Sex in the barn.

My uncle’s farm was not a large place, but they did make a living from his efforts. So, when he died, the pace needed to be sold. My aunt had already passed away, and just the 2 girls were left behind. The oldest had called me to see if I could help with getting the place ready to sell, I said I could help a bit, and we made arrangements to meet on the farm.
The funeral had already passed, the banks had already given their information, insurance had been notified, and all that remained was getting the farm sold. Selling the a****ls would be easy, just hold an auction and they would be gone in an afternoon. The household goods could be sold the same way making the disposal job easy.
My cousin and I were in our late 40’s she was divorced, and I was getting a divorce, we had a lot in common. As we walked around the barn, the horses were watching our every move, we talked about old times and how much fun we had had in this barn as c***dren. The cows were already in the pasture, so we decided to let the horses out to the corral. The liked to be outside where they could walk around, and with the gate open they could go to the grass and eat. The stallion was in charge of the rest, and he would enf***e his wishes by herding the rest around. As he was drinking his cock began to extend beyond the sheath, and out it came fully over a foot long, as he began to piss his cock grew even longer, and we both stood there watching this show. My cousin’s eyes were glued to that horse’s cock, when she said “he’s even bigger than I remember”. I asked if she missed the farm, and she said parts of it yes, but not the work. She said there was a lot learned in the barn about life and such.
I asked if she would like to live back on the farm, she said not a chance, just too much work. But I asked if she liked to see the a****ls fuck, she pretended to be shocked, then said it was exciting to watch. She said some of the bulls they had had were even as large as the horse, and then she asked if I remembered the time we were in the barn, and got caught by her mother. I said yes, how could I forget that: having my finger in her pussy at age 12, and her mother yelling at us, how could I forget? I said we could try that over again sometime, if you want. She just smiled and walked to the barn.
When we got inside, she said to leave the doors open so we could see out to the horses. And with that she began to strip off her clothes. She had grown up to be a lovely woman, nice thick thighs, narrow waist, and large breasts, creamy white with brown nipples, and a trimmed slightly red bush. I got my clothes off in a flash, and stood there with my cock sticking straight out, a slight belly, tanned most all over. Her eyes went to my cock immediately, and stepping forward gripped it in her hand. My hands went to her breasts, caressing and cupping them I leaned forward and sucked in the nipples, first one then the other, she continued to hold my cock, then she cupped my balls and fondled them, this was great, standing in the barn nude with my cousin! She glanced out the barn doors, the horse was looking in at us, and his cock was still extended, black and shiny with a flared head he just watched us. She said follow me, and walked outside to the corral. There in the sun she turned and kneeled, taking just the tip, then the head of my cock in her mouth, she tongued the slit of my purple head sliding her tongue down the shaft, the underside was very sensitive and I thought I may blow my load there.
She went over to the horse, and stroked his cock, the b**st turned his head and watched as she stroked that massive cock, she said she had done this many times, and he knew her hands well. She was bent over at the waist, exposing her anus and pussy holes, I wondered which hole do I want? My decision was made for me when I was a bit of moisture drip from her pussy lips. I put some saliva on my hand, then to my cock I covered as much as I could then pushed the head to her pussy, she pushed back forcing the head inside. I pushed in a few timed, going deeper each stroke until the entire shaft was buried deep inside her. I began to fuck, stroking all the way in, then out to the very tip, slamming back inside to me balls. She stroked that huge cock, making the horses nostrils flare; he began to breathe heavily, as was I with each stroke. We fell into a rhythm that quickened with each stroke until I could hear the horse whinny then he shot a huge load of sperm on the ground, jerking in her hands he bucked and shot stream after stream until he just stood there. I started to shoot in her pussy, and gripping her hips, I pounded her pussy, shooting stream after stream, my balls slapping with each thrust, I drained my balls and all I could do was hold on.
Standing in the sunlight with horse cum all over the ground, she stood as erect as she could, I then felt my cock begin to subside, then it slipped out with a small plop. Cum began to rundown her legs, she turned and said we need some towels. We went back to the barn and could only find some blankets, which she used to wipe her hands; I used my undershirt to wipe my cock and her legs. As we were getting dressed the horse was still watching us, but his cock had completely withdrawn back up inside, soon he turned and wandered off to the pasture.
After we were dressed, we agreed to meet back here in a couple of days and get some more work done…….

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Loved it!,....
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I'm dripping with precum
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YEA BABY,SEXY,sweetie!
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so hot want to strok a horse bad
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Hot hot hot - would love to fuck her as she sucks horse cock
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my eyes hurt