the rope just right to make sure I was

real secure. Next was my chest. I made several rounds around my ribcage below my

breast and then several above my breast in a X. I decide no to tie up my breasts

as I wanted they to be unmarked. All that was loose now were my arms and my

head. I bought a ball gag to hold my head. It was very large with a hole in the

middle so I could breathe through it. My mouth was well extended but not too

much. I slipped my arms around the special support and could feel my shoulders

pull back as I reached for the spit behind my back, pushing my tits out a

little. Well every thing was very tight and I was getting a little uncomfortable

so I hit the button. With a short jerk the geared motor started and I was

starting to turn on the spit. I could feel my body starting to slide to the side

a little but not much. The ropes were keeping me in place. I was now hanging

facing down looking at the grill when I stopped the motor. There I was suspended

unable to move anything except my hands. My breast were hanging down reaching

for the grill. I brought my hands back to touch my breasts as they hung down.

Where was Jeff when I needed him. I could only imagine him pulling on my nipples.

The rope worked my clit just right adding more pleasure to my suspended position.

I pushed the button again and I was turning. The ropes were doing a good job.

I let it go around a few more times. That was amazing and all I could think about

what the heat would feel like, what would I taste like, would I smell like meat

cooking. Ok, that�s enough. I reached around and untied myself and saw a few

rope marks on my soft skin. I could do this!

I decided to hook up the grill to the propane and see how hot it would get. At

first it got hot real fast so added some fake charcoal to disperse the heat. I

made some adjustments lowering the flame so I could hold my hand at spit height

without burning myself like a hot shower. I also wired a electric valve and

starter to the motor control. All I had to do was to push remote and the spit

would turn and the burner would light. I got the chills when the burners lit up.

I thought if I was really going to cook myself, I had to be clean. I bought some

laxatives and drank it all up. I spent the better part of an hour shaving every

where a hair might grow. I looked like a little girl again as my pussy was

hairless, only my head had hair left. The laxative kept me going for hours.

Finally I douched myself. I was clean inside and out. I wrapped my hair up into

a tight pony tail then wrapped it so it would not hang down. I am almost ready

but I thought every BBQ needs some sauce. I found a gallon in my kitchen and a

squeeze bottle. I also grabbed a lime and a squash. The lime would fit in my

pussy after I pealed it and the squash had a shape that would plug my ass.

I pushed the squeeze bottle into my love hole and gave it a good squeeze. Same for

my ass hole. It felt real strange as it was cold. I poured the BBQ sauce in a

big bowl. Then standing in a large oil pan for draining auto oil, I worked it

all over covering my whole body working the sauce in to every crevice with my

fingers. I worked the squash into my ass and past the spinster muscle in such

a way it did not want to come out. One last finger fuck before the pealed lime

goes in. The lime just popped right in and seemed to want to stay there.

I had one more thing to do before I got on the spit. I called Jeff and invited

him to dinner at 7:00. I set the table and prepared the kitchen with cutting

board and electric carver.

I had two hours before he would arrive. Dripping wet from the sauce I opened the

skylight. Everything was set. I even bought some hand cuffs and welded the chain

to the spit to lock my hands so there would be no stopping the cooking process.

I looked around again and double checked the BBQ. The remote still worked


I was cold and slippery now so I very carefully got on the grill and onto the

spit. I tied the ropes to my ankles again even tighter this time. Then my knees

and upper legs and hips like before. One more item, a thermometer. Jeff would

need to know when I was done. I pushed the thermometer into the lime in my pussy

so that it when through it, I could feel the tip rubbing deep inside me. The

clit rope was twisted around thermometer and helped to keep it in position. I

tied my chest up again extra tight and touched my breast for the last time. My

lovely girls will become a forbidden treat. I positioned my hair through the

head support which also served to protect it from the heat. The burners were set

so no heat would be applied to my head. Next was my ball gag. It also held my

head in place. I was close now, all I had to do was cuff my hands and press the

remote button. The clit rope was already working me into a mild orgasm or was it

the shivering from the cold or nerves. I reached around the arm support and

again my shoulders were pulled back. The chain of the cuffs were welded to the

spit. They were real hard to reach and I became worried I could not get them on

and would have to start over. I got the left one and snapped in on and then the

right one. Relax!! A deep breath. I am all tied up dripping wet and the smell of

BBQ sauce. I want to touch me, to run my hands up my feet into my pussy and

massage by beautiful breast. Enough, I am ready.

Now is the moment I was waiting for, that last chance. If I did nothing Jeff

would find me in 90 minutes. He might push the button anyway or release me. In a

nervous reaction and while adjusting my hand I touched the button and the taped

on remote came loose from all the sauce. It fell on to the grill out of reach.

The spit jerked like before. I heard the gas valve open and the electric starter

ticking. In a warm flash I felt the heat on my back and I was now turning over.

I was cooking! There was no way out. Panic started to set in as I could feel my

heart racing. I will be dinner for Jeff. I was going to die for my fantasy. I

tried to move but the ropes were not letting me move at all. My breasts were

sliding around my chest as I was side ways and now they were reaching for the

fire. The spit was not turning real fast, maybe once a minute. It was just warm,

not real hot at this point but I could feel it getting hotter. The heat stopped

my shivering and really felt good. It was kind of like turning in circles in a

warm shower. It felt real good and I could relax feeling my new position on the

spit with every turn. The ropes did not hurt much and the clit rope was great as

pressure changed with each turn. I had made the head rest in such a way I could

see some of me, at least my breast, my twin girls as I like to call them. Then

it was getting hotter. A wave of heat was wrapping around me with each turn. As

I starting to turn facing up my breasts would shift a little to the other side.

I wonder what will happen when the breast meat started to firm up. It was

getting hotter now and the sauce was sliding around me with each turn. I could

smell the BBQ sauce, as it was dripping into the fire. I was warm now and was

very relaxed, almost sl**py. I could feel the fullness in my pussy and ass. The

sauce was doing a good job of dripping from my titties every time they faced

down. A little flame popped up and I could feel the heat blast against my tits.

It hurt some but it was bearable. I closed my eyes as every nerve was starting

to complain from the heat. Straingly, I was comfortable. The heat was most

intense on my tits as they were the closest to the fire. I could feel my skin

heating all around even when away from the fire now. My face was sweating now

and my eyes were tearing up. I think my mind was taking over as I was beginning

to have an enormous orgasm. The rush and sensation was almost painful but it was

sooo good. My skin was starting to feel burnt like a sun burn. My breasts from

what I could see were reddening up and my nipples were as big as I had ever seen

them. They were hard I could feel them ache as they began to swell. The sauce

was not sticking real well in some places, I needed to be basted. Another wave

hit as I was starting to weaken. I wanted more and hoped I could stay alive a

little longer. For some reason the pain seemed to subside a little. Maybe it was

because my nerves were dying. I could hear the sauce sizzling and see it

bubbling on my skin. A flame reached up and singed my belly. I jerked but the

rope held me firm. Every nerve was alive again and I was experiencing that

orgasmic sort of feeling that was not going away. I was breathing fast and my

heart was starting to pound as my body was noticing the heat deep inside. I

started to jerk not knowing if it was the heat or orgasm. I was slipping, the

sound and smells were fading. No more could I feel the heat, just the slow

rotation. I was thinking about how I would be Jeff�s pork chop after

all. I thought I was dreaming but there was Jeff, I think. He touched my cheek

and said, �I love you pork chop�. He picked up a brush and started brushing

sauce on me. I was alive again. It was cool and when he worked in into my pussy

I jerked again and enjoyed what maybe my last my last orgasm. He picked up a big

fork and started to poke me. I could feel it but I could not tell how deep he

poked me until I watched him burry it into my breast and could not see any

bl**d. Then, all the sudden he stopped the motor and turned off the propane. I

was facing down. He first circled my swollen girls with his hand then started to

squeeze my breast one at a time. He picked up a welding rod which is about 20

inches long and brought the point to the side of my breast then he impaled the

rod into one of my girls. I could not move, I tried to squirm but I was

helpless. All I could do is moan through the gag. It popped out the other side

of my breast in between my girls when he the pressed a lime on to the rod. I

could feel him pushing it through my breast meat then into the other breast and

through the other side. He pushed two more limes on the ends of the rod pushing

my girls together. I was Boob-Kabobed. The motor started again and I has

turning, This time with every shift in weight I could feel my girls tugging on

each other as they were bound by the rod now holding them together. Jeff turned

the heat back on and It seemed hotter now. The combination of BBQ sauce and my

skin cooking was making my skin very dark. I closed my eyes realizing I soon

would be Jeff�s pork chop. I could not smile but I was happy.

Everything when white and I could not feel the heat any more. I could not feel

anything. I was seeing myself from Jeff's eyes, like I was part of him. I was bright

red and dark in some places. My Girl�s were stiff and they were very dark. The

thermometer in my pussy said 115dg. Jeff (we) went into the house and cam back

with a long knife. When I face up he put the fork into my on my right breast, and

sliced off my nipple. He promptly popped it in to his mouth and said, �just like

I imagined� and to my surprise I could taste my nipple in his mouth.

There was no bl**d, just well done tit meat.

Another hour passed and Jeff said, �165 degrees, Done�. He turned off the gas

and the motor when I was face up. He took off the ropes around my chest. I could

see my breasts were noticeably larger. They looked as if I grew a cup size. He

reached over and bit off my other tit. Again I could taste my nipple meat, it was

just as I imagined. Then he poked the fork deep into my swollen

breast and sliced it off at rib level. They seem to explode with steam and

juices. The rod still held it in place as he sliced off the other breast. He

Picked up the rod holding it on both sided plopped the Boob-Kabob onto a platter

where you could see the steam rising. Then he picked of the Boob-Kabob and

ripped into the fresh meat. I was very juicy, and to my surprize a little like a

pork chop. We sat there in the shop enjoying every bit. He

carved out my pussy from one thigh to the other and layed it open like a gutted

fish to see my engorged clit. Then he cut out my clit and stuffed in my mouth.

Oh I so dearly wanted to taste it but my vision started getting blurry. He

starting untying the rest of me and cutting off limbs. Bit by bit I was carried

into the kitchen where I was sliced up like a turkey. I was fading again but his

time I was really going away.

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1 year ago
great story. made me hard. I want to eat her too....MMMMMMMM
2 years ago
Good content, spacing made it hard to read though.