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[Story] Being a Saturday Slut

Happy being a Saturday slut, just got back from suk'n and taking daddy's cock, ass pussy feel'n great with two loads of daddy's cum deep inside. Daddy lives on the other side of the valley so I have a fifteen minute drive all the way thinking how I want to service daddy. I walk in to his place and he is naked waiting for me I couldn't wait so I got down and started licking his wonderful cock making him moan and taking my head in his hands forcing me down on his cock til my nose is buried in his pubes.I suck until he's hard as a rock then we head for the shower where he washes my pussy getting ... Continue»
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[Story] Wish I Knew (True Story)

When I was a youngster learned to love sucking cock and taking cock up my ass didn't know that grown men would want to have sex with a eleven year old boy. Wished I knew then what I know now would have been happy to have adult men use my mouth and ass for a cum-dump would have had loads of fun plus loads of cum. Of course I didn't know where to find horny men back then in the early 60s there wasn't adult bookstores or theaters in my hometown and being only eleven I couldn't have gone to them even if the ones. None of my friends fathers or older male siblins would just come on to me not knowing... Continue»
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Being One of Jerry S. Over Night Guests

I wish I would have met Jerry Sandusky when I was eleven years old. Would have loved to be his overnight house guest down in his basement servicing his cock taking him in my mouth and up my ass. When I was young didn't think that a grown man would be interested in having a young boy suck his cock or would want a young tight ass to fuck I know better now. I'm sure that there's men other than me who wish they met a man like Jerry Sandusky and become his boy toy. Like I've posted before have loved cock from a very early age and still do. Firstrandy
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[Story] Looking for a Place to Play (True Story)

As I posted before was into CBT being a young almost teenager was horny all the time would wrap a cord several wraps around my nuts until my balls purple I would leave the ends of the cord long and tie them to my ankles so with every step and when riding my bicycle my balls were being yanked keeping me hard and horny. One day with Chris my friend we rode our bikes over to the little league field there were dugouts we would get into them for privacy and I would go down on Chris it seems that I was always to one doing the sucking must have been a bottom from the start. I lived along with my mom ... Continue»
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Here's a true adventure, as I've written before my friend Chris liked me sucking his cock or having it buried deep in my ass-pussy. I had a paper route when I was a k** delivered papers after Jr.High school and on Sat. then the Sunday paper so I was busy seven days a week. I figured out how could get cock while doing my paper route my old friend Chris one Sunday were rode our bikes and he helped me deliver some of the papers in return I would service his cock after we were done. The problem was usually finding a place it turned out there was a gas station that was closed on Sundays but left th... Continue»
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A Fantasy (For Now)

As I've posted before the stories are true adventures this one is my fantasy.It's only a fantasy with AIDS I would never live out this fantasy. Here goes I've always wanted to be the guest of honor at a gang bang having a couple of dozen men using my holes shooting loads of cum in my mouth and up my ass always having another cock to service. Of course all these men have very large cocks and have taken Viagra and speed to keep them hard and horny each of them fucking me several times in the course of a couple days. Until my ass is raw and rivers of cum are flowing out of my man-pussy and my bel... Continue»
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[Story] Fun in the Towel Rm.

As I have written before I started enjoying cock at a young age first sucking a neighbor Chris while in Jr. High. I was the towel boy for my gym class which allowed me to go in early to get all the towels ready. Well Chris was in my gym class I asked the coach if he could help me so we both went in the shower room together we were alone everybody else was still outside on the playground I got down on my knees and started sucking Chris's cock it didn't take much for him to get a hard-on we went into the towel room and closed the door it was a dutch door the top would open while the bottom part ... Continue»
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[Story] My First Cock in Vegas

I moved to Vegas in 1972 from So.Cal.I kept seeing ads in the newspaper for a theater that showed adult movies with all male cast the theater was call the Gaiety it was in a back alley not far from I was living it had several rows of seats which had only men sitting in them it was my kind of place. I had moved to Vegas a couple of months before and was craving some cock. After a few minutes of watching the movie a man sat in the row behind me just to my left he kept bumping my seat with his foot so I figured he was trying to get my attention. So I put my arm up on the seat in front of him and ... Continue»
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[Story] Enjoying the Gloryholes

Back in the 70s in Vegas there were several adult bookstore with video arcades a couple of my favorites were the Denmark up on Las Vegas Blvd. and the Talk of The Town at Charleston and Fremont. In those days the cops didn't bother with these places and they were never busted. The Denmark had several booths with glory holes and you could sit in them and have a haft a dozen men wanting to have you suck them off in a hours time. I would luv to sit in them waiting for a man to come into the ajoing booth and watch a porno I would peek tru the gloryhole and see him jacking off then I would tap on t... Continue»
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[Story] My High School Friends Little b*****r

My friend in high school had a part time job I went over to his house to wait for him to get home I got there a couple hours before he would be home. So that left me alone with his little b*****r who was five years younger than me I was sixteen. We sat on the couch watching TV he was still in his pajamas he was a cute little guy I had caught him in his bedroom jacking off so I knew he was interested in sex. I asked him if he ever played squirrel I said do you know what squirrels liked he said no I said nuts and with that I put my hand down the front of his pajamas and grabbed his cock and nuts... Continue»
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[Story] A Vist to Daddy's House

Just back from my daddy's house with my pussy full of his cum. First I sucked his cock when we got out of the shower getting it hard running my tongue around and under the head of his beautiful penis tasting his pre-cum knowing if I kept this up he would soon shoot off in my mouth which is fine but my hungry pussy needed to be fed too. After sucking him for a few minutes it was time for him to fuck me. He bent me over his bathroom sink which is just the right height for him to ram his cock into my cunt, he pounded his manhood into me I worked his cock with my ass muscles squeezing it on the ou... Continue»
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Being my Master's Pussyboi

Here I sit typing this true story with my asspussy full of my master's cum. I went over to his place wanting to be fed a hot load of ball nectar. We got in the shower he washed my pussy getting it ready for fucking when we got out and dried off I went down on his cock he was getting hard I licked around and under the head he told me that it felt great I could taste his pre-cum knowing if I kept this up I would soon have a mouthful of his sweet cum which I luv, but my pussy was very hungry and wanted to be fed. So I got up and bent over his bathroom sink spreading my ass cheeks giving him a goo... Continue»
Posted by firstrandy 2 years ago

[Story] My Master Had Me

Said I would post another story well here it is. Went to his place wanting him to use me and I got my wish first we got in the shower together washing each other he carefully washed my asspussy turning me on even more than I was driving over to his place I stroked his cock getting it hard got out of shower I went down on his cock.My pussy was ready for him to rip it open he likes to fist me after he lubed me with Crisco he was able to ram his fist in half way to the elbow causing me to moan and wiggle my ass around helping him to get deeper inside me.He then put his cock inside his hand which ... Continue»
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Luv's My Masters Cock and Fist

As I'm sitting here typing this story with a small butt plug inserted in my manpussy getting ready to go over to my masters house where I'll suck his wonderful cock getting him horny and hard. My pussy is clean and hungry for him to open it up using his fist I luv it when he rams his hand up my hole. This will be a short story since I can't wait until he is fuk'n and fist'n my hole will tell you'll my most recent tale later.signed Firstrandy
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[Story] Still Luv Cock and now a Fist

Lets see where was I moved to Vegas serviced many cocks got mouthfulls of cum at gloryholes at adult bookstores. Got on line met my master who has a very nice cock and loves to have me suck it. We have been both tested for AIDS negitive for both of us so he fucks my pussy hard and shoots loads of cum deep in my pussy which I luv.He has opened my pussy with his fist we are working my pussy he wants to make me an arm rider opening my asspussy so he can jackoff his cock while it's up deep in my pussy shooting a big load of man juice deep inside my cunt.After he fucks me I put a butt plugs in to ... Continue»
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[Story] Still Luv Cock

Now in high school I started dating girls fell in love a couple times got dumped several times. Graduated high school got a job met a girl I deeply fell in love with but when she dumped me brokenhearted I moved to Las Vegas dated some women but they didn't have what I loved cock,so I started to go to adult bookstores and discovered gloryholes. Cocksucking plain and simple use to go on my nights off work. Learned to love it when a man whose face I couln't see would stick his cock thru the gloryhole into to my waiting mouth before then when I was younger never had a cock shootoff in my mouth onl... Continue»
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[Story] How I Learned To Luv Cock

I was young when I started to play with my cock and balls. Liked to wrap a cord around my balls turning them a nice shade of purple. One day I took the cord that was tied to my balls wrapped it around a bar that was in my closet stood up on a little stool and hung myself buy my balls slipped off the stool causing my balls to be yanked hard and making me cum for the first time in my 11 years.Then I started sticking stuff up my ass,corks,small balls, hot dogs anything I could stuff up there.A couple b*****rs that lived across the street when I was in Jr.High we would meet in their garage and jac... Continue»
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