fucking my husband with my eyes closed

the first time we were together was in junior high school. his basement. it was hot, sexy, confusing, new. i waited for what seemed an eternity for that day. but we eventually drifted apart, went to separate high schools and lost touch. until one day when neither of us expected it. i saw him on facebook. i couldn't believe it!! after all these years! we were both married so there was no chance of connection. that was a good thing. i was still attracted to him. i still wanted him. in that basement. with the lights low. everything new.

when i talked to him all the old feelings would emerge. i didn't know if i should tell him at first, but couldn't deny it. when i talked to him, i would touch myself. getting wet, i'd ask him personal questions. did he touch himself last night? yes. (getting more excited) did he fuck his wife that morning? yes. (more wet) i could feel myself breathing harder thinking about him with her. touching her. fucking her. this was insane!! but i wanted to know more.

my husband reached over and touched me. it was early. he rubbed my back, moved down to my ass, around to my front. i was just waking up, and was still thinking about someone else. he reached down my pants. (is this what he does to her?) i moved my legs apart, wanting more. he could tell right away that i was aroused. I was so wet. (is this how his wife feels?) i wanted more. i peeled off my clothes and practically ripped off his shirt. i wanted this, but with my eyes closed. he moved on top of me. i wrapped my legs around him and pulled him inside. it was so easy for him to move inside of me. i was so ready. i gasped and then moaned. he felt so good. (did his cock feel like this too?) he moved his hips up and down slowly at first. i was insistent and grabbed at his ass. i was grunting, pulling him deep. (is this how deep he would push into his wife?) i was moaning, feeling him inside of me, feeling his width on the sides of my walls. i guess i was a bit more aggressive than usual. my husband stopped for a moment. i moaned out 'please fuck me!' that was enough for him. he started to push in and out harder. i kept my eyes closed and felt his arms, his chest (is this what he feels like?). i was moaning, much more than usual. i wanted him to come inside of me. i was floating and my crotch was throbbing. 'fuck me harder! deeper!' i moaned. i started to come, it was intense. i was bucking up and down, pushing on the wall above my head so that he would be deep inside. i was coming, coming, coming. 'oh God!! ... Yes! ... God, yes!!' my orgasm seemed to go on forever. i wanted it hard and i wanted it deep. i was finally spent and exhausted. trying not to think. but kept moving my hips slowly. it felt good. i was still clenching now and then, still coming. but...my eyes were still closed. still thinking (was this how satisfied she was? did he come inside of her this morning? does he ever fuck her with his eyes closed?)

i don't know if we will ever meet again. but in the mean time, there will be times when i fuck my husband with my eyes closed.
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2 years ago
Oh, the young first time love os emerging minds and bodies. We've all done it, felt it and would give anything to relive it!! We all would, without a doubt, just to have that one more time!!!
3 years ago
i agree with docgiff that was hot just do not say his name
3 years ago
Exciting, tantalizing...I keep returning.

Thanks; pls do it again.
3 years ago
Good story. If I were the old boyfriend, I'd be trying to hook up with you again.