Car Fun with Girlfriend and Best Friend

I was getting prepared for a fishing trip that I was leaving on with my dad, neighbor, and friend John. Kate, my girlfriend, wanted to come over and use my cock one last time before we left. She was craving it, sending me dirty text messages and pictures. When she got to my house, we kissed a bit and before we could start doing much I hear the doorbell ring. John is hoping to hang out and have a couple shots before leaving. John, if you haven’t read any of my other stories is my best friend whom I enticed Kate into fucking and having threesomes with. Anyways, Kate then realizes that her only shot and getting fucked by me was to turn both of us on and have another threesome. So she began flirting with John, by laying on his back when me and him were playing video games. Then she started kissing him and making out right in front of me. John’s hands began to roam her wanting body. Then almost as soon as he places his hand on her boobs the doorbell rings again. This time it’s our neighbor who is joining us on our fishing trip. At this point Kate is very sexually frustrated, because she knows we can’t do anything now. In a last thought, she asks me if I want to go play a prank on another friend of ours Zack.

Zack had written with window marker on my car a couple weeks earlier so she wanted us to go do the same to him. He lives just 5 minutes away so it was a short drive to go mess with him. After I draw my first dick on Zack’s window, Kate grabs John by the hand and leads him to her car. I finish up drawing on the windows and walk back over. Kate and John are really making out up against her car. I unlock the door for them and John goes into the back and Kate follows him. She says to me, “Take us for a lil spin, I’m going to sit back here” and then she winks at me.

So I shut the door for them and retreat to the driver’s seat. As I start driving I look back into my rearview mirror to see Kate straddling John and making out him. His hands started as her hips and slowly slid up her shirt to her big, soft, and luscious tits. I hear her give out a quiet moan as he kisses her neck and gropes her. At this point I’m having trouble driving because I am so turned on watching them. So I decide to pull off the main road into a neighborhood. When I look into the back again I see the Kate has now gotten off John’s lap and has had her shirt removed so she only has a bra covering her breasts, and she has begun unbuckling John’s belt. John has his hand grabbing her ass as she finally takes out John’s long cock. Then as fast as she saw his dick, she had it down her throat, deep-throating him, and gagging from his length. John, getting overwhelmed by her deep-throating skills, removes her bra to release her big perky breasts.

It’s at this point that I had to pull over. I had a raging hard on and I couldn’t pay attention to the road any longer. John was groping her left breast while Kate was sucking his hard cock vigorously and I began grabbing her right breast as I was jacking myself off. Then I notice John’s face fall backwards and his body shake as he orgasmed and shot his hot sperm into Kate’s mouth. She kissed john on the cheek and then leaned over the front and grabbed my cock and kissed me deeply. She starts to kiss her way down and begins sucking my cock too. She is an amazing little cock sucker, she can deep-throat and work her tongue like you wouldn’t believe. So as she is sucking my dick, John puts his hand up her skirt and begins rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. John exclaimed that her pussy was so wet! Kate was moaning loudly while she continued to deep throat my dick. The sound of my girlfriend moaning because of my best friend fingering her and my dick all the way down her throat is the sexiest sound there is. With her moaning, it didn’t take long for me to shoot my cum into her hot mouth either. After that, she put her clothes back on and we left back for home. It was a very hot experience for both of us, even though we both wished we could have had sex it was just too hard to have a threesome in a car…

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1 year ago
damn that was hot. My wife was fucking our friend in the back of our van as I drove home from Canada. We got stopped at the border and the customs agent said citizenship. I said US. he said any other passengers, I nodded to the back seat. he looked in and said are they both US citizens, I said yes and they never skipped a beat. I was so turned on knowing he saw them that I came in my pants. Of course this was pre-9/11
1 year ago
Great story, thanks for sharing.