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Spreaded Spasms

With easily getting distracted while sorting my toys out it’s not surprising I was still working on sorting them all out lol. Today I was sorting out my restraints, gags, and floggers draw.

I’m very flexible to the point I can get my legs behind my head so I like to keep myself that way and often stretch my muscles as well as my cunt and arse!

Today I reunited myself with my spreader bar. My Master made it for me as commercial spreaders hardly spread or test me at all! Though it’s handy to keep a commercial one in as many women have risen to the challenge of trying to use my custom sprea... Continue»
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[Story] Doorways

I suppose the best way to describe Mike is to say he's fair but firm. Most of the time our sex life is pretty tame. We experiment a lot with lovemaking in various places and various ways, and we both love it. But sometimes I'm just feeling bitchy or frisky and I try to make demands. When I get into these moods, my lover has to take control and put me in my place. Of course, I know where these demands lead me; right into tight ropes and pain!

It had been a wonderful day at the office. I'd finally finished a project I'd been working on for the last month or so, and for the first time I f... Continue»
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[Story] The first time I shared my wife (TRUE STORY)

A night without the k**s led us to a night at home with a few drinks. I was chatting with some misc guys online when I began talking to a guy that only lived an hour away about me and him sharing my wife. My wife and I have talked about having threesomes with a male, female, or with another couple several times for 2+ years. We are both secure, worked out the kinks, and decided that when the right time came, we were both ready.
So after chatting a for a few hours, sharing a few pictures, and a few more drinks later, we talked about setting something up early that morning so we would have a li... Continue»
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[Story] My Experiences.

Hi. This is my attempt at writing down my c***dhood experiences. It's a slow start, but I think the back story is really important. It happened over a number of years, and a lot of the incidents were small, and hardly worth mentioning, but I see it as a domino effect type of thing. One event leads on to the next. Anyway, let me know what you think...

This is the story of how I grew up with four b*****rs and how they used and abused me for their own amusement and pleasure over a number of years. I won't pretend that I didn't enjoy much of it, because I did, but there were some dark times in ... Continue»
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[Story] Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club


It was Friday night and there was a break in the action. Bill sat
in a large leather chair, gazing at the three naked women he had
bound in various positions in his basement "game" room, reflecting
over the changes that had occurred in his life the past month. When
Connie had confessed that she had been unfaithful and had discovered
her need to be dominated and abused, he had felt his life was over.
Confused, angry, and hurt, he had confided in his next door
neighbor, Rosie, who seized the moment to both educate Bill and
fulfill her own needs at the same t... Continue»
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[Story] Witness to a College Girl Whipping

The flight from Don Muang to Chiang Mai was rather pleasant in first class. Even though the welts on her bottom had mostly faded away during the last three days, Simone still felt a little sore sitting on her backside. She was wearing a Ralph Lauren outfit just purchased in a Bangkok mall: Thompson skinny jeans that hugged her curves like a second skin, designed to show off her backside. The ankle-high black leather boots had four inch heels that clicked noisily wherever Simone walked, drawing the staring and admiring eyes of strangers. The red t-shirt she was wearing stretched tight over her ... Continue»
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[Story] Miem's Weekend part-2

I had been watch slut miem for 12 hours now. Her entire body was shaking from orgasms and pain. All she was doing now was crying,sweating, and suffering. slut thought i left on business. I sat on the couch drinking a beer and watching my slut suffer.
Slut had stopped screaming awhile ago, her voice was gone from begging to no one and crying. The dildo was pumping her cunt raw! I could see her pussy lips being pushed inside of the bitch. Miem's feet would lift up each time her pussy was filled. Her pussy was red and bruised no longer pink,sweet,and tasty. I wondered if she was ever going to a... Continue»
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[Story] We did it! Well, she did it! Great Cuckold Experie

My wife went out to a club in Charlotte a few weekends ago and we were hoping to connect with a guy that might want to seduce her. Well, it didn't happen. I was very bummed, but my wife Mary was kind of relieved. She's just kind of shy.

Well, last night (literally 10 hours ago, we went to a nightclub downtown. We danced on the floor to some great 80s music and before long, we were dancing in a group of guys and girls, mainly in their late 20s and early 30s.

There was one guy in the group that was obviously "single" because the number of couples we were dancing with didn't add up. Well, t... Continue»
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[Story] Session 2

Chapter One

She liked to use the nickname "Sky "and even though I
knew her real name, Sky is what I called her. She was
not a full-time prostitute although she did accept money
for her services on occasion. We had been introduced by
a friend of mine who knew about my sexual preferences
and had thought that Sky might be willing to give it a
try. That first meeting was two years ago and though we
only meet a few times in a year, I like to think that
our relationship involves more than just money.

I arranged to meet her for lunch and we spent a pleasant
couple... Continue»
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[Story] my gyno treat

i had been awaiting my visit to the gyno's for a while - eversince i got the new 20-something hot doctor. when i had gone in to schedule the appointment i could hardly contain myself as he indroduced himself as Dr Warren Jackson. finally my day had come. yay! i got dressed in my shortest skirt (for "comfort" more like quick access), my sexiest baby blue thong, my (extremely) see through blouse and my mathching baby blue bra. when i arrived i was ten minutes early and the minutes felt like hours as i fantasised about Dr Jackson. eventually he came and called my name "Miss Br... Continue»
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