My friends mother

Growing up in Oklahoma in the 60's was great. I had a paper route and was an early riser, and on the summer days I only wore cutoff jeans, and sneakers, sometimes I had a tee shirt on, just to protect from chafing my shoulders with the paper bags. One day I was going to see my friend that lived a couple of blocks away, and I usually came down the alley, then jumped over the fence and went to the back door. Everyone knew each other so it wasn't unusual for someone to rap on the back door. Today I jumped over the fence and into their okra patch. Okra will make you itch really bad, and the sweat made it worse. Immediately I had welts all over my chest and arms, and it was really itchy when I got to the door.
Mrs. "A" answered the door, and as I was not wearing a shirt she could see the welts and knew what had happened. I asked if her son was home, but she said everyone had left for the day except her. She asked me in, and said she could get some lotion for the itching, I said great as it was driving me crazy. She told me to follow her into the bathroom, that's when I noticed she was only wearing a robe, and it was not fastened completely in the front, I got a glimpse of her breast, and a quick view of her bush. Being only 15 my dick got a rush and started to become hard.
Once in the bathroom she took a wash cloth got dampened it and wiped my chest and arms off, the cool water felt good. Each time she bent over I got a very good view of her breasts, they hung down with big ends, looking like large pears, the areolae were large and dark with large nipples, my cock began to rise. I think she could tell she was having an effect on me, as she took her time toweling off my chest, pausing near the top of my cutoffs, and she made a remark about the couple of hairs starting to grow on my chest and below my navel even giving them a slight tug.
Her robe was completely untied and open, exposing her entire front, both breasts, small tummy, wide womanly hips, a dark bush with a few grey hairs were in complete view, and she made no attempt to cover herself up. I just stood there staring at it all not knowing what to say lest she cover herself up, and I thoroughly enjoyed the moment. My cock was trying to stand straight up, but the shorts were holding things back. She said "like what you see"? I couldn't say anything except "yes very much", she then reached down and unbuttoned my cutoff jeans, letting them drop to the floor she slipped down my undershorts my cock sprang out fully erect, and sensitive, cut, with a large mushroom reddish head she took ahold of my cock and her hand felt cool to the touch. My cock was really hard by now, and she remarked how she liked the sight of my young cock, and she started to slowly stroke me.
I was paralyzed, I didn't know what to do, and she said just to relax and enjoy this. She then took some of the lotion on the counter and put it on my arms, and the itching stopped immediately, proceeding to my chest she rubbed it in, and it felt cool and good, the itching stopped almost immediately. She then put some on my cock, and the coolness was very erotic, sliding her hand up and down my cock, standing face to face she stroked my cock. She got a bit closer and my cock touched her soft and tender belly, I could feel it slide up her belly almost to her navel. She put some lube on her belly and told me to hump on her belly. She held her hand between my belly and cock to keep things in place, and I began to hump for all I was worth. Slipping and sliding up and down this action was really erotic, but my very young and sensitive cock would not hold out any longer. After a few quick strokes I shot a stream cum onto her belly and she squeezed my cock tightly into her flesh, as I shot stream after stream she shuddered and held me very tight. The mixture of lotion and young cum was really slick on her belly. My cock was still hard as she milked the last drops were form me into her hand. This probably only lasted less than a coupe of minuets.
We just stood there, she holding onto my cock, and me holding her arms, not wanting to break apart. She grabbed a towel and wiped me off then wiped her belly.
Looking at my still erect cock, she kneeled in front of me, slid her tongue into the slit then took my cock into her mouth as far as she could get it, I felt the back of her throat on the head, bringing me fully erect. She pulled her head back to the tip, I could feel her tongue split the slit and as she ran her finger from the base to the tip I could feel the last drop of cum slip out. She continued to suck and stroke my erection back to life, she pumped and sucked me. I could feel a second ejaculation building and moaned a bit. She looked up at my face, and sucked all the harder. I felt the stream shoot into her mouth and as she slid her tongue up and down the underside of my cock the cum shot some more. Not as much cum as the first time, but pleasurable all the same. Her eyes were closed, and only then did I notice her other hand was in her crotch rubbing furiously, she was moaning, and swallowing my cum, the last cum was just dribbling out the slit where the tip of her tongue was probing.
As I was standing there, she finished rubbing her crotch and while still kneeling she took the towel and wiped her crotch, then her mouth and finally wiping my now almost flaccid cock. I pulled up my shorts and cutoffs, she retied her robe, and we went into the kitchen. She said not to say anything to anyone, as she would get into a lot of trouble, I said I would keep this a secret. Then she said she had wanted to do this with me for a long time, and to come back again, and if we were alone it would get better.
I did come back, and it did get better.......
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21 days ago
Every young boys dream!.....liked it mucho!
9 months ago
Outstanding... as a fellow author in the same genre, I applaud you!
9 months ago
9 months ago
very good
9 months ago
Lucky bastard.
9 months ago
Holy shit this is damn wet dream!!!! Please tell us more.
9 months ago
Good story
9 months ago
Id love to hear more.
9 months ago
part 2 please! great story