Looking for a Place to Play (True Story)

As I posted before was into CBT being a young almost teenager was horny all the time would wrap a cord several wraps around my nuts until my balls purple I would leave the ends of the cord long and tie them to my ankles so with every step and when riding my bicycle my balls were being yanked keeping me hard and horny. One day with Chris my friend we rode our bikes over to the little league field there were dugouts we would get into them for privacy and I would go down on Chris it seems that I was always to one doing the sucking must have been a bottom from the start. I lived along with my mom at my grandmothers house. Mother worked leaving me alone with grandma after school my bedroom was upstairs and she was too old to make it up the stairs so I had all the privacy I needed to become a ass-pig stuffing anything that would fit up my hole golf balls, candles, hot dogs those metal tubes that cigars came in would jack off in those cigar tubes then take and jam them up my ass and have my cum run into me as I said before luv having cum inside me down my throat or up my ass. Anyway sometimes I could get grandma to let me have Chris over and up in my room where he would put his cum up my ass without having to use a cigar tube he would fuck me a couple times each visit filling my cunt with loads of cum. Now a days I have my master to fill my ass-pussy with his cum. I really love cum seems like I can't get enough. Firstrandy
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