Wish I Knew (True Story)

When I was a youngster learned to love sucking cock and taking cock up my ass didn't know that grown men would want to have sex with a eleven year old boy. Wished I knew then what I know now would have been happy to have adult men use my mouth and ass for a cum-dump would have had loads of fun plus loads of cum. Of course I didn't know where to find horny men back then in the early 60s there wasn't adult bookstores or theaters in my hometown and being only eleven I couldn't have gone to them even if the ones. None of my friends fathers or older male siblins would just come on to me not knowing that I would welcome their advances. I remember a friend and me were on a bus once heading down to chinatown from the San Fernado valley the bus was crowded we couldn't find two seats together someone got up from the seat next to my friend and before I could get to the empty seat a old man sat down next to my friend after a few minutes he got up so I moved sitting next to friend who wispered that the old man had offered to suck his cock if he would get off at the next stop with him my friend refused the man's offer. I said to myself I wished he would have made the same offer to me I would have let him suck my cock and I would have sucked his cock and let him fuck me as well. I was as now a pussyboi who loves cocks and cum. Firstrandy
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5 months ago
I wish I was taken advantage of at like 8. Would love to have been raised sexual my whole life
2 years ago
I was picked up while hitching a ride back in the 90's. I was 15 and the guy kept talking about how good looking i was and he was a cameraman for pornos. He wanted to know If i was interested. He got me to go to his place and once I was naked and he was heling get me hard for a test shoot, i knew he wanted to suck me off so I let him. funny thing was i met him and his wife a few years later and i fucked her whitout him knowing
2 years ago
i was also 15 when i sucked my first cock
2 years ago
When i was 13, i met this older guy at the library. He said he had lots of video games at home if I liked to play. So I went with him. Well, after a couple of games, he put on porn video. The next thing I knew he was sucking my dick. It felt so good. I love sucking sock and being sucked ever since.
2 years ago
Good but there's got to be more than that!
2 years ago
i sucked my first cock when i was 13 bi now but cocksucker then to men
2 years ago
2 years ago
when i was 15 i would have taken up - every where