Am i Bisexual?

Lately i have been somewhat confused and hornier than ever for the past couple years. I have sex with my gf almost daily now, so its not an issue of not being laid. But lately i begain a penis attraction and i will explain.....

I enjoy looking at guys cocks and sometimes fantasize about fucking them in the ass or them fucking me. However, i dont really feel attracted to a man himself....just his cock and ass.

I love shemales, i have since i was a teen. The idea of a chick with a dick turns me on more than anything.

I love anal sex and my gf somtimes uses a strap on dildo on me during sex. I started exploring anal since i was a young teen. I would stick things in my lubed up ass until i came heavily.

I own realistic dildos that i sometimes practice sucking on. I would love to suck on a guys dick and swallow all of his hot cum.

Rarely i will jack off laying on my back with my ass displayed into the air and i will cum in my mouth and swallow my own sweet hot cum. I really enjoy it but do it rarely because of the mess.

I often practice self sucking but still cannot reach it. It would be the greatest thing ever if one day i could suck on my own cock. I also try to push my dick into my own ass. I tried two different times and can get my head pressed against my asshole but cannot get it in yet.

i enjoy watching gay porn. mostly twink, but anything with fit attractive guys i might watch. I used to find it gross, but my sexuality evolved and i like it now. i also love bi porn, where two guys suck and fuck while the girl helps and joins in.

in real life it is extremely rare for me to find another guy attractive. how
ever when im horny and looking at porn, i am usually immediately turned on.

so if anyone could help you think i am bi or just have a cock fetish?

92% (15/1)
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1 year ago
I totally agree to that!
3 years ago
Well you have to accept that if you enjoy what you are doing it gives you pleasurer than its great don't make it some3thing it may not be just enjoy thanks
4 years ago
wow i have same story too im gettn married love pussy but love cock 2 not attracted to dudes just cock would love to meet hot shemale my girl gotta be in rite mood to fuck me used to suck own dick but stomach in way now can only lick never tried my own cum sounds hot though glad to hear others out there
4 years ago
im the same way.. been using shemale porn and into that since high school. I only get off to shemale porn and do have a couple dildos of my own. My fiance is ok with it but she is still weirded out by some of it but yes i would love to suck a shemale cock and do all the things you can think of involving sex with a shemale..
4 years ago
you are your own person.. dont label anything....
4 years ago
Why do you ask? You are sexual, without any prefix and that's it
4 years ago
I think that you should explore your thoughts and act on them ... you might like it!