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Here's a true adventure, as I've written before my friend Chris liked me sucking his cock or having it buried deep in my ass-pussy. I had a paper route when I was a k** delivered papers after Jr.High school and on Sat. then the Sunday paper so I was busy seven days a week. I figured out how could get cock while doing my paper route my old friend Chris one Sunday were rode our bikes and he helped me deliver some of the papers in return I would service his cock after we were done. The problem was usually finding a place it turned out there was a gas station that was closed on Sundays but left their bathrooms unlock remember this was in the early 60's. Anyway after delivering the papers it was time for Chris to make a special delivery up my ass. When inside the men's room I locked the door we didn't want to be disturbed I got down on my knees pulled down Chris' pants and underwear and started sucking getting his cock hard and wet then leaned over the sink but Chris couldn't get his cock in my ass so I got down on the restroom floor reached back grabbed my ass cheeks opening them so he could get a good shot at my boy cunt and a good shot is what he did ramming it deep and hard up my pussy since we were in our early teens and both always horny, it didn't take long for him to unload his cum deep in my hole. We wanted to fuck some more but was afraid that someone would want to use the men's room looking back it would have been OK if a grown up with a big cock would have found Chris fucking me and would have wanted a piece of ass for himself. I was a cum and ass pig at a early age. Firstrandy

Posted by firstrandy 2 years ago
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