naughty wife at it again

another true story about my hot young wife and her dirty ways.... a bit long but true stuff.

even after a good upbringing and a great relationship she still has with her parents, she is a good f****y orientated girl but fuck she can be quite dirty sometimes. she has told me that she just likes dicks, any size or shape, she finds them fascinating. i know i've encouraged her at times, i find it real hot and it gives me butterflies like nothing else to see her looking at or touching another cock.

now we have had a few fun encounters of different types, no massive ten men gangbangs or anything ridiculous like that, but some voyour type encounters , but this one night it went a bit further and i realised how naughty she really was......

with life being busy with work etc we don't have big nights out that much so when we do get the chance to catch up with friends for a night on the town we tend to make the most of it and have a fair few drinks and let our hair down and get loose.
i'm lucky to have a beautiful wife, nice fit body and c cup tits, they are nice tits, not massive but nice and round and BIG nipples, very thick and do stick out a lot, one thing i do enjoy is seeing them through her top when we are out and watching my mates look at them trying not to get caught by their wives or me ! she does wear skimmpy stuff to enhance the situation to, especially when we are going out drinking. its just a bit of fun between us.

anyway we are out and everyone is drinking a lot, crowded pub scene and my wife with her button up top, nipples sticking through of course as she drinks more and we start to feel horny, all the boys are enjoying seeing them stick through the thin white material and the buttons that have the slightest gap between them to just give a glimpse now and then of the curves of her tits, even though some of their wives have much bigger tits that i love looking at, i guess its the way she shows them off they like ? so the night finishes up , everyone is d***k and heading home, we have gotten ourselves all horny from dancing and kissing and a bit of groping aswell. we jump into a cab with our friends to split as they are in the same direction as us, my mate jumps in the front and his wife in the back with us, im on the passenger side, my wife in the middle and the mates wife behind the old driver, its just laughing and d***k talk on the way home, i can see a lot of my mates wife's legs from across the back seat, they look good in the dull light, i'm still feeling horny and i'm rubbing my wifes shoulder with my arm around her, we get to their place and they jump out and and i tell the driver where to go for us and we're off, i still have my arm around the wife and i drop my hand down lower to her tits, she looks over and smiles and kisses me, she knows we'll fuck as soon as we get home but i don't want to wait and get sl**py sitting in the cab, the driver is quite old and a bit fat so i'm not even worried about him and the car is a bit dark anyway.

so i slip my hand down her top and get my fingers onto her nipples that everyone has been looking at all night. she doesn't mind, just looks and smiles, its like a bit of naughty fun between us, i lean over and kiss her and undo one of her buttons so her top is looser, then sit back, the cab driver has looked in the mirror i guess me moving around caught his attention, the wife is in the middle seat still so he can see whats going on, she doesn't care, so i kiss her again and undo another button then sit back, now her top is open to half way down and the inside curves of her tits are showing clearly, we are d***k and its fun, i see the cabby looking again, she knows he is looking and its starting to get more fun, so i do it again and part her top, again i sit back and now her nice tits are on display, her big hard nipples poking out in the back seat ! i see the cabby having a good look the old perve, he shuffles in his seat to get upright and a better view, i'm just looking at my wife with her tits out and she is looking at me, it just seems funny and hot at the same time, we are both smiling along at the fact she has her tits out in the cab. its like a stand off as to how far i can take it and when she'll cut me off, we stop at the lights and the cab driver actually looks around, she smiles back at him and he knows he's ok to have a good look, fuck its making me horny with this happening, here is a fatter old cab driver, looks like a bit of a slob, looking at my wifes tits, she looks unreal, pretty , slutty and d***k all mixed into one !

the light goes green and i prompt him about it, he turns back around and takes off, ' sorry , enjoying the show " he says, sounding pretty bl**dy up beat . my wife looks at me and laughs , she looks real good and i'm horny as hell and i want to have more fun, i grab her jeans and un button the top of the fly, i'm waiting for her to stop me but she doesn't so i finish off the buttons, i try to get my hand down to rub her pussy but the jeans are too tight even when unbuttoned, the old bugger is still watching in the mirror, then my wife lifts her bum of the seat and wriggles down her jeans so they are on her thighs, her skimpy white panties on show, and you can see her trimmed landing stripe of pubes through the lace in them, i'm beside myself with excitment and slip my hand down the front and start rubbing her, now she's loving it, she can't really part her legs much because her jeans are tight on her thighs, so i can rub her clit and slip only a finger in her but not real deep, she's real wet, d***k and excited, she kisses me again and rubs my cock through my jeans , its pressed hard against them and i want her to suck it so bad ! the driver has another quick look over his shoulder, " i can't see " he says, my hand is in his way, i pull it out and her knickers are sort of bunched a bit and you can see the tuft of her pubes out the top, but thats it, so i pull them a side and now her trimmed little cunt is on show in the dim light of the cab, while im holding them aside and he's watching she runs her hand down there and rubs a few cirlces, " enjoying the show mister " she says asks ?

Fuck i've got a hard on he says and my wife looks at me and laughs.....she sits her bum back down unclips her belt and leans forward through the gap in the middle seats, she looks over his shoulder then sits back, "does he" i ask, "couldn't see" she says and then leans in again and feels around, she is rubbing around for a bit then leans back and says "yeah he does" laughing away.
"cant blame him i say" my young wife with her tits out and only a minute before her little pussy on show, we are virtually home now, the old bastard has been driving pretty slow to get the most out of our trip, the wife kisses me again real hard as he pulls up out the front, he turns around and again is looking at her tits with a good close view now, "dam shame its over" he says, i sort of laugh and reach for my wallet, my cock is rock hard stuck inside my jeans still, i lean over to check the meter and the wife stops me and said i've got this.....i'm not sure what she means, i've got the money......then she sits forward a bit and says, " hey for a hand job will you cancel the fair ? ......what the fuck ? my young hot wife was going to jerk off this fat old cabby ? he didn't even consider it, " deal, i'm still hard " he says. "pull into the drive" my wife says, so he does and turns off the car, my wife wriggles her jeans up a bit and nudges me to get out, we both pile out and she looks at me and says, this will be fun, fuck she looks hot, her eyes all glassey from the booze, she opens the passenger door and jumps in, i'm leaning in watching as she says lets get this done, he leans his seat back to move his gut out of the way giving her more access and unzips, she leans over and reaches in and pops his cock out.....its not very big at all but he wasn't lying, it was rock hard for an old fat slob. she spits on her hand and starts rubbing his old cock, he is leant back but reaches out to feel her soft tits and rock hard nipples, she is playing with his cock more than jerking him, kind of teasing and feeling it out, she pulls it down and it springs back up and she laughs.... she is d***k and just having fun, fuck its so good to watch, its driving me crazy, i want to see him cum and get inside and fuck her. i'll admit its fun and both incredibly exciting watching her, a little bit of me doesn't like it but mostly its a huge turn on. i'm watching intently at her perfect little fingers sqeezing his shiney cock head, theres not that much shaft there, a nice size head though and she looks to be having fun playing with it, the old boy is silent just with one hand holding aside his pants a bit and the other cupped on my wifes tits that are hanging down as she's lent in a bit, i watch her get a better grip on his cock and actually jerk it a couple of times and i'm thinking good lets make him cum and get inside to fuck, but she turns to me and says "honey go inside and get ready ill be in in a second" ....."what ?" i say even though i heard her clearly, " i'll just finish him off and then i'll be in" she says, i keep watching as i'm enjoying it and want to see him cum in her hand, he is looking at me and so is she and she says " go on " she has stopped jerking him and is just running her fingers around his knob....

i step back and away from the door, pretty disapointed but horney as hell. I say ok and head for the door, up a few steps and start to open it, as i do i turn around and she is smiling at me and waves all the while her other hand still on his cock, the door opens and im inside, i rush straight to the lounge room and peer from behind the curtain but so they can't see, the cabby is leaning back again and my wife is leant back towards him
and i can't see in enough to see his cock, just her arm moving a bit , god my heart is racing and my cock is out and in my hand, i'm so excited im close to cumming already.....

it is dark but there is my hot as hell wife wanking off this old bloke for fun, and a free ride home. i continue to wank while watching intently the action in the car, i can see my wifes arm moving a bit quicker now, looks like she is building him up, he is looking at her and she at his cock, her mouth is open as she looks at his cock jerking it, god she looks sexy, then she leans back a bit and lets go, he looks over and lets go of her tit as she's out of reach she doesn't say anything but pulls her long hair back into a ponytail as seems to have a quick look around then she leans forward again but lower and lower and lower and disapears...........

Fuck ! i try to stand a little taller but can't see....... all i can see is her beautiful straight long hair in a pile in his lap ! she is sucking him off ! his head is now back in delight and his hand and her back and the other on her head ! dirty little slut ! she said a hand job and without me or the cabby knowing she has her mouth on his old dick ! i've lost my breath and stopped wanking ! fuck ! i blink a couple of times and re-focus, her head is bobbing up and down and i know what he's going through......she gives the best blow jobs, her mouth feels 100 degrees and softer than anything ! the way she circles your knob with her tounge while still getting down deep on the shaft and the slurping noise as her lips drag over the ridge of your head and her salivor runs down your shaft ! and her is the old cabby getting the treatment from my hot wife ! i start to jerk again as my head catches up with my heart beat ! her head still bobbing up and down, she looks up for a second, sees its clear outside and smiles at him and she's back down there again on his cock ! it feels like forever with each time her head bobs but its probably not that long at all before it happens....i can still see the back of her head and can imagine exactly what she's doing to him when i see him jerk a bit, then a bit more, then again......
he's shot his load and true to form she hasn't stopped.....instead just slowed down her movements but is still on his cock and has taken his load from his old balls....... she loves blowing me and always swallows but surely not......... i've stopped wanking so i didn't cum on the curtains, but watch as she sits up and flicks her hair back from her face, her tits still out from her unbuttoned top....the cabby is still leaning back looking at her and i see her showing him his load in her partly opened mouth , she closes it and its gone....down the hatch. she smiles at him wiping any stray cum from her lips back into her mouth and gets out, she doesn't look back just straight up the steps into the front door.

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2 years ago
WOW...I think I need to start driving cabs as a 2nd job...Great story.
2 years ago
Very hot ride home
2 years ago
Lovely story. I remember my wife giving a friend a BJ while his wife and I watched. SShe shared it with all of us and then his wife gave me one and shared. One of the greatest moments in life.
2 years ago
Great story! I wish my wife was that daring and dirty.