How I Learned To Luv Cock

I was young when I started to play with my cock and balls. Liked to wrap a cord around my balls turning them a nice shade of purple. One day I took the cord that was tied to my balls wrapped it around a bar that was in my closet stood up on a little stool and hung myself buy my balls slipped off the stool causing my balls to be yanked hard and making me cum for the first time in my 11 years.Then I started sticking stuff up my ass,corks,small balls, hot dogs anything I could stuff up there.A couple b*****rs that lived across the street when I was in Jr.High we would meet in their garage and jackoff to Playboys one day they asked if I wanted to see something they learned how to do I said sure the younger b*****r got down on his knees and started sucking his bothers cock.The older b*****r asked if I wanted to try it so down I went that's when I knew I loved cock.Later the older b*****r I'll call him Chris said he had a friend whoes parents both worked and didn't get home until around 6 P.M. and we could play at his place. We sucked cock had a good time on I'll call him Randy bed. One day when it was just Randy and me he asks if I would like him to fuck me since I liked sticking stuff up my ass I told him yes.He got his cock in me with just spit as lube it hurt I asked him to take his cock out he said think of how a girl felt when she first got fucked and wouldn't take his cock out.In a short time the pain went away and was replaced with pleasure. Right then and there I became a fuckboy this was in 1962 so didn't have to worry about aids. So from then on I was a fuckboy for both Randy and Chris and loving it. To this day still luv getting things stuffed up my manpussy.Signed Firstrandy
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2 years ago
Great first time story.
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
thanks for writing